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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy [edit]


Technical Help


  • PP list

Lists PP file contents for main game and maker. Can be merged with the modding guide page.

Main game

  • jce00_00_00 Weird lst things
  • jce01_00_00 Body-type xx's
  • jce02_0x_0x Hairstyle xx's
  • jce03_00_00 bmp files for character-creation
  • jce04_00_00 svi files for both genders (no idea what svi files are)
  • jce05_00_00 voice files use in Character Creation (AAedit.exe)
  • jce06_00_00 misc environment image files
  • jcel02_0x_0x more hair files. looks like bangs and locks, not sure
  • jch I'm assuming these are h-associated animation files (xa). not sure
  • jcp_00_00_00 xx files for different states of undress for both mapmoving and sexy-rendered parts. Nomenclature as follows: A01 - girl renderings, S01 - guy renderings, LA01 - girl adventure mode renderings, LS01 - guy adventure mode renderings, and L01 are the glasses.
  • jcp01_00_00 Contains some of the Ui
  • jcp03_00_00 contains the clothing textures and Game Icons - Saved as BMP and TGA files
  • jcp05_00_00 contains the text files and scripts
  • jcp06_00_00 contains Backgrounds and Foreground objects- Saved as BMP and TGA files
  • jcp07_xx_xx (xx meaning all within jcp07) contains wav files (Character Voice Overs)
AB_00 Empress
BB_00 Brave
CD_00 Casual
DB_00 Big sister
EL_00 Mistress
FD_00 Ditzy
GB_00 Calm
GO_00 Manly-male
HB_00 Obscene
JD_00 Rough
KL_00 Pleasant
KO_00 Eloquent-male
LL_00 Sweet
MD_00 Humble
NB_00 Quiet
PD_00 Cold
QL_00 Dark
RL_00 Selfish
SL_00 Tense
SO_00 Soft-male
TD_00 Affable
TO_00 Violent-male
WL_00 Innocent
XD_00 Faithful
YL_00 Aloof
ZB_00 Handsome
  • jcp08_00_00 contains the BGM, Ambient sounds, and Sound Effects (Interchangable, but must be .wav)