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all characters are at least 18

AI Syoujyo [edit]


Install Guide


FAQ & Technical Help

Most commonly asked questions and their answers, search for keywords to find your issue quickly. If your question isn't answered here or you can't seem to fix your issue, visit the #ai-help channel on the IllusionSoft Discord server. Note that if you just want to get the game working it might be easiest to install HF Patch (search below for more info).

General FAQs

  • Q : Where can I buy the game?
    A : The game is available in English on Steam (no DLC):
  • Q : What is the difference between the Steam and original Japanese releases?
    A : The original Japanese release is called AI_Syoujyo and is only intended for the Japanese market. Steam release is called AI-Shoujo and is very similar to the Japanese version except it has all content related to Studio taken out, and is not planned to receive any future DLC. By default most mods don't work correctly on the Steam release, but it can be fixed by getting the AI HF Patch, essentially making the two games equal.
  • Q : Where to download the latest update, dlc, mods and translations?
    A : You can use HF patch here : (for downloads click on the "Releases" tab, DO NOT click the green Clone or download button!). If you want to manually install mods and plugins check the mod release channel on the IS discord server.
  • Q : I am trying to install the HF patch, but I have a bunch of files. Which of them do I use?
    A : None of them. You may have clicked the green button and downloaded the source files and not the actual program. HF Patch is an executable and can be found by following the mega link on this page here:
  • Q : My game is broken/won't run, what do I do?
    A : Try installing HF Patch, if that doesn't help ask in #help on the Discord server.
  • Q : Can I run AIS in Windows XP?
    A : No, AIS will only runs on Windows 7 and above due to the use of DirectX 11 graphics API.
  • Q : Can I run AIS on the 32-bit Windows?
    A : No, AIS will only work on the 64-bit version of Windows. If you have a 64-bit processor but are running the 32-bit version of Windows, it is highly recommended you switch to 64-bit Windows.
  • Q : Does AIS require Steam to be running or the game DVD image to be inserted in order to play?
    A : No, AIS doesn't have any DRM so you can play the game without Steam started or the DVD inserted.
  • Q : What engine does AIS run on?
    A : AIS uses Unity 3D game engine v2018.2.21.
  • Q : How to change the game resolution or make the game full-screen?
    A : Open up the launcher (Initial Settings.exe or InitSetting.exe), there should be a dropdown to change your resolution and an option to run in full-screen. You can also toggle full-screen in-game by pressing Alt+Enter.
  • Q : Does it supports lower than 1280x720 for full-screen?
    A : Yes, as long as your Graphics Card supports widescreen with a lower resolution (e.g. 640x400) however you will need to edit manually setup.xml file located under the UserData folder in your game directory, otherwise you will have to opt into windowed mode. To Enable windowed mode, uncheck the box just below the resolution dropdown
  • Q : The game won't launch with WINE on Linux, what do I do?
    A : Run the game exe directly instead of a launcher.
  • Q : The game runs in WINE, but no mods/translations will load. How do I fix it?
    A : Run 'winecfg' in a terminal. Select the Libraries tab. Under "New override for library:" type or select "winhttp (native,bulitin)". Add it, and hit Apply & OK.
  • Q : Gray boxes are missing text/are empty when the game is run with WINE, how do I fix it?
    A : Run 'winetricks corefonts' in a terminal. You need to have winetricks installed.
  • Q : The game sometimes starts with no mods loaded, the issue is fixed by a system reboot.
    A : Something is locking game files, most likely an antivirus. SpyHunter is confirmed to cause this. Add your game directory to exclusions of these apps. You can use Process Hacker's Find Handles function to see which application is locking the game's files if you have trouble finding the culprit.

Main game / Character maker FAQS

  • Q: Shan (The merchant) can be customized?
    A: Not by default, but the CharacterReplacer plugin can replace the merchant card with your own (check plugin settings).
  • Q: Shan is missing!, and I can't find her anywhere...
    A: She can leave the island randomly to come back days later. Before she leaves, you can find her at the port near the beach.
  • Q: How do I feed the girls?
    A: You need to find and cook food, and then put it on the kitchen storage (Don't confuse with the main storage, most places to cook (that are not a bonfire) will have a storage).
  • Q: How I can get more girls on the island?
    A: You can have four in total by default (unlimited with mods), and except for the first girl, you need batterys and find the pots around the island.
  • Q: The girls are cyborgs?
    A: Actually androids created by YORHA like 2B, they get sick frequently because they are infected with Foxdie. (citation needed)
  • Q: How to install skills?
    A: you need to make girls have at least 3 heart on their status, then you can put skill in ----- right side of the screen.
  • Q: How to change plugin/mod setting hotkey?
    A: Go to game config and then find the "Plugin settings" button.
  • Q: How to disable/enable the log console(additional window that can start up with the game)?
    A: Edit BepInEx.cfg in BepInEx\config\ under [Logging.Console] set Enabled = true/false. You can also do this from plugin settings inside the game or studio.

Studio FAQS

  • Q: What is studio?
    A: It's a character poser / scene maker. It's mostly used for creating pictures, but with some effort you can also create and record animated scenes. Scene files contain all necessary information needed for others to easily load the scene, all you have to do is to share the .png files that contain the scene data.
  • Q: I downloaded a scene and it is not moving / is not animated?
    A: Most scenes are static with no movement. If a scene is animated then usually the creator mentions that in the release post.
  • Q: Can I use my studio creations or studio items in main game?
    A: No, what happens in studio stays in studio* (You can create screenshots and videos from studio scenes, and there are some model exporters that make it possible to load your creations in 3D editors like Blender).
  • Q: Are there any guides?
    A: Your best bet is checking the IllusionSoft Discord server. There are also many studio #guides on the Koikatsu Discord server and most of them apply to the AI studio as well. There are some video tutorials for HS studio that should mostly apply here.

Uncensor FAQs

  • Q : How do I uncensor the game?
    A : Download AI_UncensorSelector from and make sure to carefully read the instructions. Once it's installed, you can select individual uncensors on a per-character basis in the character maker body tab, or select an uncensor (or random uncensor) for all characters to use in the F1 plugin settings. This is the best uncensor because you can choose the genitals as it fits to each character compared to the classic way to uncensor, which you need to choose one from some selections and be satisfied with it. (If you get HF Patch this will be installed by default, together with multiple uncensor options)
  • Q : What are my options for uncensoring only one gender, or both at once? (Without Uncensor Selector)
    A : A number of single gender uncensors are available for both genders, as well as a few that uncensor both at the same time. You cannot mix hardmod uncensors, but some sideloader uncensors are compatible with uncensors of the opposite gender. For instance, you can use a pussy uncensor with a dick uncensor.
  • Q : Is it possible to make the dick match the body colour?
    A : Yes, AI_UncensorSelector uncensors all match body color.
  • Q : Why does the dick stretch so strangely during animations?
    A : Due to the way Illusion programmed the game, they didn't plan for it to ever be uncensored, so the underlying animations look weird when the censor is removed.
  • Q : How to make Futa?
    A : AI_UncensorSelector allows you to select a female body for the male character in the character maker body tab or select a dick for a female character.

Modding FAQs

  • Q : Where do I place zips and zipmods? How are they different from hard mods?
    A : Zipmods, or any zip with a manifest.xml in it, are specifically for the use of the Sideloader, and belong in a mods folder in the game directory. Please create a mods folder if not already present, and do not extract zipmods unless you know what you are doing!
  • Q : What is Sideloader Modpack and why are there different ones?
    A : Sideloader Modpack is a community-curated modpack that includes most publicly available mods as long as they are of sufficient quality. Because of the massive file size and broad scope the modpack is split into the following parts that can be installed as needed:
    • Sideloader Modpack = Character customization content.
    • Sideloader Modpack - Maps = Maps for use in Studio (not usable in main game, can be skipped).
    • Sideloader Modpack - MaterialEditor Shaders = Shaders for use with the MaterialEditor plugin.
    • Sideloader Modpack - Studio = Items for use in Studio (not usable in main game, can be skipped).
    • Sideloader Modpack - Uncensor Selector = Uncensors for use with the UncensorSelector plugin.
  • Q : Where do I place plugins / dll files?
    A : Plugins mostly go to the BepInEx\plugins folder inside your game directory. If you don't have it, you have to install BepInEx and BepisPlugins first.
  • Q : Is there any recommended plugin? where do I get this useful plugin?
    A : You can automatically install all of the recommended plugins and mods by getting HF Patch, which is recommended for beginners over manually installing separate mods.
  • Q : Where do I put Overlays?
    A : You don't need to put them anywhere specific (as long as they aren't in a .zip/rar etc). When you press load overlay, it will open a Windows Explorer window and you can navigate to the file yourself. Then, the overlay gets saved to the card data, so you don't need to keep a copy of the overlay after saving (unless you want to reuse it).
  • Q : Is there a way to load male character on female maker or vice versa?
    A : You can use Drag and Drop Plugin. Drag a Male card from your windows explorer and drop it into the game while female maker is running, windowed mode recommended. The reverse is just the same process.

Studio FAQs

  • Q : What is Studio/CharaStudio?
    A : Studio/CharaStudio is a separated application from the main game that let you create a totally unrelated scene and get screenshot that you can't achieve in main games. You can pose your characters, create gundams, or whatever limited only to your imagination (and the game engine). Screenshot functionality is the same as the main game.
  • Q : Where do I place scenes?
    A : Userdata\Studio\scene
  • Q : Can I replace a character in scene with my character?
    A : Yes, Choose the character you want to replace on the Work window on the right, and then choose the character you want as replacement on Add>Girl or Boy, and click Change Character
  • Q : How do I make character dance/moving?
    A : You can load a stock animation provided with the game by selecting the character first, go to Anim>Animations, and select one of them.
  • Q : How do I create custom poses?
    A : Choose the character first, and then you can turn on one of the two methods available on Anim>Kinematics>Forward Kinematic (FK) or Inverse Kinematics (IK). You'll see adjustable bone point and start working from there. IK is easier to control, but FK can get a better detailed result. you can work on both of them by using the Copy to FK/IK menu. You can instantly copy poses from current animation loaded with Animation Reference menu.
  • Q : The scenes only contains items? Can I add that to my current scene?
    A : Use Import Button menu instead of Load while loading scenes. It will add all object of chosen scene to the current work.
  • Q : The scenes I loaded is static!
    A : Most of them are, main studio purpose is to take screenshot. Only a few scenes are animated and it will need a lot more advanced skills to create one.
  • Q : Is there any way to get characters out of scenes?
    A : Yes, use the AI_CharacterExport plugin.
  • Q : What is System Console (also activate system console in some launchers)?
    A : Activate Console enables debug console that opens in a separate window. It's useful for troubleshooting issues with your game and it's always a good idea to have it turned on.
  • Q : What is DHH?
    A : DHH is a graphics enhancement mod that some people like and some don't. It can drastically change how the game looks to the point where cards made with it enabled are plain ugly for people without it. It's off by default in many distributions and have to be manually turned on, and then configured in game by pressing P (default hotkey).
  • Q : Where do I go for more comprehensive help?
    A : If this FAQ has not provided you with the tools or information to help you help yourself and you have exhausted absolutely all your options, please feel free to bring your problems to #ai-help channel on the IllusionSoft Discord server. Have your output_log.txt file ready (it's in the game root if your game is modded, if you have some technical knowledge you might be able to use to to get a clue what your problem is). There are also many guides available on the server for many parts of the game, mods and modding (check pins).