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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy [edit]


Technical Help


What is AAXPlay?

AAXPlay is an official launcher released by Illusion with some cheats and gameplay options to augment a player's experience. Press F3 to turn on the AAXPlay Cheats Screen. This will pause the game until F3 is pressed again. Esc or Right-Click can also be used to exit the cheats menu. One important significance with the default launcher, AAPlay, is that it offers higher Anti-Aliasing settings, which makes the clothes look much better in the adventure screens, granted that your hardware can support it.

Features as of 0706 version

  • F3 To View or Change current AAXPlay settings
  • Z Auto Game: Player will respond to all questions with either Yes or Aimai during NPC interactions. Be aware that this also includes following them into private rooms. H-scenes are skipped, as well as the save screen is also skipped, with the exception of the first day of school.
  • X NPCs will not interact with the player's character. However, a player can still initiate conversations and start events.
  • C NPCs are always half-naked in conversations or H-scenes.
  • V NPCs are always naked in conversations or H-scenes.
  • B NPCs always give good comments at the end of every H-scene.
  • N Set movement speeds (normal, fast, faster).
  • M Set the time duration between the school's bell (3 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes).
  • A NPCs will only interact with the player's character.
  • S Set the love/hate point ratio for Player ⇔ NPC interactions (0x, Normal, 3x).
  • D Set the love/hate point ratio for NPC ⇔ NPC interactions (0x, Normal, 3x).
  • F Use external BGM. See "Customizing Background Music" below.
  • H NPCs will not interrupt when they come across H-scenes.
  • J NPCs will not interrupt the player's conversations with others, but may still compete.
  • K NPCs will not interrupt the player's H-scenes, but may still compete.
  • I NPCs will not compete during the player's H-scenes.
  • Q NPCs will not compete during the player's H event.

Note: Running Auto Play for a long time can cause problems for certain OS when running the game in Full Screen mode, for example; when the screen saver or a different power scheme turns on.

Customizing Background Music

Customizing background music requires the official patch .exe file released on 7 January 2011 or later. To add the customized background music, create a folder named AABgm inside the /data/ folder. Add the following 10 wave files, using the same names, into the AABgm folder. Only wave files are supported. Here are the 10 corresponding moods:

  • AABgm00.wav = Intimacy - Alone w/ a girl, aroused, pre-H, etc.
  • AABgm01.wav = Hatred - Used when with people you hate.
  • AABgm02.wav = Tension - With Rivals, pre-fights, etc.
  • AABgm03.wav = Peace - Used when calm; few people, usually no action, no fights, etc.
  • AABgm04.wav = Happiness - Used with liked people, lovers, etc.
  • AABgm05.wav = Sadness - Used with a character that is depressed and needs the 'Cheer Up/Reassure' action.
  • AABgm06.wav = Normal - Used whenever anything else isn't used.
  • AABgm07.wav = H - The title explains all. Used when in an H-scene.
  • AABgm08.wav = Fight - When a fight breaks out.
  • AABgm09.wav = Theme - Used in your room and on the title screen.