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all characters are at least 18

Tech48 [edit]



Technical Help

  • T-CAM

T-Cam is NOT required to play this game!

What can it do?

Game use webcam mainly (only?) for headtracking. It allows following:

  • Girls look at you (not at your display)
  • You can "kiss" them (move your head close to cam, work only in foreplay and in normal mode when girl want)
  • Better camera movement (you can zoom in more)
  • You can peep under skirts.

Can I use my webcam?

The game can not use different webcam than T-CAM originally, however you can use THIS launcher to bypass this restriction.

Technical Help

All of USB Webcams should work with launcher. If you are here because in-game image from your webcam is in 2 colors (but it can actually track your face) go back and play - this is how it should be.

If your USB Webcam does not work:

  1. Make sure you use english launcher.
  2. Check if your cam is connected, try to connect it straight to motherboard if you use hub.
  3. Check if drivers are installed and working (preferably reinstall)

There is chance that some built in laptop webcams will not work. You might need an external USB webcam in that case.