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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy [edit]


Technical Help



Selects which sport the character will practice in the afternoon between Baseball, Kendo, Swimming, Athletics,

Volleyball and Tennis. The character will spawn in the changing room at the end of the day, with the exc

eption of female baseball players, who do not have a clubhouse, and spawn in the empty classroom.


Affects scholarship rankings. Some personality types will be more attracted to higher ranks and be more favorably disposed to them. Academic rank changes dynamically in-game, and can be improved by studying in the morning. Academics increases faster when studying with partners who have higher Academics, and some personality types are especially good teachers, such as Big Sister and Eloquent.


Affects athletic rankings, and as with scholarship, some personality types are more receptive to more athletic characters. Also affects how fast the character moves around and likelihood of winning a fight. This trait can be improved by doing club activities, more rapidly when practicing with someone in your club and higher in Athletics.

Athletic fighting ability is modified by the type of sport; for example, a kendo expert will most often win over a track expert. Movement rate is likewise modifed; a track expert will cross the room quicker than a kendo expert.

Movement speed is also a double-edged sword. While it can be useful to catch (or evade) NPCs or travel across the map quickly, it can sometimes limit your ability to stop yourself from entering into an undesireable interaction, such as interupting NPCs, or accidently heading into the wrong bathroom or locker rooms for your gender.

Female Personality Types

Superficially, it changes the voice and body language of a character, as well as other mannerisms. For example, a girl with the "Calm" personality will tend to move slower or walk to locations regardless of their athletic ability. Personality also impacts social interactions, though the details are not known at this time.

Note: Let's avoid the "tsundere" label for any type over the same reasons as the AG3 wiki. It's too subjective, and though some types tend to it more than others, a variety of traits can give any type tsundere qualities, including the Male Types. To give your own advice on how to create a prototypical tsundere, please add to Tips section.

First Row

Sweet (甘)

Sensitive, child-like, and eager to please. "Cutesier" than the Innocent type.

Selfish (我)

Teasing and playful, sometimes maliciously, yet good natured and thick skinned. Often unpredictable.

Mistress (妾)

Hot tempered and demanding socially. Fawning and insecure romantically. Attracted to high status, though her antisocial behavior leaves her with little popularity.

Note: "Mistress" here does not denote "Domme", as the kanji more directly translates to "Concubine" or "Kept Woman". See Empress or Selfish for Domme-types.

Pleasant (快)

An immature, boku-ko type. She has a unique bird-run wherein she holds her arms behind her back, which is shared with the Affable, Rough, and Obscene types. Analogous to Artificial Girl 3's K-type personality, although far more childish.

Innocent (純)

Naive, more shy demeanor compared to Sweet and Pleasant. Often the target of bullies.

Dark (暗)

Seems uninterested, depressed or introvert, but it's not particularly hard to form a relationship if you show interest, and can be spontaneously affectionate and warm. Will say mysterious things -- delusional or visionary?

Second Row

Tense (捻)

Impatient and insisting. Stalker personality. Very self-conscious about affection and ecchi and will avoid being seen in the act. Deadpan and dismissive at first, then emotionally defensive, but eventually opens up a warm side, though somewhat grudgingly.

Note: Mistranslation. The kanji is found in words such as "twisted" and "distorted".

Aloof (儚)

Quiet and distant; significantly reduced success rates in all interactions as active character or NPC. Gentle and considerate when befriended. Initially shy but becomes very forward romantically.

Note: The kanji's direct translation is "fleeting," "transient," "momentary," "fickle."

Casual (緩)

Cloud Cuckoolander -- eccentric, in her own little world, indifferent to honorifics and rankings, addresses everyone casually and often friendly (note: this is sure to piss off certain other types.) Though somewhat loony, improves Academics and Athletics at a rapid rate. Testing has proven her to be the sluttiest, with highest number of sexual encounters and partners compared to other types of same virtue.

Humble (臆)

Insecure and self-effacing, will apologize a lot and apologize for apologizing. Will treat her romantic partner somewhat like a knight in shining armor. Will be surprisingly aggressive at confessing to you at higher relationship levels.

Note: Mistranslation. The kanji is often found in words such as "hesitant", "timid", and "fear". A more accurate, natural translation for this personality would be "shy", although "timid" is also rather accurate.

Ditzy (凡)

Possible mistranslation. The kanji translates to "mediocre". There is nothing special about this personality's behavior, which accurately describes the kanji.

Note: More accurate translation would likely be "nice" (think "Mr. Nice Guy" or your stereotypical osananajimi) or "ordinary".

Rough (荒)

Tomboy type. Very quick to pick fights, attracted to the most accomplished fighters.

Third Row

Affable (楽)

Bokuko with a cocky smirk, delinquent, quick-tempered. Has more of a dedicated athlete feel to her than the Pleasant type, being more serious, mature and distant. Might be difficult to build a relationship with.

Note: The Kanji's direct translations: "comfort," "ease," "agreeable."

Faithful (律)

More difficult to initiate casual sex with her, but is less receptive to advances when already in a relationship. She speaks in an authoritative manner and will often appear agitated when she is in fact not. One of the most difficult personality types to build relations with. Keep asking her to study, train, and have lunch with you untill you're confident enough in your friendship, before taking it to the next level. Both in and outside a relationship, the option of asking her how she feels never seems to give a positive response, but it is uncertain if she still appreciates the 'thought'. Her high moral standards easily makes her the public enemy of most members of the class, especially when combined with high or highest virtue. In which case, being good at sports helps a lot to survive, and in the long run, will make her the brawl champion.

Note 1: "Faithful" may be a mistranslation. The kanji for this personality type more acurately translates to "law", which better fits her behavior. She acts like the stereotypical strict "Class Rep", always making sure others are following the rules and complaining about improper behavior. Her aversion to casual sex and cheating is likely due to her considering those to be "immoral activities".

"Faithful" may not be completely inaccurate, as she's less likely to fool around and much less likely to take multiple partners at any virtue, and she's nearly impossible to break up with.

Note 2: "Strict" personality would be a more accurate translation for this.

Obscene (猥)

Brash speaker, uses coarse and careless language, often speaks loudly, yelling even in casual conversation. Not a "lewd" type in itself, but combined with low virtue and Perverted makes a very promiscuous girl. Even with high virtue, she will talk about sex frequently, increasing horniness in herself and everyone around her.

Quiet (静)

Soft-spoken and enigmatic, laconic and concise speech. More verbal in H-scenes than in all other interactions combined.

Calm (穏)

An older, more mature sounding voice with a Yamato Nadeshiko type personality. A proper lady, but not quite a prude at any virtue; when interested, she's sly with her innuendo while maintaining appearances. At any virtue, has a lower success rate to discuss love/sex or make physical contact in the presence of others. Less demonstrative about her moods, unless asked.

Note: "Gentle" is probably more accurate to describe this personality.

Brave (武)

Tomboyish, "Female Soldier" personality, serious and militaristic (responds with "ryoukai," or "roger that".) and oftentimes angry sounding despite not actually being mad. Her behavior appears to be a front to hide her more feminine side. She is oddly very receptive to romantic or sexual conversation, and will sometimes display her extremely girlish tendencies to someone she likes, much to her own chagrin. Quick to fight.

Note: The kanji directly translates to "arms," "chivilary," "military," "warrior."

Fourth Row

Big Sister (姉)

The game does not have a mechanic that accounts for blood relation, so the name is only superficial, and appears to fit the normal childhood friend anime archetype as well as or better than the older sister archetype. Girls with this personality are arguably the most "normal" of all the female personality types. She appears to be friendly and outgoing, but not to the point of being overly energetic or informal, and acts confident without sounding overbearing or tomboyish. Sometimes appears depressed when she's just tired, and other times covers actual depression with a smile.

Empress (皇)

Typical noble/ojou-sama type, generally drawn to higher social standings and looks down on the less popular. In-game, she will tend to gravitate toward those with higher social rankings to the point where she is more likely to confess or accept a confession from a more popular character. She is also more prone to jealous behavior, even without the Jealous trait, with a tendency to interrupt and break up interactions.

Note: The kanji directly translates to "emperor," so another possible translation is "Ruler" or possibly "Elite."

Handsome (麗)

Female Princely type. Her speech patterns are eloquent, and she's tactful and charming. Highly flirtatious, often alludes to worldly experience, and is romantically aggressive, yet rarely takes the initiative physically. Though she does have a hint of masculinity, she's far more feminine than a tomboy, and has more of an assertive yuri type of personality.

Note: The kanji directly translates to "beautiful," "graceful," "lovely," "resplendent."

Cold (冷)

Pre-order bonus character. Her dialog suggests she's studying the class as if it were a culture alien to her (could be alien, android or time traveler?). Initially emotionally detached, speaks very formally and in 1st-person plural, but becomes enthusiastic about studying romance and sexual relations through experience.

Male Personality Types

As with female types, these determine voice and physical gestures, and have other gameplay effects to be determined.

Soft (軟)

Quiet, hesitant, higher-pitched voice. Could be considered the opposite of the Manly Type, with more feminine voice and behaviour.

Eloquent (爽)

Brisk but polite speech. (Higher conversation effects?). Seems to be very suitable for the "Most Popular Guy", which can be a plus at game start to let everyone get acquainted with each other when used right, mainly through group activities. Obviously, this has the downside that everyone wants to talk to him and asks for his opinion. This also means that he can easily become the "Harem Master" of the class.

Violent (鋭)

Projects a dark brooding image to intimidate potential enemies and appear mysterious to potential suitors. He may really be that cynical and morbid, but he sure is hammy about it. Maybe "Goth" or simply "Byronic" would be more fitting? He has a bit of the "Jaded Rebel" about him.

Note: Mistranslation. The kanji is found in words such as "sharp(mind)", "keen(sense)", "ardour", and "elite".

Manly (侠)

Speaks in short, clipped sentences or single words. Displays little emotion and acts in a manner that could be described as calm or broody, or even anti-social. Appears composed in most situations, even in situations that would dictate otherwise, such as not getting chosen in a love triangle confrontation. Can easily be recognized by always keeping his arms crossed in front of his chest, which gives him almost an emotionless look, but he sure isn't. Combine this personality with high athletic skill and he will be insanely fast!


Whether the character is a virgin or not, virgin girls will bleed during the first time and cannot climax.


Defines whether or not a character will have sex and date boys, girls or both. Sexual orientation is ironbound, so you cannot make a homo have sex with the opposite sex, even though they may still be good friends. It is possible however, for successful confessions to occur across orientations between NPCs. This has been observed at least for bisexual girls successfully wooing a straight girl.

Option 1. 異性愛=Heterosexual

Option 2. 同性愛=Homosexual

Option 3. 両性=Bisexual


How good the character is at satisfying the partner. Skill determines the maximum achievable gauge color: below average is Green, an average skill is required to give your partner Yellow, and above Average is required to give a Red orgasm, which enables the Ahegao (tongue out) state. Unlike the Athletics & Academics skills, this can not be improved through gameplay. Note that the actual maximum orgasm level is also determined by the positions sensitivity, which is randomly choosen at character creation. This is not accessable through the Character Editor (Maker) and can only be changed with the help of a saved game editor.


How sensitive the character is to sexual stimulation, determines how quickly their Climax Gauge will increase.


A character's preferred sexual stance. This would affect the requirements to get positive comments after H-scenes from a character.

  • Pleasure: The character would want you to give him/her more orgasms than yourself (the player).
  • Enjoyment: Similar to Pleasure, but the ratio of orgasms between you and your partner has grown closer.
  • Normal: Anything goes.
  • Service: Like how Enjoyment is a 'lower' level of Pleasure, Service is a 'lower' level of Devotion.
  • Devotion: Just like Pleasure, but the polar opposite. The character would enjoy the sexual encounter if his/her partner orgasms more than him/her.

This is just in theory and quite unreliable.

Other theory would be the kind of sensivity of the position, as you may know there are three kind of sensivity in one subposition: low, normal and high. So if you put a character wich preference is devotion or service in a subposition which sensivity is low and his partner is high and the one to cum is the last, maybe is the ideal for that character.


How the character views sexual relations. Virtue restricts physical interactions taken toward them (the success rates of sexual approaches toward them.), or initiated themselves (the random chance that they may approach another character.). Examples:

  • Lower virtue will accept sexual approaches at lower affection levels, while higher virtue requires higher affection with the approaching character.
  • Lower virtue will be more willing to have sex in public places, while higher virtue will be more reluctant to even talk about sex or even love in public places.
  • Lower virtue will be more willing to have sex, and continue having sex, with others present, while higher virtue is less likely to begin with others present, and more likely to end the session if others arrive.
  • Lower virtue is more likely to strip naked, while highest virtue will only strip in the privacy of a home visit.
  • Lower virtue prefers to talk about sex than about love, while higher virute prefers to talk about love than about sex.
  • Lower virtue is more likely to have affairs or multiple partners, while higher virtue will not cheat or give/accept confessions if they're already in a relationship.

Horniness can overcome virtue restrictions to an extent, but too many factors combined will still make sexual acts impossible even with the lowest virtue.

Virtue along with Sociability determines how likely a character is to break up sexual acts in public places.


Sociability determines how proactive an NPC is in interacting with other characters. A highly sociable character will engage other more often, even characters they have lower affection towards. A low sociability character may wait for others to approach them, and only approach those they have some familiarity with.

Sociability especially affects how confrontational a character is. At higher sociability, the character becomes more likely to interrupt interactions, compete with others, pick fights, and if they hold high virtue, break up sexual acts they witness. Highly social characters are also more likely to calm down or cheer up others, and if higher virtue, more likely to preach their morality ("Admonish lewd behaviour").


All of these choices may affect the dialogs and the behaviors of the characters in-game.

  • Positive: Resistant to depression, but anger chance is still the same in situations that can cause either mood. (Positive characters have elevated incidents of violence, unless balanced by Calm or Negative.)
  • Withdrawn: Rarely comes to speak with others. Will often retreat to remote locations rather than choose to interact with others.
  • Jealous: Will chase the character he/she likes, interrupt when that character speaks to someone, and will raise the relationship a lot when chosen in a conflict of opposition, but if he/she's not chosen, the relationship with them will drop quite a bit.
  • Irritable: More easily angered.
  • Negative: More easily depressed.
  • Own pace: Independent, more resistant when approached, but higher approval when they take initiative.
  • Perverted: Likes sex. High approval gain for talking about sex or ecchi actions. It is easier to get her to a horny state where she will be more likely to accept and initiate H-actions.
  • Serious: Higher success rate and approval for conversations about sports and studies, less for love and sex.
  • Calm: Resistant to anger, but depression chance is still the same in situations that can cause either mood.
  • Evil: Will murder their lover if neglected, rejected for another, or get into a physical fight.


The personality and physical traits that the character is most attracted to.

Characters will have a higher initial opinion of classmates who match their preferred personality and/or preferred physical traits. The closer the match, the higher the initial opinion.

Characters gain approval faster toward classmates who match their preferred personality.

Characters might be more willing to accept/initiate H-actions with classmates who match their preferred physical traits. (Confirmed)

Based on a basic analysis of save data, traits and personality are calculated on an individual, additive basis. Each matching feature will add one to a total attraction score of up to 14. Personality appears to be treated the same as other factors, meaning it is weighed as much as whether the character wears glasses or not. There are no attraction penalties, i.e., a short character will be no less attractive to a character who prefers tall over a medium height character, but a tall character will be one point more attractive than both. A preference of "either" will count as a plus regardless of what the actual trait is.

Taste is not gender-specific. For example, a heterosexual male who prefers fair skin and black hair will like other males who have fair skin and black hair, despite his sexual orientation. (This has been confirmed.)

Without Glasses Either With Glasses
Small Breasts Either Large Breasts
Short Either Tall
Skinny Either Chubby
Small Eyes Either Large Eyes
Short Hair Either Long Hair
Black Either Colored
Fair Skin Either Dark Skin