Harem Heroes: Far West

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all characters are at least 18

Harem Heroes [edit]


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Icon Title Description
HH Far West 1.jpg Ranch It Up!

Bunny's sister Rabbi has bought a ranch, and Bunny's asks you to help her settle in. She offers to let you practice saddling on her. How can you say no?

HH Far West 2.jpg Ride Like the Wind!

Rabbi's ranch is in a reservation where advanced technology is forbidden in order to preserve the authentic old West lifestyle. The only way to get there is in a horse carriage. Fortunately, Rabbi makes the hours fly!

HH Far West 3.jpg Pitching a Tent

As you cross into the reservation, the carriage breaks a wheel and crashes. You hit your head and pass out to wake up in a tepee with a girl named Carlita. You see her and immediately pitch your own tent.

HH Far West 4.jpg A Special Medicine

Carlita says the natives have asked her to become their medicine woman, so after the crash Rabbi sent you here to heal. The healing ritual is long but rather pleasant.

HH Far West 5.jpg Smokin' Hot Signals

After a few days with the natives, you’re healed, and just in time! Carlita receives smoke signals from Rabbi, saying she needs you at the ranch. Looking at the signals, you figure that’s not all she’s saying.

HH Far West 6.jpg At the Saloon

As soon as you arrive at the Ranch, Rabbi sends you to the nearby town to get supplies. You go to the saloon to ask for directions, but before you can speak, a girl grabs you and takes you upstairs.

HH Far West 7.jpg Reined In

The girl immediately pulls you inside her room and inside herself. She saddles you, but then she freezes and goes quiet. You try to pull out but you are stuck inside. You shout for help.

HH Far West 8.jpg Batteries not Included

A woman rushes in. She introduces herself as Charlie - the owner of the establishment. Charlie puts a couple of batteries inside the girl, and she wakes up. You swiftly pull out.

HH Far West 9.jpg Charlie's Angels

Charlie explains that all the girls that live above her saloon are pleasure androids, made by her to attract customers. Since such technology is forbidden at the reservation, she manages to convince you to keep her secret.

HH Far West 10.jpg Loaded Weapon

You exit Charlie's Saloon, but you immediately run into the town’s newly appointed Sheriff Spook. Instead of dropping your gun, she makes you raise your weapon. Good thing you always keep it loaded!

HH Far West 11.jpg A Badge of Horny

After a few days with Sheriff Spook, she appoints you as her deputy. Turns out the sheriff star really gets the girls’ attention.

HH Far West 12.jpg Giddy up, Partner

When you return to Rabbi with the provisions, she is so thankful, she asks you to be a partner at the ranch. You accept. After all, you’ve always loved riding!

Side Plots