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all characters are at least 18

Honey Select 2 [edit]


Install Guide

FAQ & Technical Help



Most commonly asked questions and their answers, search for keywords to find your issue quickly.

If you can't seem to fix your issue, visit the #hs2-help channel on the IllusionSoft Discord server (read the pinned messages before ask questions). Note that if you just want to get the game working it might be easiest to install HF Patch (unless you are using repacks).

If you are coming from Honey Select 1

Honey Select 1 and Honey Select 2 have a similar gameplay, with HS2 having some more options in your room, an improved girls feeling system and about 140 positions ingame. Honey select 2 adds a better event system and the achievement system was changed. It also has a studio to make scenes and animations.

Character maker was also improved in Honey Select 2. Selection screen now provides a miniature of the item, includes some more sliders and a system to include patterns (such as stripes) in clothes and hair. Unfortunately sliders are different, making cards incompatible across the games.

Chara Maker in Honey Select 2

In technical side they are hugely different. Graphics are more realistic, character models were improved, skins have natively skin transmission light, physics was updated and the modding system changed drastically, meaning that nothing from Honey Select 1 works on Honey Select 2, nor cards, scenes, clothes, items, mods or plugins.

Speaking on mods, modding structure is pretty different in Honey Select 2 since it uses the softmod method, differently from Honey Select 1 that used the HardMod method. This modding system do not mess with game folders such as abdata and don’t make id conflicts at all, making HSResolveMoreSlotID obsolete. See more in Installing Mods page.

A modded character maker with just the base mods and essential plugins is much more powerful than the old one. You don’t need to make a new outfit just to make cuts or add some drawing, you can make an overlay and its saved with the girl’s card. No need to keep digging for the right SkinTexMod texture, they are all saved in the card.

Of course, everything comes with a price. Honey Select 2 is a heavy game and not all systems can run it. See the requirements in the main page.

Before ask for help in Forums or Discord

If the FAQ bellow didn't solve your issue, you need to do some steps before asking for help in Forums or Discord or whatever.

  1. Read the FAQs from the first post of the Forum or the pinned messages in Discord, its a icon on top right of the help channel (on mobile swipe from right to left).
  2. Use the search function of the Forum or Discord to see if other people had the same problem as you before.
  3. Inform which version of the pack are you using. To know what version is open "initsettings.exe", and post/message a screenshot with everything, specially bottom right.
  4. Always attach in your post/message the log file "output_log.txt" that is created right after the problem happens. It's usually located at the main folder of the game, where "HoneySelect2.exe" is.
  5. Be precise and informative about your problem. Describe the symptoms of your problem or bug carefully and clearly. Provide a screenshot or video if possible (Tip: Use the shortcut windows+alt+R). Also inform if you made any change to the game.
  6. Please talk in a calm matter, people are not obligated to help you and will most likely to ban you if you act rude.

General FAQ

  • Q : Where can I buy the game?
    A : The Japanese release is available on DMM. The English Steam release is not available yet.
  • Q : How do I Install the game, official updates and DLCs?
    A : See the Install Guide.
  • Q: Can I run Honey Select 2 in Windows XP?
    A: No, Honey Select will only runs on Windows 7 and above due to the use of DirectX 11 graphics API. It also may require other features which doesn't come with the 10 years old Windows 7, so you'll need to install manually.
  • Q : Can I run HS2 on the 32-bit Windows?
    A : No, HS2 will only work on the 64-bit version of Windows. If you have a 64-bit processor but are running the 32-bit version of Windows, it is highly recommended you switch to 64-bit Windows.
  • Q : Installed my game but it’s not running!
    A : Try these workarounds in this specific order:
  1. Check if your system meets the minimum requirements in the main page of this wiki.
  2. Move your game files to a short path. The recommended folder is C:\Illusion\HoneySelect2. Avoid installing in the "desktop" or in "program files" since they can have special access permissions.
  3. If you have an old AMD CPU (before Ryzen), remove "lib_burst_generated.dll" from the folders "HoneySelect2_Data\Plugins\", "StudioNEOV2_Data_Data\Plugins\" and "HoneySelect2VR_Data\Plugins\". Don't do that for AMD Ryzen or Intel CPUs.
  4. If you have just the original game and Windows is not the Japanese version, install HF Patch. Alternatively you can install just the "base mods" in Installing mods page.
  5. If nothing of that helps ask in #hs2-help on the Discord server (read the pinned messages before ask questions).
  • Q : How backup my things or transfere to another intallation?
    A : To make a backup, copy the "chara", "save" and "Studio" folders from "UserData". To transfer to a new installation, overwrite these folders to the new "UserData".
  • Q : Where to download the latest update, dlc, mods and translations?
    A : You can use HF Patch. If you want to manually install mods and translations check the Installing mods page.
  • Q : I am trying to install the HF patch, but I have a bunch of files. Which of them do I use?
    A : None of them. You may have clicked the green button and downloaded the source files and not the actual program. HF Patch is an executable and can be found by following the "Readme, help and download" link on this page here: https://github.com/ManlyMarco/HS2-HF_Patch/releases . Note: Do not Install HF Path if you use any kind of Repack.
  • Q : Does Honey Select 2 require the game DVD image to be mounted in order to play?
    A: No, Honey Select doesn't requires the game DVD image to be mounted while playing. This is related to the fact that it uses the Unity 3d engine instead of Illusion's own Yayoi engine.
  • Q : What engine does HS2 run on?
    A : HS2 uses Unity 3D game engine v2018.4.11
  • Q : How to change the game resolution or make the game full-screen?
    A : Open up the launcher (Initial Settings.exe or InitSetting.exe), there should be a dropdown to change your resolution and an option to run in full-screen. You can also toggle full-screen in-game by pressing Alt+Enter. IMPORTANT: HS2 only supports 16:9 aspect ratio, other proportions may break the UI.
  • Q : I'm having a huge frame drop when player cum outside!
    A : Change "Semen Display" to "simplified" in settings.

Main Game FAQ

Be sure to check in-game manual! Press F3. (It is in Japanese though if unmodded)

  • Q : What are Character cards?
    A : Character cards are special .png images that contains data from the character to be loaded in the game. With this system you can pick up character from internet and load on your game. Put Girl's cards in "UserData\chara\female" folder and Male cards in "UserData\chara\male". Note: Cards from AI-Syoujyo also works in Honey Select 2.
  • Q : Do Honey Select 1 cards and mods work on Honey Select 2?
    A : No, nothing from HS1 is compatible with HS2, but AI-Girl cards and scenes are compatible.
  • Q : Where can I get more girls cards?
    A : If you play the unmodified (vanilla) japanese game go to ネットワーク. If you are playing a modified version (in other language than Japanese or with mods) you cannot use the network option, instead there are many sites that share cards such as:
Illusion Booru
Bepis DB
  • Q : Are the girls human?
    A : Yes and with the right mods they can be elves, succubi, monsters, or whatever creature that fits your desired fantasy. Literally speaking, they are just space algebraic manipulations coded in the right way to make your computational system display the right pixels at the right time.
  • Q : So I have a girl who hates me, but I want her to stop hating on me?
    A : Use love positions (missionary is advised) and make her cum without you cum inside her, this should take around 1-2 tries and her feeling will change from hate to love (favor) to you.
    Note : This method also applies to slave status. If the slave status still not changing, try cumming together.
  • Q : Help! I'm forced to break a girl in order to get my achievement, how could I?
    A : I know how you feel, it's truly can't be helped. Use forced position (e.g. forced missionary) and BDSM (spanking etc.) on her repeatedly until the red bar is full, this could happen in multiple runs. You could break a girl in a single run if you use multiple men position (which is undesirable for a man who treasures her girl). If the girl is dependent (lowermost purple bar is full), it is impossible to break a girl.
  • Q : My girl is broken, how do I heal her back?
    A : Use love positions (e.g. missionary) but having only you cum inside her, the more you cum inside her, the more healed she gets. Alternatively, initiate a sex scene and leave without doing anything to her.
  • Q : How to change her feeling into a slave?
    A : Cum inside her repeatedly (using male-dominant position is advised e.g. Doggy Style) without having her cum.
  • Q : What is the fastest way to make a girl dependent on me? (the purple bar)
    A : Make sure her H status (the uppermost bar) is maxed, use multiple girl positions with her set as your first girl. (Tested using W Blowjob (Swallow Cum) + Double Intercrural + Double Cowgirl)

Honey Select 2 DX FAQ

  • Q : What is Honey Select 2 DX?
    A: Its a paid DLC for Honey Select 2, where DX is a short for "Deluxe eXpansion".
  • Q : Where can I buy this expansion?
    A: The Japanese release is available on DMM. The English Steam release is not available yet.
  • Q : Do I need to have Honey Select 2 in order to play DX?
    A: Yes, you need to have both. If you don't have Honey Select 2 you can buy a pack with both the base game and the expansion on DMM.
  • Q : What is included in this expansion?
    A: Honey Select 2 DX includes:
4 new character personalities (voices).
A new gameplay "Deluxe Plan", wich opens a VIP Lobby managed by Sitri from Honey Select 1!
6 new events in the VIP Lobby.
6 new maps.
18 new positions.
And dozens of clothes and acessories.

Modded Game

Updating a modded game

If you are using some kind of pack like HF-Patch or BetterRepack there are 2 types of updates: Sideloader Modpack (online) and Game Version.

  • Sideloader Modpack (online): Updates only sideloader zipmods, such as clothes, items and maps. Its like update the apps in your smartphone. Usually its a button in "initsettings.exe"
  • Game Version: Updates plugins and the game itself. Its like update iOS or Android version. You need to do it manually. Usually is recommended to download the new version, install in a new folder and them transfer your old data (like save and cards) to the new folder.

Modded Game FAQ

Common questions with modded versions such as HF Patch and BetterRepack. Please check the Mods Section before.

  • Q : I downloaded from Google Drive and now the files are corrupted!
    A : Sometimes Google Drive wrongly rename the files. Read this for more information: https://betterrepack.com/install/#gdrive
  • Q : Why some tight clothing (like stockings) are cropped or flickering?
    A : It's an issue with Anti-Aliasing. Try to disable BetterAA, and if you are using Graphics mod avoid using TAA or CTAA.
  • Q : How to change the penis size?
    A : Getting naughty huh? Well, you are in the right place! Open the "Advanced Bonemod Window" (usually it’s the last option on bottom right, in the "Plugin Settings" box), search for the "dan" bone, select the tab "cm_J_dan100_00" and have fun with the sliders.
  • Q : Why are pussy, face, body or clothes horrendously distorted?
    A : Install HS2_BetterPenetration.zip: https://github.com/Animal42069/BetterPenetration/releases/
  • Q : There are many messages of missing mod or outdated mod in the game, how to get rid of them?
    A : Enable "Experimental Mode" in initsetting.exe, click in the "Update" icon, in the next window enable "Bleeding Edge" and update. If you don't have "Experimental Mode", download the last version of your HF-Patch or BetterReapck. This will update your Sideloader Modpack to the last version.
OBS: Paid mods are not included in the Sideloader Modpack.
  • Q : Why I'm stuck in a white/black screen?
    A : There are various reasons that can cause an white/black screen:
It's normal to take a long time in the first time that you launch the modded game. Just wait for about 5 minutes.
You installed new mods in an old version of the game. In this case, update your game or your pack, like HF-Patch or BetterRepack
You installed the game in the wrong folder, take a look in the install guide.
If the black/white screen happens before an event in the Hall, update HS2_ChicksDigMapModdersPlugin: https://github.com/OrangeSpork/HS2_ChicksDigMapModdersPlugin/releases
  • Q : I updated the game and the performance dropped!
    A : Open initsetting.exe and disable both DHH and GraphicsMod if enabled.
  • Q : Update button is missing!
    A : Restart initsetting.exe.
  • Q : Why are player hands passing through the girl?
  1. Take off her shoes. Yeah, is that weird...
  2. Go to settings> Plugin Settings> HS2_BetterHScenes> Disable "Enable Animation Fixer".
  • Q : Now is the player penis passing through the girl…
  1. Go to settings> Plugin Settings> Uncensor Selector> change "Default Male Penis" to the ones with "BP" (BP means BetterPenetration)
  2. Go to settings> Plugin Settings> HS2 Better Penetration> Read and change the values, its trial and error...
  • Q : The game image is too Blurry!
    A : Disable "Depth of Field" in settings, then go to Plugin Settings> Better Anti-Aliasing> reduce "Temporal Stability" to 3 and "Temporal Jitter Scale" to 0.
  • Q : How to reduce the game's Stuttering?
    A : Try to run the game in a lower refresh rate, like 30FPS with "VSync" enabled. If you have a 60Hz monitor go to settings> Plugin settings> Graphics Settings> change "VSync" to "Half", otherwise lock the framerate to 30FPS.
  • Q : I'm using HF-Patch of BetterRepack. Can I update BepInEx?
    A : If you are using those packages, it's not a good idea to update BepInEx itself. If you are receiving messages of outdated BepInEx, it's better to update your HF-Patch or BetterReapck to the last version.

Plugins Related Bugs

Use the Utility KKManager to enable/disable plugins or mods. It’s pretty useful to make a hunt for problematic mods and plugins.

-For plugins issues go to "Plugins" tab> select the problematic plugin> press "Disable"

-For mods issues go to "Sideloader Mods" tab instead


  • Q : Help, my cards have an unnatural black skin when loaded!
    A : Try these workarounds on this specific order:
  1. Reload the same card again.
  2. Update the game in InitSetting.
  3. If the problem persists, in Character Maker go to Body> Skin Type> Change the body skin. If the problem is in the face them go to Face> Facial Type> Skin tab.
  • Q : How to reduce slowdowns and freezes in chara maker?
    A : Disable file browsers mods such as Character Loader and BrowserFolders
  • Q : I've enabled GraphicsMod or DHH and my game broke!
    A : Never use GraphicsMod and DHH at the same time. Disable both of them, launch the game an be sure that none is running, exit and enable just one of them.
  • Q : What means the "Could not load Text Dump" message?
    A : Don't enable TextDump and translations at the same time.


Studio is a separated application from the main game that let you create a totally unrelated scene and get screenshot that you can't achieve in main games. You can pose your characters, create gundams, or whatever limited only to your imagination (and the game engine). Screenshot functionality is the same as the main game. It was added later in game via separated update. To install updates see the Install Guide.

Studio Tutorials

Studio FAQs

  • Q : Where do I place scenes?
    A : Userdata\Studio\scene
  • Q : Can I replace a character in scene with my character?
    A : Yes, Choose the character you want to replace on the Work window on the right, and then choose the character you want as replacement on Add>Girl or Boy, and click Change Character
  • Q : How do I make character dance/moving?
    A : You can load a stock animation provided with the game by selecting the character first, go to Anim>Animations, and select one of them.
  • Q : How do I create custom poses?
    A : Choose the character first, and then you can turn on one of the two methods available on Anim>Kinematics>Forward Kinematic (FK) or Inverse Kinematics (IK). You'll see adjustable bone point and start working from there. IK is easier to control, but FK can get a better detailed result. you can work on both of them by using the Copy to FK/IK menu. You can instantly copy poses from current animation loaded with Animation Reference menu.
  • Q : The scenes only contains items? Can I add that to my current scene?
    A : Use Import Button menu instead of Load while loading scenes. It will add all object of chosen scene to the current work.
  • Q : The scenes I loaded is static!
    A : Most of them are, main studio purpose is to take screenshot. Only a few scenes are animated and it will need a lot more advanced skills to create one.
  • Q : Is there any way to get characters out of scenes?
    A : Yes, use the HS2_CharacterExport plugin with Ctrl+E shortcut.
  • Q : What is System Console (also activate system console in some launchers)?
    A : Activate Console enables debug console that opens in a separate window. It's useful for troubleshooting issues with your game and it's always a good idea to have it turned on.


  • Before play with VR:
    • Update BetterAA to v1.6 or superior, use HS2 version (HS2_BetterAA): https://www.patreon.com/posts/29809884
    • HTC Vive requires the startup of "Steam VR".
    • Oculus Rift requires the startup of "Oculus Platform".
    • Oculus Quest 1 & 2 needs to be connected to a computer with Oculus Link
  • Controls: See the numbers in the pictures below.
Controls for Oculus
Controls for Vive
mouse wheel up & down with 1
camera movement hold 4 while moving controller
camera rotate left & right with 1
pointer display press 2
confirm point and press 3
menu display press 3 and 2
scroll hold 3 while moving pointer
  • Bringing up menus:
Vive: Hold Trigger and press menu
Oculus Left: Hold back trigger and press Y
Oculus Right and Valve Index: Hold back trigger and press B
Remember hide menu when in a scene. No hidden, joystick not work.
  • Virtual Desktop (Quest):
You must "Inject Game" for the scene scroll work
  1. Connect Quest to VD
  2. Right click on VD tray menu and select Inject Game (it is greyed out if VD not connected)
  3. Select the HS2 VR exe file
Everything should work with joystick working as scroll. For a scene to start and to control you must point away from the menu otherwise it will be registered as "menu scroll"


This mod is under development and its not finished, use at your own risk!

  1. Download "HS2VR_v0.0.2.7z" from here: https://github.com/killmar-the-3rd/HS2VR/releases (v0.0.2.0 at the time of this writing).
  2. Extract "BepInEx" and "HoneySelect2_Data" to your main game folder (where "HoneySelect2.exe" is)
  3. Make a backup of your "globalgamemanagers" file in "HoneySelect2VR_Data".
  4. Get this "globalgamemanagers" file and place in "HoneySelect2VR_Data": globalgamemanagers
  5. Create a shortcut to your "HoneySelect2.exe" file and append -vrmode "OpenVR" to the "Target" line for that shortcut.
  6. Launch the shortcut whenever SteamVR is running.