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all characters are at least 18

Sexy Beach Premium Resort [edit]



FAQ & Technical Help


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If you just want to apply mods like uncensor and translation to your game, please look for the HF Patch in the first post of the HF Thread.

Adapting the Illusion plugin architecture for SexyBeach PR

There is an updated package from prupisek(18 Sep 2015). Just follow the instructions in the readme.

Alternative manual method:

In order to have the plugin architecture workin in SexyBeach PR some files have to be renamed and copied.
See the file editing part of FoxyTail's post(13 Sep 2015) and Triple D's post(13 Sep 2015) without steps 2, 3, 9, 11, 12

Editing the game

For editing game files SB3UGS by enimaroah is used

Helpful information about SB3UGS and its interaction with the game files can be found in the blog post SB3U Glossary by enimaroah


There are three different types.

ca_*: Accessories

cf_*: Female body parts and costumes

  • cf_liquid_*: Cum textures and corresponding meshes for different clothing types

cm_*: Male body parts and costumes

Useful posts

About p_* and non-p_* animators by enimaroah(24 Jul 2015)

A basic tutorial on how to make imported meshes change the colour by aastaroth(28 Jul 215) May be obsolete but explains procedure for import pretty well

Simple Hair tutorial by enimaroah(30 Jul 2015)

Hair Tutorial #2 - Import hairstyle from other games by aastaroth(01 Aug 2015)

Structure of list textassets explained (used for adding new assets) by Yazhrod(05 Sep 2015)

How to add custom assets to the game by Cleep(16 Sep 2015)

Enabling / disabling custom color for assets in the game by aastaroth(16 Sep 2015)

How to export your normal maps for the game by superman12345(17 Sep 2015)

Adding new items to the game by enimaroah(19 Sep 2015)

Explanation of H-scene data and ID numbers by idEgo(23Sep 2015)

Adding a new costume into SBPR - using new CharaCustomList by aastaroth(26 Sep 2015)

Customizing H-scenes / animations tutorial by Animat0r(03 Oct 2015)

Bunny Ears move! Tutorial on modifying face morphs in the game by aastaroth(04 Oct 2015)

Useful links

Execution Order of Events

Studio Camera Controls

Key Description
. Rotate camera counter clockwise. Useful when
/ Reset rotation
Up Zoom in
Down Zoom out
Left Shift left
Right Shift right