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all characters are at least 18

Honey Select 2 [edit]


Install Guide

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Installing the game

In the installation file, extract the content from the japanese folder to other place without japanese characters, something like "C:\HoneySelect2_Install"

Install the game using "ILLUSION HoneySelect2.msi" in "setup" folder.

Its recommended to install in a short path, otherwise the game can have issues. Avoid installing in the desktop or in program files since they can have special access permissions.

A good folder is C:\illusion\HoneySelect2 since it’s the default patch of the setup.

After installing it is time to update your game.

Installing updates

Illusion update files comes in the form of an .exe file that not always works on pcs with languages other than Japanese. A workaround is to use the program 7-zip to open the file as if it were a compressed file (right click -> 7-zip -> Open archive).

Inside the file usually are folders for two games: Honey Select 2 and AI-Girl. Honey select 2 folder can be named after the short "HS2" or the Japanese name "ハニーセレクト2リビドー". Open the Honey select folder, seek for "setup" folder and extract the files inside to your game folder (remember, its recommended to install the game in C:\illusion\HoneySelect2). Sometimes more than one update comes with the patch, so you will need to seek for the "setup" folder for each update and repeat the process.

Patching order

The following order was tested and confirmed working. Note that pre-order and paid DLC's are optional, you don't need them to play the game.

  1. honey2_souki (pre-order)
  2. honey2_yoyaku (pre-order)
  3. dlc_ex1_0619 (Fox Miko paid DLC)
  4. dlc_ex2_0529 (Succubus paid DLC)
  5. dlc_ex3_0619 (Sister paid DLC)
  6. dlc_bondage (Bondage paid DLC)
  7. honey2_01_plus_0814esF3_all (Adds Studio and all free DLCs, make sure that you downloaded the _all version)
  8. honey2_03_vr (Support for VR Headsets)

Honey Select 2 DX

Honey Select 2 DX is an paid expansion DLC that includes:

  • 4 new voices,
  • A new gameplay "Deluxe Plan", wich opens a VIP Lobby managed by Sitri from Honey Select 1!
  • 6 new events in the VIP Lobby
  • 6 new maps
  • 18 new positions
  • And dozens of clothes and acessories

Installing Honey Select 2 DX

  • Before install the expansion you need to have the full game installed and patched all way up to "honey2_01_plus_0814esF3_all".
  • With the game ready, use 7-zip to extract the Main DX expansion to the game folder, its inside "ハニーセレクト2リビドーDX_DL版 \ ハニーセレクト2リビドーDX_DL版インストーラー \ HoneySelect2DX追加データ \ setup"

Patching Order for Honey Select 2 DX

After installing the expansion, use the following order to patch HoneySelect 2 DX. Note that pre-order and paid DLCs other than DX are optional.

  1. honey2dx_yoyaku (pre-order Dragonic Princess set)
  2. honey2_dx_souki (pre-order Tanuki and Magician frills set)
  3. honey2dx_01_plus_1030T7gf_all (make DX works in Studio)
  4. honey2_03_vr_1113 (VR Module including Oculus Link)
  5. honey2dx_01_plus_0115dA5HG_all (some fixes and free dlcs such as Maid Bikini and Christimas costume)

Warning: DX and some other DLC come with 2 sets of files - one for HS2 (HoneySelect2) and one for AIS (AI-Shoujo). Make sure you do not copy files from the AIS folder, or your game will break. Only copy files from the HS2 folder.