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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy [edit]


Technical Help



  • Q: Is there threesome (3P), anal sex, or yaoi H-scenes in the game?
    A: No. There is no threesome in the game. You can only go as far as one-on-one together in the H-scenes. There is no anal or male homosexuality in full H-scenes, though presumably, anal is occuring when gay sex is seen in the world view.
  • Q: How do you undress?
    A: You can't. The clothing state is determined by traits, relations and the current location.
  • Q: Are there any positions where the male (or female) partner can perform cunillingus (oral sex on a female)?
    A: No.
  • Q: Is there paizuri?
    A: Yes, one of the subpositions of the blowjob scene is paizuri.
  • Q: How do you reach simultaneous climax?
    A: No method has been discovered, or believed to exist. The closest you can get to that, is to lock position and follow your partner's climax with your own.
  • Q: How do I get/give a red bar orgasm?
    A: Characters can only reach red bar orgasm if their partner has above Average skill.
  • Q: Is it possible to see two NPC have sex?
    A: Yes it is, if the two characters like each other enough and are horny. Though it is difficult to predict when and where the NPCs will attempt to have sex, with a little luck it is possible to spot NPCs having some action. Remember, however, that attempting to talk to either NPC while they're having sex will most certainly interrupt their activity.

H-Scene Interface

When the active character engages in a H-scene, the view switches to the pictured layout (except in the case of male-on-male relations; see FAQ above.).
A rough example of what H-scenes look like within the game.

The camera controls are described in General Gameplay.

Along the bottom are a row of buttons to start and modify the action:

  • Tissue Icon - Ends the H-scene and returns to world view.
  • Position Icons - Oral, Cowgirl, Doggystyle and Missionary are available to heterosexual couples depending on relationship and personality factors. The Switch button appears only for lesbians and bisexuals, and swaps between active and passive partner in positions.
  • Climax Gauges - The top gauge is the active character's, while the lower gauge is the partner's. When filled with a color, it indicates the level of orgasm the current subposition can cause, from weakest to strongest: blue/green/yellow/red, with red giving the "Ahegao" expression (sticking the tongue out).
  • Climax Icons - Clicking gives the orgasm shown in the gauge; the red left button for the partner, the blue right button for the active character.
  • Subposition Buttons - The numbered buttons will switch to a different subposition. These are blue when the active partner is performing actively, red when passive, and gray and unclickable when a partner is insufficiently horny/aroused.
  • Lock Icon - Locks the partner's current level of orgasm and prevents them from automatically and randomly switching subposition.
  • Mouse Icon - Left-Click changes to a slower set of subpositions, while Right-Click changes to faster subpositions. This changes between blue, red and gray, similar to the subposition buttons.

The number of positions accessible in a heterosexual H-scene is 4 positions with their 4 subpositions for Front Entry, Rear Entry, Girl on Top and Oral (64). The set for lesbian encounters is 4 positions with their 4 subpositions (16), bringing the total number of known positions to 80.

H-Scene Play

The Basics

  1. Bring a character who appears interested to a secluded location, where interruption is unlikely. Propose H through the Interaction menu.
  2. Click on the Mouse button to begin, then select from Subpositions with the numbered buttons and Right-Click and Left-Click on the Mouse button.
  3. Locate the subposition that fills the Climax Gauge with the highest possible color, then click on the associated Climax Button. Remember; the top bar and right button is your active character's, while the bottom bar and left button is your partner's.
  4. Repeat or select from Position and Subposition Buttons as desired.
  5. Click Tissue Icon to exit the H-scene.

Beginning H

As with any other ecchi action, the character you wish to engage in H with must have a level of interest in your character to succeed. "Interest" may be in affection or horniness, reduced by virtue combined with other circumstances such as location and other characters present. At any virtue level, performing in public locations and in front of other characters reduces the success rate of proposing H. High enough horniness may exceed virtue restrictions, but higher virtue characters may still terminate a scene when conditions change, such as being witnessed or interrupted by other characters.

Beginning arousal is dependent on all of these factors, and in turn, influences how responsive the partner is beginning H, and whether they remove their clothes. There are two distinct initial arousal levels:

  • At lowest arousal, the partner may appear and sound in pain, and will appear uncomfortable with their partner's orgasms.
  • At maximum arousal, the partner is relaxed and vocalizes freely. They take more pleasure in the act and in their partner's orgasm, including ejaculation via Oral positions. Though full nudity is a sure sign of this level, high virtue characters may retain their clothing depending on the current location. Maximum virtue characters will only strip at your home or theirs.

The atmosphere music can be a guide to how horny a character is. When any BGM other than the "Sexy" track is playing, then another mood is greater than their horniness, and actions can be taken to reduce that mood or increase horniness. Maximum horniness can be determined from success rates when attempting "Talk about sex" or any of the ecchi actions; these will vary from character to character based on type/traits, but remain constant for each individual.

When moving to another location with someone, the room atmosphere can change both characters' moods. If passing through an ecchi atmosphere, both characters can become horny, but if passing through a conflict, both can become tense. This is important to note when establishing maximum horniness to prepare for a home visit, as any room activity en route can make or break the mood.


If your character and your partner are lovers, or visiting at home, then all Position buttons and subpositions will be available. Otherwise, the subpositions of only one position will be available, depending on how you initiated ecchi, "Sex as the top", or "Sex as the bottom". Success at the first option places the active character in an active position, while success at the other places the active character in a passive position. Subpositions may also be unavailable if your non-lover partner isn't aroused.

General positions:

  • Front Entry - Male dominant, female passive.
  • Rear entry - Male dominant, female passive.
  • Girl on top - Male passive, female dominant.
  • Oral - Male passive, female dominant.
  • Lesbian/Bisexual - Either partner can be dominant or passive.

These are divided into 4 positions, with 4 subpositions of different speed, for a total of 64 heterosexual positions, and 16 lesbian/bisexual positions (the player can switch his/her active character between dominant or passive).

Right-Clicking the Mouse button progresses to a faster set of subpositions, Left-Clicking to a slower set, wrapping around at first and last set. Faster sets also get louder responses of arousal or discomfort from a female character (males are unvoiced in H.).

The color of the Mouse Button and Subposition Buttons indicate how much control each partner has.

  • Blue - The male or dominant homosexual/bisexual partner has control.
  • Red - The female or passive homosexual/bisexual partner has control.
  • Gray - Inaccessible; if a partner isn't a lover and isn't aroused, their buttons will gray out until their Climax Gauge fills with a color. If a female virgin, their buttons will remain grayed out, as their Climax Gauge will not increase during their first time.

Your active character can use any lit button, but an NPC partner may switch at random to any subposition their buttons have access to. For example; if the Subposition buttons are your partner's color, they may shift to any of them, but if the Mouse Button is your partner's color, they can shift the speed of the subpositions. Typically, your partner will choose positions that will maximize their own or your Climax Gauge depending on their sexual preference. The Lock Icon will keep your partner from changing positions, but will also keep their Climax Gauge from filling.

In some subpositions, a female partner will begin to talk dirty; these are indicated by slightly flushed cheeks. If she's in ahegao, her cheeks are always flushed, but the subpositions are the same. These subpositions always include their max orgasm, as well as several random subpositions.

After either partner's orgasm, sex can be resumed by Right or Left-Clicking the Mouse Button, or Left-Clicking any Subposition button.


You cannot take off the clothes of either your main character or the character you're with when perfoming H, or any other scenario for that matter. The clothed state is determined by the virtue of the character and other conditions, like if the character is at home or in a public location. The only known way to indirectly influence this state is by increasing the horniness of the character, as explained and described elsewhere. Both the controlled character and the NPC have their own, seperate values. Refer to the minimal requirements table below, posted by Illusion.

Virtue Might undress
Highest At own home, strong sexual desire
High At own home
Normal Nobody around, strong sexual desire
Low Nobody around
Lowest Anytime


The colors on the Climax Gauges represent the intensity of the climax possible in that sub-position, in an increasing order of Blue, Green, Yellow and finally, Red. An empty bar indicates no climax, and clicking the Climax Icon will have no effect. Each partner's Climax Gauge fills at a rate determined by their Sensitivity, up to a maximum which is determined by that subposition, and limited by their Skill:

  • Lowest - Blue
  • Below Average - Green
  • Average - Yellow
  • Above Average - Red

Every character likely has two subpositions per pose in which they can reach their maximum climax. These are randomly chosen by default at character creation. In other subpositions, they will receive a less intense climax, or possibly none at all.

When switching subpositions, a partner who is a lover will retain their highest achieved climax in their Climax Bar. Partners who aren't lovers will be less comfortable with switching using buttons they control, and their gauge will empty and refill, according to the position switched into. If the partner switches, or only your own buttons are used to switch, their gauge will remain at the higher climax level.

If the player doesn't perform any action within 30 seconds after a climax, the game will assume sex is over and the session will end automatically. Ending this way will very likely cause a bad H result.


A typical Red Bar climax, the highest level, will put a female partner into Ahegao; her tongue will hang out slightly, her vocalization will be constant and less comprehensible (if at all), her cheeks flush and breathing quickens, while eyes become dazed, and she will be less responsive to anything but her own orgasms. A partner will remain in Ahegao until switching to Oral (blowjob) position or when ending the session.

Note that this can only be achieved by creating a character with above Average skill, and this skill level cannot be aquired during gameplay (as was the case in Artificial Girl 3).

After climax, if the player plays as the passive character, their partner will continue moving after a few seconds, but if they play as the dominant character and don't perform any actions, female characters in Ahegao will calm down and breath normality again, after which the normal climax cooldown will start.

Performance and Effect on Gameplay

Depending on the number and quality of orgasms achieved during a H-scene, partners may comment on your performance after the session ends, ranging from anger to complete satisfaction. Achieving maximum performance for normal H-scenes appears to only require one Red orgasm for the non-player party, and at least one Green orgasm for the player. Blowjobs appear to use a different set of criteria, as it is oftentimes not possible for the NPC to climax during one. Girls will also comment on other aspects of how you approach H. She will, for example, take into account how many times you cum inside her.


Completely independent from Sensitivity and Skill, and preset into the different subpositions, the girls have certain sensitive spots where they start to talk 'dirty', two times in a row, and have an increased enthusiastic state. These vary from 0 to a maximum of 3. 'Hitting' these spots will not only reduce the likelyhood of switching positions on their initiative, but also increase the chance they will return to these subpositions. Only girls have these spots and only as an NPC. Another effect of this is an increased horniness level during the position, and more freedom of action, even when she isn't in a relationship. Although the minimal requirements are currently unknown, the effect of extensive use of this technique seems to contribute to an overall value of the session, and add the player to a 'favourable partner' list.

So where exactly is the G-spot? that depends of the moaning of the girl at the start of sex, the pitch of the moaning varies in three categories: low, med and high as you may already know. The next thing to do is put the speed according to the moaning, if it´s high you put the max speed, if it´s med you don´t do a thing, it´s low try the lowest speed, you will see that she will talk dirty more often and depending if is missionary subpositions or cowgirl subpotitions she will move her head and eyes towards you. In the doggy positions she only move her eyes towards you but there are two or three subpositions that she can move her head(if you want to be sure, press the "1" button to make dissapear her partner and she will move her head at you, like when she has an audience). So in the end we can say that there are 3 kinds of speed in one subposition, and these kinds divides themselves in three more speeds: 1-2-3(low)---4-5-6(med)---7-8-9(high) giving a total of nine. At the start of sex you must identify the pitch of the moaning(this varies in how horny she is) next you change the speed according to the moaning, next you leave the speed at that category and don´t leave that category until one of the characters have an orgasm. All this sound complicated but let´s see and example of this process to make things clear: Starting the sex in a missionary subposition you identify that she is moaning at high, so you use the middle button of the mouse(which is the one who controls the speed) up to max the speed of the action, this takes like three or four ups to get max speed, now you are at 9-high, the she will say something dirty and make a pause giving a low scream and then change the category of the moaning, let´s say that she start moaning at low, then you move the middle button down by two, now you are at 7-high, the movement must be very soft and little so you can stay in the high category speed, is you do this right, the intervals between the dirty talk will lower criticaly and she will move her head and eyes towards you meaning that you are giving her the appropoate stimulation. This also works on the fellatio and blowjobs positions, but, how do you identify what kind of speed do you need if she says nothing during this positions? well the answer is her eyes and eyebrows: the ark of her eyebrows forms an "U" figure each one(low speed), one eye closed and her eyebrows form each one a "serpent"(medium speed), the ark of her eyebrows form a "serpent" each one but her eyes are both open or closed for that matter(high speed). Try this and you will see that she will vary her expression more often and she will tilt her head in the fellatio positions and move her eyes towards you, finally she will get like a relaxated expresion tilting her head and moving her eyes towards you, I think that´s the time to cum. Master all that and in the end of the session, she will say diffirent things because you gived her the appropiate stimulation, what she says depends on whom get more blue, green, yellow and red orgams, this is up to you, but i think you will notice the difference.

Climax Level Effect

The level of climax that you give to your partner might affect their affection towards you. It appears that anything less than Yellow will most likely end with an unfavorable result. This means that characters with low skill will not gain affection from engaging in H-scenes. It also appears that Yellow climax level or higher has the same favorable effect. Triggering a Red climax doesn't seem to have a greater effect on affection than triggering a Yellow. The effect on affection may depend on the overall result of the scene, meaning that if the scene is evaluated badly, the climaxes you have given may not count in the end.

Pleasure v.s. Devotion

It seems that depending on whether your partner's preferences are geared towards "Pleasure/Enjoyment" versus "Service/Devotion" there will be different reactions depending on the respective orgasm count. For example; a character with a "Service" preference may appear dejected after having more orgasms than the partner, and will need to be cheered up.

There are 5 Different types: Pleasure, Enjoyment, Normal, Service and Devotion. These types, when combined with your own sexual Skill/Sensitivity, determines how the partner's and/or your climax bar rises (i.e., the partner who has the "Pleasure" will reach the Red bar easier/in many positions, granted that your played character has high sexual skills.). This also means the other way around (i.e., if your partner has the "Devotion" Trait and your played character has high sensitivity, you will reach the Red bar/in many other positions easier). However, you and your partner's horniness must be taken into account as well.

As such, it will be crucial in the rating of sexual acts at home. As to achieve the best (you receiving a kiss from your partner) sexual experience you need to take these into account. This does not apply during sexual acts at school, as each flag is activated despite your partner's trait, so be careful. This could mask an unsatisfied partner who will still comment positively, so always check how they are feeling afterwards to see how they are actually feeling.

Effect on Affection

Given that NPCs will distinguish good sex from bad, and that in many cases, NPCs may be more physically compatible to one another due to Skill/Sensitivity combinations, it can be inferred that sexual prowess may play a role in impacting the overall state of a relationship, although the specifics are still yet unknown. See the explanation above on Pleasure v.s. Devotion.

Oral Sex

Oral sex is evaluated separately, and the number of orgasms appears to have no bearing on the total H-scene reaction. If no other position is taken, then the girl will be more pleased the more the male orgasms, and will not be upset by not cumming herself. Also, girls at maximum horniness before a H-scene will show pleasure at swallowing/wearing ejaculate, but will be uncomfortable if less horny. Whether this has any affect on affection is undetermined, but taking the responses as a hint may be safer.

After H Reaction

When you or your partner end the H-scene, the partner will comment on your performance, and she may display certain behavior. The following is assumed:

  • If you satisfied her (i.e., gave her at least one Yellow level climax), she may kiss you and/or commend you on your performance.
  • If you made her climax in the Red during school (i.e., not at home), she will always end the scene with a comment which states that it was embarrassing.
  • If you came outside at least once, she will most likely comment about that.
  • If you came more than three times inside, she will make a special comment on it, unless you came at least once outside.
  • If you came more than eight times inside, she will make a different special comment on it, unless you came at least once outside.
  • If you came inside more than 12 times, she will be shown with cum dripping out of her (press SPACE to control the camera and stop the game from progressing).
  • If she climaxed at least once and her maximum climax level was less than Yellow, the H-scene tends to end with comments of you having something left to learn and the like.
  • If you perform penetration sex, as well as oral sex, in school during the same session (keep in mind that this can only be done with your girlfriend), after several orgasms, it will count the same as if you had sex with her more than once. If you ask for more, she will comment that you're a sex addict, etc.

H Speed

Basically, the lower their sensitivity, the faster their preferred speed. From the default speed, moving the mouse wheel 8 notches forward will give you the maximum speed while 8 backwards gives slowest (for lowest sensitivity you can basically just roll forward til it quits speeding up and the opposite for highest sensitivity. Also, as long as you're within a notch or two of the preferred speed you'll usually get the same good reaction so you can vary the speeds a little if you want.) The only time you really need to count is on low or high sensitivity. 4 notches forward from the default is the best speed for low sensitivity while it's 4 back for high. This also comes into play with a clothed or otherwise not fully aroused partner which you should treat as one sensitivity setting higher than their actual setting (lowest = low or four notches forward, low = average or the default speed, normal = high or 4 notches back, high = highest or maximum slowness)

A character's sensitivity (the thought setting not the positional) relates to their preferred speed during H scenes as follows.

  • Highest: 6-8 down wheels from the default speed.
  • High: 3-5 down wheels "
  • Average: 0-2 wheels (up or down) "
  • Low : 3-5 up wheels "
  • Lowest : 6-8 up wheels "

If the character is not very aroused (still clothed, low relationship level etc) treat them as one level of sensitivity lower. The game does not appear to apply this to highest sensitivity characters (which makes sense since they already prefer maximum slowness.) Staying within these speeds will reduce signs of discomfort such as wincing etc. and help lead to a better outcome (this appears to apply for girls giving oral as well.)

Position Sensitivity

There is a "hidden" set of 80 values per character relating to the H scene positions (beyond the 80 that govern positional sensitivity) and they have a very noticeable effect on the outcome (they're also responsible for why some positions seem to get better responses than others even when there is no difference between their positional sensitivity settings.) The more time you spend in positions that are ranked high by your partner the better their response will be at the end. This does apply to oral as well. (in the save file, these are the 80 values immediately following the 80 sensitivity values for each character and range from 0-2 with 2 being high) If you don't want to "cheat" just look for positions where your partner seems be enjoying themselves noticeably more. As with the positional sensitivity settings, each character by default has 2 "highs" per each position (missionary, doggy etc) which don't change during play (oddly, they didn't program them to match the sensitivity settings so a character's high sensitive positions may not be their most enjoyable) Combine this with maintaining proper speed (from above) and any other tricks you already know and you'll definitely notice a difference. (it can get downright silly when your partner is at a high relationship level and at least somewhat aroused...)