Harem Heroes: Valentine's Day

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all characters are at least 18

Harem Heroes [edit]


HH Valentines Day Homepage.jpg


Icon Title Description
HH Valentines Day 1.jpg The City of Lovers

The City of Lights is full of magnificent architecture and cute little places to fuck in public. Your girls always wanted to be shots by passengers while getting wild. Make their dream come true.

HH Valentines Day 2.jpg A Cruise For Two

Bonny won a trip for two on a luxury boat said to be "unsinkable". She wants to feel like the queen of the world for one night, with you by her side.

HH Valentines Day 3.png St Valentine's Movie

It’s a tradition. On a St Valentine’s date, you go to see a movie. But not any movie : a very cheesy and boring one! Good side of the coin, it won’t bother you much when your lady will disturb you from it by riding your cock during the projection.

HH Valentines Day 4.png Buy Chocolates

A man’s dick is like a box of chocolate. You never know what shape or flavor you’re going to get. Speaking of which, your girls would love having chocolates molded on your piece. You need to find a chocolate maker that can take up the challenge!

HH Valentines Day 5.png Waitresses with Benefits

Grateful for the new life she offered you, you decide to take Bunny to a fancy restaurant. This magical place serves gourmet dishes and displays hostesses that will for sure satisfy you both.

HH Valentines Day 6.png Porn Prom

This ball takes place every year in the castle of Princess Noemy. Young women come from every part of the realm to dance naked with the most handsome studs of the world. Lucky you! You’ve been invited!

HH Valentines Day 7.png A Bucolic Weekend

Hari and Rabi, Bunny’s sisters, live far in the countryside. Bored to death, they invited you to their big and comfortable house. You’ll have the whole weekend to enjoy many hot outdoor activities… and inside ones too...

HH Valentines Day 8.png Meet Valentinus

Valentinus was a man who lived 2000 years ago. In this narrow-minded period, he fought puritanism by educating people to good sexual practices. It is thanks to him that this world now worships free sexuallity as the pillar of social relationships.

HH Valentines Day 9.png Being Valentinus

Begin City asked you to personify Valentinus in a play. You’ll play the famous scene of him fucking the queen of Romi. It was a turning point in history: she received so many orgasms that she declared sex as being a fundamental freedom.

HH Valentines Day 10.png Choose the Queen of Romi

As you’ll embody Valentinus during the festival, you have to choose among your girls who will be Romi, the legendary queen. They all dream of it! Needless to say that the competition will be tough. Brace yourself!

HH Valentines Day 11.png Chocolate Overdose

Rookie mistake. You rushed and ate all chocolates that your girls brought you! Well, it’s a good excuse to visit the nurse... Too bad you’re in that terrible shape.

HH Valentines Day 12.png Valentine's Break-Up

Too many bastards use Valentine’s Day to break up with their partners instead of celebrating love! Show all those poor sad girls that all men are not that low by giving them comfort, warmth and orgasms.

HH Valentines Day 13.png Book a Restaurant

A lovely dinner on Valentine's Day is a tradition but... not on ly are the restaurants booked for a month, but on top of that, you need a reservation for you and your whole harem! You'll need to spend quite some time on the phone to find a giant table!

HH Valentines Day 14.png Such Classic Situation...

You have two dates with two different girls at the same time! MEet them at the same place and be off during five minutes every five minutes to see the other one. What could possibly go wrong?

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