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all characters are at least 18

Harem Heroes [edit]

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Neono X
HH Neono Pose 1.png
Title Neono
Full Name Neono X
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Breast Size Medium
Shaved Yes
Birthday 2/11
Location Your Harem's Fake Inn
Career Innkeeper
Favorite Food Nothing
Hobby Procrastination
Fetish Discretion
Biography: Neono’s story is really simple; she is a copy of Seraphine - one of the original creators of the Haremverse who was made by Blue, another creator who had unrequited love for Seraphine. At first, Seraphine’s copy was too much like the original; it retained her memories and tried to destroy Blue’s part of the Haremverse, so Blue erased her memories, her personality and her desire for sex. That is how Neono came to be - her name is an anagram of No One. After everything that happened in Digisekai, she has to live undercover because she might attract the curiosity of the Shokushu’s agents.
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About Her

Neono is a major character in the Admittance of the Dead Arc.

How to Obtain

Neono is obtained through completing the Admittance of the Dead Arc.


Before Main Story

Neono is a high-ranking shinigami noble in the realm of th edead.




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Affection Scenes

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