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all characters are at least 18

Sexy Beach Premium Resort [edit]


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Official Guide Translation



You get the ability to level up the massage skill through an NPC in the slumbs near the city. Wears all white and is drunk. After talking to him twice he should join the shop next to your hotel allowing you to level up one level at a time. Every level requires experience in the previous level, which is indicated on your 'Items' screen as a gauge beneath the massage skill.

Massaging can be done either through the hotel menu, or on dates with a beach chair. Leveling up Massaging skill gives you more options for foreplay as well. Performing either of these will increase massage experience.

Leveling up Massaging/Foreplay

Video Tutorial: Video By: misiek89

First find the bald guy at the bar next to the city.

Images credit to: misiek89

Talk to him a couple times and he'll join the store next to your hotel.


Image credit to Xtremee

From there each time the green bar in your items menu fills by massaging, you can buy the next level from him

To quickly fill the massaging bar, you just need to start a massage session and stop it right away. No need to use lotion or make her come. You'll need only one session early level, then 2 session up to level 5, 3 sessions for level 6 and 5-6 sessions for level 7

H Events and Locations

H events are activated when you "ask out" a girl or through progress with the character. Simply walk up to the locations below and an icon will appear, hit "enter" to activate the scene.


Weather the H icon appears may depend on the tension meter (the second bar to your health bar), character shyness and/or mood.

The tension meter will slow rise when female is waiting/walking in the vicinity of the player, or when given food, sometimes %80 full will be enough other times %100 full. Moods like "horny" may improve chance of icon showing. Also time of day depending on shyness.

Normal H Events

  • Heart: layed down on the ground or bed, access to foreplay/missionary/hugging/cowgirl
  • Against wall: Foreplay/Hugging against wall/ Doggy style against wall
  • On chairs: Foreplay/hugging/Doggy style

Special H Events

Some icons appear only when tension bar is above %80 or full.

  • Strip dancing: Scene is at the dance club of the hotel, where girls do pole dance.
  1. scene end by itself once the girl's done
  • Food sex scenes: That scene appear at the table next to the shop you purchase waffles and ice parfait not far from the pool. White table next to Crab Love Club which is next to the South Gate/Town bus stop. (Actually like all special poses triggers at 80%+ tension bar, the food at Crab love club simply fills the gauge)
  1. Access to foreplay with beer bottle as extra dildo and sausage as anal dildo (which remain inside if you proceed to sex) and a special missionnary.
  • Handcuff to bed: In the security room of the pool. Facing the door to Sexy Land pool, go right and enter the white door at far side. Handcuffed foreplay/missionnary
  • Banana play/ Anal Doggy style: Town, next to the fruits carts. Access to foreplay (banana added as a vaginal dildo) and anal doggy style.
  • Remote vibrator play: In town, not far from the fruit cart at the corner of the street against a wall. Access to remote vibrator only.
  • Soap play: In the soap play room, access to everything you would get here for 10000 gold but for free and with the girl of your choice.
  • Hanging Bondage Play: found in a cave in the mountains near the bus stop.
  • Enlarged Penis Drug: In the slums on a small stool near the collect point.
  • Toilet sex: In the slums, small public toilet
  • Remote Vibrator Egg: In town at one table near the ice cream seller (seagrass coffee)
  • Exhibition Sex: In town, near the entrance of the pool
  • Doctor's office: 5 unique sex plays : Chair (thermometer tool), stool (thermometer tool), bed (Side position), floor (enema), gynecological chair
  • Bound Player/ Female Dom: In ruins east of Hotel, allows footjob and anal play.
  • Pool Sex and Underwater Fondling: Both in Sexy Land; sex by the ladder near the stage, fondling on the edge of the banana island.
  • Hotel Service: In hotel,allows footjob and blowjob to a male NPC not you.
  1. Initially there are only two female employees, but later other girls are made to serve them.

Gallery & Map of Special H Events

Find corresponding numbers below


  • Q: How to make the girl ahegao (tongue out)?
    Either give her the Aphrodisiac as a Gift, or use the Aphrodisiac Lotion (the lotion bottle with the red heart on it) during a massage until it takes effect.