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all characters are at least 18

Sexy Beach Premium Resort [edit]



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Legendary Epic Sword Location

The Sword is located in the top of the world, western ridge of the mountains. From the Castle Bus Stop, Hike your way to top above the cave, try to climb further to the top of the mountains. You will notice generic sparkly ground on the top, interact with it to get the sword.

Here are some screenshots:
Map Location (Credits goes to the forum OP)
Sparkly Ground
The Sword

Clothing Shop Locations


Brigadoon: Men's Fashion

Mermaid: Swimwear Shop

Original Clothing - Support Your Fashion

Sexy Dress

Terra: Accessories Shop


Island Long Beach shop

Sexy Land Shop

Old Castle Shop

Items by Category

Recovery Items

Item Effect Can be given? Location/Cost Sell Price
Herbs Restore 5 Life No Common search reward 20G
Supplement Restore 30 Life No Uncommon search reward 20G
Digestive Drug Cures Sickness Yes Clinic (Limit 2) 200G 50G
Sedative Cures Ahegao Yes Clinic (Limit 2) 250G 50G
Bazooka Cures Drowsiness Yes Climic (Limit 2) 300G 100G
Golden Watch Resets Hearts to 0 Yes ? 500G
Light Coral Restores all Life (Only when given) Yes Rare fishing reward 500G
Midsummer Carp Cures all Negative States Yes Underground fishing reward 600G
Power Potion +1 Attack Strength for 3 hours No Sexy Land (Limit 10) 20P 100G

Love Potions

Item Effect Side Effect Cost/Limit Sell Price
Aphrodisiac Horny Bad Mood 2000G/Limit 1 50G
Diuretics Incontinence Bad Mood 1500G/Limit 1 50G
Disposable Rotor Stimulated Bad Mood 1500G/Limit 1 20G
Sleeping pills Sleep 1500G/Limit 1 50G
Magic Flour High Tension 1000G/Limit 1 100G
Lotion 500G/Limit 3 10G
All of the above are sold at the Sex Shop, and may be found in Slums and Shanty searches and Old Castle chests.
Transformation Potion Horny Bad Mood 3000G/Limit 1 (Location Unknown or Unavailable) 100G
  • See Moods for descriptions of Effects and Side Effects.
  • Side Effects occur only after the Effect has ended. See Recovery Items above for cures to prevent them.
  • Bugs: Sleeping Pills and Lotion have no effect, Bad Mood never occurs, relocation and periodic reloads do not remove effects.


Take-out and collectible food

Food Male
Location Limit Cost Sell Price Rots?
? Curry Bread 40 10 Sexy Port 2 500G 10G Y
Sexy BIG Burger 35 20 Long Beach 1 450G 10G Y
Sexy Cheeseburger 20 20 Long Beach 1 200G 10G Y
Sexy Doughnut 10 10 2 100G 10G N
Manga Meat 100 40 Sexy Port 1 5000G 10G N
Sexy Pie 20 -20 Sexy Port 1 300G 10G Y
Sexy Ice 10 10 Town Cafe 1 100G 10G N
Sexy Chilled Cucumber 5 5 Town Cafe 2 100G 5G Y
Sexy Macaroon 20 10 Town Cafe 1 300G 50G N
Sexy Soda 15 10 Town Cafe 1 250G 15G N
Sexy Water 5 5 Town Cafe
Rock beside waterfall north of Sunset Beach
Chest beneath water tower west of Town
3 50G 5G N
Nagisa's Homemade Lunch 40 -10 Delivered daily at 6AM 1 0G 100G Y
Sexy Fish 10 10 Common Fishing catch 0 0G 50G Y
Sexy Crab 15 10 Common Fishing catch, also found in rocks close to water 0 0G 70G Y
Hitori Salmon 40 20 Uncommon Fishing catch, more common on piers 0 0G 400G N
Chicken Egg 10 10 Common find from rocks 0 0G 80G Y
Sexy Mushroom 35 30 Rare find from flowers, more common on mountainside 0 0G 120G Y
Sexy Snack 5 5 Sexy Land 5 5P 10G N

Restaurant Foods

Menu Item Male Recovery Female Recovery Location Cost Limit
Nagisa's Homemade Lunch 60 30 Sunset Hotel Cantina 300G 1
Ryouko's Homemade Ink? 100 0 Sunset Hotel Cantina 10G 1
? Curry 80 25 Sunset Beach 800G 1
Sexy Pasta 50 20 Sunset Beach 600G 1
Sexy Soup 30 20 Sunset Beach 150G 1
Mackerel Miso Combo 40 20 560G 1
Sexy Beer 45 10 250G 1
Sexy Fish Fry 50 10 300G 1
Sexy Burger Combo 75 20 780G 1
Sexy Lunch 65 20 720G 1
Sexy Coffee 30 15 150G 1
Sexy Pancakes 40 40 Crab 350G 1
Exclusive Sexy Parfait 50 60 Crab 650G 1
Grilled Lizard 25 -30 Slums 80G 1
Bootleg Sake 20 -20 Slums 30G 2
Yakisoba 35 20 100G 1
Cotton Candy 30 40 50G 1
  • Ordering on a date doesn't affect Limit

Other Consumables

Item Male Recovery Female Recovery Location Sell Price Rots?
Rotten Stuff 20 -20 Any rottable Food Item after 24 Hours in possession
Uncommonly found from rocks and flowers
2 Already rotten
Colorful Mushroom 30 or -30 30 or -30 Uncommonly found from rocks and flowers
More common from stump outside hotel
5 No


All of these are sold on the southwest side of Town, except for Oboro's Barrier, which is awarded when achieving 3 Hearts with her.

Skill Cost Effect
Oboro's Barrier Halves damage from enemy attacks
1/2 Price Bus Pass 1000G Bus Fare reduced to 60G
Free Bus Pass 7000G No cost for Bus rides
Super Stamina 20000G Stamina doesn't decrease over time
Competitive 15000G No Stamina cost from Minigames
Fall Insurance 5000G No medical fee for Stamina depletion from falling
Assault Insurance 5000G No medical fee for Stamina depletion from enemy attacks
Starvation Insurance 5000G No medical fee for Stamina depletion over time
Free Fall 30000G No fall damage from any height (except falling through the world)

Stat Training

All of these are trained with Hero on a wooden platform on the road between the Slums and the Old Castle.

Training Cost
Endurance Training Lv1 500G
Endurance Training Lv2 1500G
Endurance Training Lv3 5000G
Endurance Training Lv4 15000G
Endurance Training MAX 2000G
Muscle Building Lv1 1000G
Muscle Building Lv1 3500G
Muscle Building Lv1 15000G
Muscle Building MAX 25000G
  • Each Rank of Endurance Training increases Stamina by 20
  • Each Rank of Muscle Training increases Attack Power by 1


Weapon Attack Power 1H/2H Location/Cost
Torch 1 0 On table in garden in front of hotel
Bamboo Sword 1 2 Weapon Shop - 1000G
Wooden Sword 2 1 Weapon Shop - 5000G
Combat Knife 2 1 Weapon Shop - 5000G
Nightstick 2 1 Weapon Shop - 5000G
Leather Bag 1 1 Weapon Shop - 1000G
Bastard Sword 4 2 Sexy Land - 500P
Epic Sword 5 1 Sword in sparkly ground near top of western mountain ridge
Katana 3 1 Weapon Shop - 12000G
Hero Rapier 2 1 Sexy Land - 300P
Hero Blade 4 2 Sexy Land - 500P
Ragged Sword 1 1 Sword in stone in cave north of cave bus stop
Demon Blade 4 2 Sexy Land - 500P
Pow Hammer 1 2 Sexy Land - 50P
Parasol (open and closed) 1 2 Open Parasol East of Sex Shops, Closed on Sunset Beach (where?)
Oar 2 2 In a broken boat on Long Beach
Sabre 2 1 Pirate Special start item
Two-Headed Axe 2 2 Gladiator Special start item
Wooden Bat 1 1 Start item
Metal Bat 2 1 Start item
Beer Bottle 1 2 Start item
Chinese Sword 4 1 Start item
  • The torch is identified in data as a 0-handed weapon. This may be because the damage is dealt by the flame, not the strike.

Vendor Trash

Or 'Cashability Items'; stuff that you can't do anything with except sell.

Item Location/Cost Sell Price
Poison Eeel Rare fishing catch 10G
Gem Sexy Land (Limit 1) 100P
Rarely found from silvery rocks, in chests
Rare Sexy Crab Sexy Land (Limit) 200P
Rarely found from brown rocks near water
Stone Commonly found from any search 1G
Ore Fragment Sexy Land (Limit 1) 50P
Commonly found from silvery rocks, less common from other rocks
Fake Gold Dust Uncommonly found from rocks 120G
Sexy Quartz Uncommonly found from rocks 350G
Gold Bar Sexy Land (Limit 1) 300P
Rarely found in chests, very rarely found from silvery rocks
Bottlecap Commonly found from any search, sometimes fishing 5G