Honey Select 2: Gameplay Overview

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all characters are at least 18

Honey Select 2 [edit]


Install Guide

FAQ & Technical Help



Set the foot in a huge facility, guided by a casual intuition.

At the end of the open door a mysterious woman, Fur, greeted me.

―You can find the person you want here.

Feel free to spend a sweet and hot time.

You are free to hit each other's sexuality like a beast.

What each person wants, what they don't... Everything is free.


Yes, as long as the customer have "Libido"...

(extracted from the official site)

Main Menu

This is what appears when you first open the game. On top right you have the version of the game and in bottom right is the menu.

Main Menu


  1. Play: Go to Your Room.
  2. Create: Create Characters.
    • Girls: Open Female Creator. Note that you cannot overwrite girls that are assigned to a group in the game.
    • Boys: Open Male Creator.
  3. Network: Open the official online cards sharing. Its not available outside Japan.
  4. Settings: Brings the settings menu, same as F1 shortcut.
  5. Quit: Exit the game.

ĊĊ=Your Room= kim Your room is the main hub to play the game. From there you have the following options:

Your room


  1. Leave Room open options to see the girls:
    • Call a Girl: Call a specific girl to start a scene.
    • Walk the Hall: Encounter girls casually around the hotel. It's where Events happen.
  2. Characters open the Character management screen:
    • Create a woman: Open female character creator.
    • Create a man: Open male character creator.
    • Edit groups: 5 groups with 20 slots, so a maximum of 100 girls.
    • Clothing: Dress a clothing set (coordinate) to the girl's Events, such as showering and sleeping.
    • Player: Change the player card. To unlock threesomes with 2 guys you need to address a card to the second person. You can also play as futanari girls (option in top) if the setting is enabled in chara creator.
    • Player Clothing: Dress a clothing set (coordinate) to the Player's Events, such as showering.
  3. Call fur open Fur's menu:
    • Request a girl (character randomizer).
    • Achievements.
    • Help, same as F3 shortcut.
    • Ask for do it with Fur.
  4. Settings brings the settings menu, same as F1 shortcut.
  5. Sleep: You can receive a visit dependent of the girl's stats in the active group.


You can find gameplay instructions in Help menu (F3 shortcut).

Note: Use mouse scroll in the finish button (bottom right) to change cumming options.


While in a scene, each position affects the girl's feelings towards you. Positions differ depending on the girl’s personality and traits. Using a position multiple times will eventually change the girl's status. For example, making it with girl with the Love status using a position that she hates too many times will change her status will from Love to Hate. Girls cumming will increase her like for you slightly, regardless of her status.


Items can be unlocked in achievement menu.


If you use an item in selection screen, the next time you find the girl is likely to be an Event (Toilet, Shower, Sleeping, Lure) depending on the used item.

You can use items on multiple girls.


There are currently 20 locations to choose from in Honey Select 2. Each location unlocks different dialog from the girls. Most of the locations are unlocked in Achievements menu, except from Event-only locations:

  1. Lobby
  2. My room
  3. Fur's room
  4. Female Room: girls will wear Sleeping outfit in this room. Change in Your room -> Characters -> Clothing menu
  5. Public Bath: girls will wear showering outfit in this room. Change in Your room -> Characters -> Clothing menu
  6. Shower: used only in showering Event
  7. Bath: Used only on Bath Event
  8. Western-style toilet: Used only in toilet Event
  9. Japanese-style toilet: Used only in toilet Event
  10. Backyard
  11. Backyard rain: girls will be wet in this room
  12. Torture Room
  13. Office
  14. Public toilet
  15. Hospital room
  16. Classroom
  17. Gymnasium Warehouse
  18. Chinese Restaurant
  19. Western Bar
  20. Japanese-style room

Greyed Out Locations

Some locations represented in grey colors are unavailable to be used in scenes. There are several reasons why this happens:

  1. The location is designated for Event only.
    • In the Lobby menu, some locations such as toilets and bathrooms cannot be selected because they only works in events. These event-only locations can be used when you go to "Walk the Hall" and there's a girl inside them.
  2. The location is locked in achievements menu.
  3. The location needs requirements.
    • Some locations needs special requirements such as the player have some intimacy with the girl. Make sure that the selected girl has at least one Feeling and one Stat maxed out.