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(Tierra del Citadel)
(Tierra del Citadel)
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* Error with Tiamat repeating her demands without accepting nor refusing offered slave. Better try selling S+ slaves to other Houses.

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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





Quarter of the Outcasts

Residential Area

See: Minor Residences

Uncle Bo

Offers Brands and tattoos.

Slave requirements:

  • Lolis (Trait - immature)
  • B/Blue class sensitivity (empathy?)
  • B/Blue class Cook
  • C/Purple class Enchantress
  • C/Purple class Singer
  • C/Purple class Dancer
  • Nothing exotic
  • Pays extra for virgins, likes them plump and a little spoiled.
  • pays based on rank of slave, with options to bargain/offer a discount


Offers Alchemy ingredients and explains the formulas and effects of various potions.

Will pays 500 for a D class enchantress. Unlike most businesses, Mystra's requirement seems to be a one-time-only deal.

Public Animal Farm

Requirements for slaves:

  • "Familiarity with mating stall" - D level Pet job - at least one of Pet or Horse at rank B.
  • Obedient

Pay is 500 sparks.

Tierra del Citadel

Minister Skill Skill Level Colour
Archbishop Shaitana Enchantress S+ Green
Sing A Teal
Dance A Teal
Dance A Teal
Play Music (Dulcimer!) A Teal
Loli, virgin
General Carneys Intelligence S+ Green
Xenophillia A Teal
Secretatry (Literacy) A Teal
Sex B Blue
Oral B Blue
Praetor Tifaret Health S+ Green
Xenophilia A Teal
Sex A Teal
Termperament B Blue
Pet Training B Blue
Mistress Tiamat* Empathy S+ Green
Pet S+ Green
Nurse A Teal
Maid A Teal
Singing A Teal
Xenophily B Blue