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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy [edit]


Technical Help


Homeroom Tips

These are useful tips given in homeroom after the morning period. Though many are obvious, the interpretation and applicability of some are open to more in-depth discussion.

  • If you see a person feeling down, you should encourage them.
  • If you see an angry person, you should try to calm them down.
  • Don't go overboard with your ero-ness in front of others.
  • Questions on your relationships? Check the Jizou statue for answers.
  • Doing things together will make you better friends.
  • The results rely on your mental state, so stay on top shape.
  • It's very important to be able to read the atmosphere of the room.
  • Don't enter empty classrooms for no reason.
  • 0% means there is a fundamental problem. If that's the case, you should just give up.
  • With a lover, you can be bit more forceful than usual.
  • You can't be in a relationship with someone that doesn't swing your way.
  • Compatibility value exists for everything.
  • The atmosphere won't change instantly, so be careful.

Effective Interaction

Each school day has four time slots (parts of the day) that are counting down from the start of the day. At the end of the first time slot will find yourself in front of the classroom with all of the students. The timeslots are as follows: the first is a study session, then lunch, then exercise, then go home.

The game is made to make it difficult to go into an H-Scene if you don't know what you're doing. You need to read the girl (depending on her type and if she likes your character type) and predict what kind of conversation topics she would like. A example route is to begin the conversation with the following:

  1. Studying activity/eating activity/club practice activity. "Walk me home" improves relationship, but also ends the day and any other opportunities to raise affection.
  2. "How are you" is a good opener, as it indicates how receptive the character may be to you. It increases approval on success, and even on failure can reveal if the character is in a bad mood that would penalize success rates.
  3. Anger and Depression reduce affection until alleviated; Calm Down and Reassure respectively allow you to take the opportunity to get an affection boost. Some characters are more stoic or ambiguous, but until you become familiar enough to identify their moods, taking a stab at both options is a safe strategy. When used right, these can be extremely potent to the point of bringing an NPC from green to pink with a handful of interactions, or even from purple to cyan with one interaction.
  4. "Follow me" can have a higher success rate than conversation options, and gives a little boost to approval. If you're hitting a brick wall in conversation, taking the character to one or two locations can make things easier. Some locations have higher success rates than others, depending on their interest and how public or private the location is.
  5. Poke the level of interest of your character by talking about love or sex(or studies.and sport, depending on character). If its over 100% you might want to try something. After sex, if you poke for interest and you see its unnaturally high you might want to "Confess" and she will probably be your girlfriend.
  6. Remember you can only talk about the conversation topic a max of two times before it depreciates. This may still be over 100% success rate with higher relationship levels and certain topic/type combinations. At the end of each part of the day your conversation topic cap of 2 is reset, so you can continue pushing on the next part of the day etc.
  7. Group activities spreads approval around to all participants, including to individuals who aren't as comfortable with you one-on-one, and the popularity increase can also make you more attractive to others. If you're competing for academic and athletic leaderboards, then take care inviting groups to study or practice, as they'll all improve to closer competition with you in those categories.
Command Actions Menu for the translated version of Artificial Academy.

General Tips

  • Bad moods affect even your active character; when angry or depressed you'll be less effective and more vulnerable in a fight. Friends may try to cheer you up or calm you down if you let them, and receiving a hug will also improve your mood. Winning a fight, being chosen over a competitor, or being the challenged character in a draw, clears bad moods.
  • Keep in mind that the character you add into the school will be saved to the school file. They will never change, even you edit them in Character Creation or delete the character file. So after you edit the character, remove and re-enroll them back in again in order to make your change effective. However, all the progess you have made with that character will be reset as well, so be careful.
  • To make things easier on yourself, seducing an NPC is a lot more likely to work if you're their type. Though, you can still seduce them if you try hard enough. Physical attraction impacts initial relationship levels and rate of gain, but setting aside sexual orientation, having a high enough relationship will always open up full relationship options.
  • Any successful interaction that increases horniness (kiss/hug/fondle/romance talk/sex talk) will increase an NPC's receptiveness to H contingency on factors such as virtue, overall relationship level, character traits, etc. See H guide section on horniness for more info.
  • To raise an NPC from the purple relation, talk to him/her and make your partner jealous. If both characters fight, and you choose the person that hates you, he/she will magically become neutral to, or like you. You can however, lose your current lover if you use this method too often. So try and use "Reassure" on her immediately, whenever you do.
  • Use "Calm Down" when you interrupt your partner's action, or your action gets interrupted by other characters. "Reassure" should be used on your partner after you choose the other character whenever two people fight over you. He/she will become happy, and the % lost will go back to normal. (Sometimes this can be used to raise the level of a blue relation character.)
  • Not all character type/trait combinations harbor moods; some only need to be invited somewhere or included in an activity to simply forget about it, though on a failed attempt, they may make it clear to you as to what's bothering them. This gives you a choice on whether to calm them down, or cheer them up in order to gain affection, or simply take their mind off of it with the affection-raising activity that you prefer.
  • Starting fights is generally not a worthwhile undertaking. This isn't a cuckold fantasy; beating up a girl's boyfriend will not endear her to you, and will make her dislike you more (this is the case for most personality types). Getting beaten up, on the other hand, can actually be to your benefit by lowering the reputation of the aggressor, and can attract a sympathetic type to cheer you up.
  • On the other hand, some character types are attracted to fighters. If you don't mind alienating quite a few others, you can try to win many fights to draw the admiration of a tough character. You can become a fighter for the competitive fun, or build a class of unlikables, simply to deal them cathartic drubbings. Either way, there will be someone turned on by it.
  • If you are high in Sports your character will run faster. If the sports ability is at its max, that character will run at ridiculous speeds -- even the Fat-type character, and so will any of the characters following him/her. Be careful when running at high speeds, as it can make it nearly impossible to react fast enough towards situations arising when you first enter a room. You can, for example, chase down a girl so fast that there is not enough time to react to the fact that you have charged into the lady's room, and end up getting beaten down by the very girl you wanted to talk to.
  • You may find characters with low virtue + high horniness, masturbate or touch themselves everywhere, and will never run away when they see his/her lover having sex with another character. They will either stand there masturbating, or try to ask you to have sex with them instead. However, if he/she isn't in a relationship with you, they will run away.
  • Gender-restricted areas can be used to your advantage. For example, you can effectively cheat on a girlfriend without getting caught by keeping your romantance limited to the boy's locker or bathrooms. Note: some girls in a comfortable relationship with you, or with certain personality types, will still barge into the boy's locker rooms anyway. As such, the bathrooms are much better for this purpose.
  • If a character with low virtue + high horniness + affection see other people doing it, and you draw near, they will sometimes ask you to do it just like the people who are currently having a romantic exploit in public.
  • Male on male does not have any interactive H-scenes at this time. Although, romantic relationships can still be formed between two men.
  • If you want to break-up with someone, use the "Break-up" command. If that's not effective, use the "Fight"command, then try to break up with her. Beware that Evil characters will resist a break-up, and picking a fight with them will put you on their hit list. Faithful characters are also highly resistant to "Break-up", no matter how low their affection gets.
  • Having sex in public will make characters who see you lower their opinion of you. When their opinion is low enough he/she will come and challenge you to a fight.
  • If the girl you would like to talk to hides in the girls' locker room or girls' bathroom, instead of breaking in and seeing every girl in there scream and run out, and the girl you would like to talk to ask you to leave with a reduction in your relationship, try to use the "Everyone, come here!" command at the map near that room. She will respond and come to you.
  • The "Point someone out" command improves the disposition of the character you used it on, toward the character you named, and if they already like that character, then towards you as well. If you're having difficulty getting close to someone, you can try switching to one of his or her friends, putting in a good word for your preferred character.
  • You can sabotage rival relationships by badmouthing individual characters. This can backfire, so it is best reserved for when you know affection between them is on the decline, when it's most effective. Successful use can demolish the relationship and leave the intended character available. This can also get round-about revenge, by spreading a poorer general opinion of someone who wronged you, possibly enough for someone to attack them.
  • Putting too much pressure on a person will force them to shut down. Keep interaction brief enough that they're at least left with some familiarity with you, even if you're not making a good first impression. Spreading your attention out to multiple characters gives you more options later, and gradually increases your overall popularity. Using the "Come here later" command on someone will improve their disposition toward you both at that time as well as when you meet them at the chosen location later on.
  • Answering "Yes" to everyone improves those characters' opinion of you, and gradually gets you popular with everyone. But sometimes someone asks you something you'd rather not say yes to. For example; an attempt towards spreading a poor opinion of someone you'd rather like, or a proposition of public sex in front of a room full of known prudes -- a hint from harem anime is to avoid answering. This works if you have the interest of one or more other characters nearby, especially if one is jealous. A rival's intrusion can take the heat off of you at times.
  • Hitting the SPACEbar during a dialog will pause the timer for the interaction, but not for the rest of the class. This can give you some more time for a character to interrupt a question you do not wish to answer. And if a third person is in the room in which you want to be alone with someone else, they will leave if given enough time. This way, you can have your intended partner all to yourself without wasting time trying to find another room, or taking the chance of picking up more stalkers en route there.