Harem Heroes: Begin City Arc

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all characters are at least 18

Harem Heroes [edit]

Begin City
HH Adventure Background 1.jpg
Title Begin City
Main Girl Juliette
World Number 1
Previous World None
Next World Gems Kingdom



Player's classmates hooking up
The player enters the Haremverse.

The Player is peeping on three of his classmates through a window when Bunny appears and teases him to follow her. The Player chases after her and is shocked when he finds himself transferred to a new sex positive world, the Haremverse. The Player chases after Bunny and enters the Haremverse.

Bunny's House 1

The player eats the Fruit of Power

After spending the night with Bunny and a few unnamed girls in Alban house, Haya Zaki knocks on the door and delivers a package to the Player. Bunny wakes up and proposes that she and the Player have sex again, but the Player wishes to first inspect the package. He opens it and obtains the demon vegetable, "Fruit of Power". He takes a bite out of it, stating that it has a "weird taste", and it gives him his Player's power. Haya Zaki delivers a Fruit of Power.

Alban furiously bursts through the door, angry that the Player just ate his fruit of power, and challenges him to a Harem Fight, boasting that he currently has 12 girls in his harem. However, Juliette Jones urges him to reconsider, stating that since the Player has just arrived, he has no girls in his harem. Alban gets annoyed that his fruit of power is wasted on a newcomer, but is reassured when Juliette tells him that he doesn't need it. She further reassures him by stating she wants to be reminded of Alban's power and the two begin their activity. Meanwhile, Bunny tells the Player to join them, stating that in this world, there is always "room for one more guest". The Player joins them in a three-way.

During the three-way, the Player discovers his Player's power and impresses Alban , who apologizes for getting carried away. Afterwards, Juliette is also impressed and asks the Player if she can join his Harem.

Bunny's House 2

Juliette donates money to the Player

Bunny begins explaining the difference between the Haremverse and the Player's original world. She states that this world has a very sex-positive society. And that the main objective of everyone is to have as many partners as they can and to build their harem. She also complains about the existence of evil people, stating that she was once raped for 48 hours. However, she claims her biggest problem with that situation was not being able to feel satisfaction. She explains that she's a were-rabbit Player Recruiter, whose job is to travel between dimensions, recruit studs for their world to help satisfy them, and join their harems. The Player agrees to be her stud, but Bunny is still slightly skeptical of his abilities. She states that she has recruited many individuals in her career and that it's up to him to build the greatest harem. Juliette Jones gives him 6000¥, stating it to be money to support him in expanding his harem and improving the girls in it. Bunny motivates the Player in hopes that he'll be able to make an amazing Player, become an awesome lover, and save them from the villains of the world. Seeing the Player's determination makes Bunny optimistic about his future. He then asks Bunny to join his harem, to which she accepts without question. She then tells him to travel the world to meet new girls.

The Player, excited about his new adventure, leaves the house and sees Abraël with another girl. He tries to get their attention but quickly realizes that he must be lacking experience. However, Eugénie Latable and Skytte Isvelimit approach and requests him to visit them, with Bunny telling him that she'll help him open new quests for him to explore.

Main Street

Red Battler chokes the Player out

The Player travels to the market and spends 100¥ for a French kiss. He's about to ask the girl to join his harem when he gets distracted by another girl giving out artisanal know-how performances. He spends 150¥, but gets scammed into paying for her deluxe tissues as well. He then meets a the Pachinko lady, who is offering free services. However, when she explains that she'll be the one doing him, causing the Player runs away.

As the Player runs away, he bumps into Red Battler, who she mistakes for a mugger. She holds him up against a wall but accidentally chokes him out. Bunny tells her in order to revive him, Red Battler needs to have sex with him. Although she is hesitant on the idea, she agrees and is wakes the Player up. She apologizes for knocking him unconscious, but he thanks her for her performance after the fact. Bunny then reminds him to ask her to join his harem, in which Red Battler accepts, stating she owes him.

Harem Performance (Tutorial 1)

Red Battler asks him to join her in a Harem Performance, stating that she's shy in public, but feels comfortable with him since she's done it with him. She explains that a Harem Performance is a way people in this universe resolve their conflicts. The universe's society heavily denounces violence, unless it's in the case of consensual sadomasochism. The Player agrees to join her and she explains the process of a Harem Performance.

Let's Pachinko!

Bunny, noting that the Player's harem is growing, informs him of another way to obtain girls in his harem, Pachinko. However, she tells him he needs to go back and visit the Pachinko girl to play. The Player plays a round of Pachinko and recruits Ankyo Takanoki for his harem.

The Harbour

Now that the Player has concluded his business, Juliette escorts him to the harbor and hands him off to Captain Eugénie. As the Player boards the ship, Juliette says that she'll miss him.

The Player sets off on his journey

While on the ship, the Player asks a crewmate how he can kill time. The crewmate responds that all passengers must "honor the captain". However, when the Player realizes he is number 36 in line to honor the captain, he gets frustrated that there are too many dudes for just one girl and wanders around the ship. He runs into a door with a restricted sign and mermaid symbol on it. A pirate tells him that he's not allowed in there, but tells him that if he's got a bribe, she'll let him in. Curious as to what's inside, he accepts. She tells him to give "them" starfish, stating that it improves their arousal. He enters the room and sees a number of tied-up mermaids. He gives them the starfish and they begin to find him irresistible. However, an unaffected mermaid tells the Player that they're being held against their will and scolds him for his lack of situational awareness. The Player quickly frees them and looks for an escape. They notice that they are close to shore and one mermaid offers to let the Player ride her to it. The Player arrives at the Gem's Kingdom. The mermaids swim off, inviting him to perform with them again when he's rested up. Before he can ask them to join his harem, they are gone.


Main Characters Minor Characters Mentioned
Bunny Abraël
Juliette Haya
Red Battler Ankyo


  • The opening sequence is the only animated part of the game
  • The player is able to receive a total of four girls from completing this world.
    • There is no boss fight in this world.