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all characters are at least 18

Tech48 [edit]



Technical Help

General Gameplay

This section is about the general gameplay.

Basic Concepts

  • Left-click and hold to move around
  • Double-click or hold Ctrl to run
  • Right-click to open doors
  • Pick up coins to get money that you can buy e.g. new hairstyles, dresses, underwear etc.
  • Move to Save circle at the door station to save.
  • Move to Shop circle at the door station to shop.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • C - switches to first person camera
  • O - enables/disables background
  • B - hides the mouse.
  • Space - Hide HUD
  • 4 - Back to title
  • 5 - Options
  • I and K - Blur controls
  • U and J - Bloom controls
  • P - capture screenshot (printscreen)
  • M - Status screen
  • Esc - Quit game

Interface Help

Interface is rather easy and self-explanatory. You can access menu and interact with environment by clicking RMB.

HUD with menu opened.
Parts of the HUD:

  1. Time of Day icons (select what time of day you want it to be). In the middle of the screen is gold meter.
  2. (top down, left to right): Clothing menu - yellow. return to door station - blue, game configuration menu - green, exit game - red.
  3. Posture notification icon

Loading and Saving

To save a game, go to the Save circle located in lobby and right-click. Middle-click to load a game. You can have up to 100 saves.


Door list

In the "Circle room" (clockwise):

  1. Town (Available at start)
  2. Karaoke (From "Town" map, last door)
  3. Jinja (shrine) (From "Housing Complex" map (forward way), building to the right)
  4. Hospital (From "Front of Hospital" map, 2nd floor last door)
  5. Mountain (From "Rope Bridge" map, small building)
  6. Sea (From "Front of Hospital" map, small building)
  7. School (From "Mountainway" map (road left of the sign), inside building on the right)
  8. Park (From "Housing Complex" map (right way), building to the right)
  9. House (From "Housing Complex" map (building to the right), 2nd floor last door)

In the "T" corridor (left to right):

  • Left wing (4 doors):
  1. Ruins (Key on "Underground" map, in the cell)
  2. Hot Spring (Key in shop)
  3. Underground (Key in shop)
  4. Train (Key in shop)
  • Right wing (5 doors):
  1. Pirate Ship (Key on "Sea" map)
  2. Japanese House (Key in shop)
  3. Aquarium (Key on "Train" map)
  4. Ring (Key in shop)
  5. Hotel (Key in shop)


This section is about scoring in the game. You use coins in shop inside the lobby.


  • Small Gold coins = 10 gold points
  • Large Gold coins = 500 gold points
  • Large Silver coins = 100 gold points
  • Blue coins = Convert Gold coins into Silver
  • Red coins = Initiate Bonus Play time round (after first time you can initiate Bonus Play from lobby (Challenge The Limit))

How do I find red coins?

Red Coins spawn randomly. If you want to have one in particular area just keep going to different area and coming back (notice: sometimes you will need to do it lots of times but it will spawn eventually).

You do not need to restart the game / go back to lobby!

Bonus Play

As you move through the game, you will find special red coins. Picking up these red coins will initiate the Bonus Play time round.

As Bonus Play begins you will notice that a large amount of regular gold coins will appear. You want to gather these coins as quickly as possible.

You will be graded for the amount of coins that you gather. The better score that you receive the more bonus coins you will win.

Bonus Locations

Number of coins represents lowest coin amount for S rank (only in case of ALL its lowest known)

  • Main Street (with exits to Karaoke and Cafe) - 97 coins
  • Street with parked car - 65 coins
  • Street (with exits to Beach and Hospital Courtyard) - 97 coins
  • Hospital Courtyard - 61 coins
  • Beach - 75 coins
  • Shrine - 100 coins
  • Park - 73 coins
  • Forest Path Fork - 70 coins
  • Highland Path Fork - 102 coins
  • School Courtyard - 71 coins
  • Hanging Bridge - 125 coins
  • Pirate Ship - 130 coins
  • Ruins - 130 coins
  • ALL (available after getting S rank in all locations) - 1181 coins(15 less than overall sum)
Bonus Rating

The ratings you can get:

  • D, the lowest rating.
  • C
  • B
  • A
  • S, the highest rating.
Bonus Awards

Achieving S rank on every normal location will grant you access to ALL bonus stage and also Devil Wings and Devil Horns accessories.

Achieving S rank on ALL bonus location will grant you access to Angel Wings and Angel Halo accessories.


Description of the clothing menu functions.

Wearing a complete outfit (cosplay) gives a bonus.

  • Nurse set: Nurse dress, nurse cap, nurse socks (low white socks)
  • Bunny set: red bunny suit, red bunny ears, bunnygirl cuffs bracelet, red/purple superhigh sock, heels
  • Maid set: Maid dress, tiara headband, overknee socks, maid voice
  • Bandage set: Bandage(bloody) body, bandage(bloody) eyepatch, bandage(bloody) socks, band aid nose


Shop circle is located in lobby next to save circle. You buy items for gold you collect by running around and collecting coins. You can not sell items. When you click a tab you will see changes on left figure. Also, you can buy keys to extra locations here.

List of tabs:

Personality / body Clothes / extras and keys
Tone (voice style) Bra
Skin Color Panties
Eye Color Socks
Front Hair Shoes
Side Hair Head
Back Hair Face
Extra Hair Glasses
Hair Color Back
Dress Arm


For full article please check H Guide

The H play for this Teatime offering is fairly similar to their other releases. First, when you are in free mode, click the right mouse button. This will bring up the menu HUD. Click on the 'Unzip' button in the upper right corner to initiate fondling mode.

As you move in free play you will notice an icon in the bottom left corner that shows different postures that the girl can assume. Depending upon which posture is showing the girl will enter fondling (and later H) mode in that manner. (i.e.- If the posture showing in the bottom left is 'standing' then the girl will be standing alone when you click 'Unzip')