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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy [edit]


Technical Help


Background Music

The BGM files are in jcp08_00_00.pp.

  • BGM00: Intimacy - Alone w/ a girl, aroused, pre-H, etc.
  • BGM01: Hatred - Used when with people you hate.
  • BGM02: Tension - With Rivals, pre-fights, etc.
  • BGM03: Peace - Used when calm; few people, usually no action, no fights, etc.
  • BGM04: Happiness - Used with liked people, lovers, etc.
  • BGM05: Sadness - Used with a character that is depressed and needs the 'Cheer Up/Reassure' action.
  • BGM06: Normal - Used whenever anything else isn't used.
  • BGM07: H - The title explains all. Used when in an H-scene.
  • BGM08: Fight - When a fight breaks out.
  • BGM09: Theme - Used in your room and on the title screen.