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all characters are at least 18

Tech48 [edit]



Technical Help

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1000 Gold Bonus

Game Start 2x Obtain more than 5 types of dress
H time more than 5 minutes Sneeze
Sex position change more than 5x H in the sheet by the sea
H in 3 locations H on top of the car's bonnet
Climax more than 5x

Seen 10 sex positions

3000 Gold Bonus

Be a nurse (nurse set) H on the school desk
Be seriously injured (bandage set) H on the rope bridge
H in 10 locations H in the lawn in the park
Game start 10x H against the wall 10x
Seen 20 sex positions

H in standing position 10x

5000 Gold Bonus

Be a bunny (bunny girl set) H max time over 5 minutes
Be a maid (maid set) H by the shrine's bell
H total time over 20 minutes H on the hanging cuffs in the underground room
H in 20 locations H on the floor 30x (sleeping position)
Obtain 30 kinds of equipments

H by the swing handle in the train

8000 Gold Bonus

Game start 30x Obtain all glasses-type items
Obtain all hair styles H total time over 30 minutes
Obtain all talk H using the hanging cuffs 10x
H against the wall in the ruin H by the pole 20x
H in the corner of the ring

H in "Stand and carry" position 30x

10000 Gold Bonus

H total time over 1 hour
Obtain 150 kinds of equipments

H in all maps

Position unlock list yet to come.