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all characters are at least 18

Sexy Beach Premium Resort [edit]



FAQ & Technical Help


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  • Q: How to save?
    A: Find a phone and press Enter when the icon "SAVE" is shown (there is one in the building behind you where you start).


Find corresponding numbers below

Mini help guide

Okay here's my mini help guide for those who want to skip to H

Step 1. Get your Hotel Pumped up

  • Start by buying rooms in your hotel (in the hotel open the option that will prompt next to the phone, a house icon use the second option top to bottom that cost 2000) every time you buy it, it will open a room vacancy.
  • Invite NPC to the hotel by talking to them and using the second speech option , usually i use the top one to say hi and pretend that i care about them then slam my hotel on their faces as usual.
  • Try mixing it up invite both women and men because you'll need the men to reach star status on one of the girls at the hotel.
  • Make sure your hotel is full and start skipping the days until you have enough money to buy everything in the hotel upgrade category.
  • After buying everything you will be able to see the main characters sleep, masturbate, shower, give them massage and pole dancing but no H.

Step 2. Get your shit together

  • Forget about H, you'll find random "!" all over the place if you haven't advanced in the story already. So if you have enough money, upgrade your fighting skills to the max with the alien dude (Arm icon on Map).
  • When you have the extra money to get the massage upgrade, do so. Then go talk to the drunk bald guy near the Soapy Soap area, until he disappears from the area. When he does he'll be in the front shop near your hotel and with him you can upgrade your massage skills and get special lotions, foreplay options, and a few free sex toys. Buying the final level will also get you the assistant to play with as you wish.
  • Easiest girl to H is the Doctor. She is only available mid-evening to night, in rare occasions she'll be late night with an urge to do more hardcore stuff. Just die from either falls or them dolphin guys a couple of times and then you'll be transported to the Doctor's office. When she is there you can talk to her and her icon screen will have two "!!", keep the process and in no time she'll be yours forever. oh, when the event comes from her make sure you use the top answer twice and then the one on the bottom.
  • Second easiest is the girl is Nagisa (brown twin tails), seriously just talk to her few times and if you allowed her to please your hotel guests after few days you reach two stars. When doing so and you see there's no progress she will be late night at the beach just behind of your hotel.
  • When you encounter the Spy woman, Blonde with big assets. After upgrading the Hotel. I reached two hearts by just talking to her in few occasions. She will be located behind the hotel in one of said occasions and you should choose the text option on the bottom to initiate a BJ scene. And just like Nagisa she will be on the way down on the beach in like a rotten tent (seriously what's with the old rotten empty houses) on a bench. Use the top option for the confrontation and then she's all yours.

Income value per tenant

Character +Revenue
Toudou Shizune 4800
Kinashi Yuzuho 2760
Mizue 2640
Himuro Reika 1800
(Custom)Gentle 1800
Kiryu Akane 1440
Onigoe Maki 1200
Matoko 1080
Sagara Miyako 1080
(Custom)Yandere 1080
(Custom)Tsundere 720
Mob Man 600
Mob Woman 600
Ashimi 480
Izumizaki Kana 360
(Custom)Quiet 360
(Custom)Cheerful 360


These descriptions refer to the default controls settings.

Basic movement:
  • W = Walk forward
  • S = Walk backward
  • A = Walk left
  • D = Walk right
  • Shift (hold) = Run
  • Space = Jump
  • Enter = Interact
  • N = Open map
  • M = Open inventory
  • Esc = Close game without prompt (Panic button)

  • Ctrl = Fighting Mode
  • Space = Attack (Fighting Mode)
  • Shift (hold) = Block (Fighting Mode)
  • M = Open inventory (works as perfect instant block, as it does not pause NPCs, but nullifies all damage recived)
Customizing Controls

Although the in-game menus only allow customizing joystick controls, you can edit the SexyBeachPR/UserData/Config/Key.xml file and set additional keys or mouse buttons using the codes listed in

Controls that do not have a keyboard default:

  1. Crouch
  2. Icon (Selected switching) - switches between multiple interaction points when they are close to each other; useful when Ryouko is in front of the hotel counter

Moods description

icons with descriptions
  1. Event: Occurs when requirements are met to trigger next event scene with the girl.
  2. Normal: The basic status.
  3. Sickness: Caused by Rotten Stuff or certain foods, can also randomly occur. Tension decreases (overtime). Cured by Digestive Drug.
  4. Sensitized: Oil's effect or presents cause this to happen. Pleasure gauge increase faster.
  5. Stimulated: Caused by Disposable Rotor. The state where the girl is trying to hold back the pleasure. After some time it causes orgasm. *Date will be forcibly ended and results in Bad Mood*
  6. Horny: Caused by giving the Aphrodisiac or applying the Aphrodisiac lotion. The girl will be in Ahegao state during sex scenes, and tension will not decrease from scenes. Cured by Sedative.
  7. Hungry: Occurs at random, becomes more likely as the girl's energy lowers. Tension gauge cannot increase. Gift food items or eat (while on a date) cures it.
  8. Sleep: Caused by gifting Sleeping Pills, happens randomly. Can't be dated, but can engaged in sleeping H scene. Cured by Bazooka.
  9. Desensitized: Caused by Cheap Oil. Pleasure gauge increases at a slower pace.
  10. High-Tension: Randomly occurs, will also be caused by Magic Flour or Luxury Lotion. Makes the tension gauge increase easier.
  11. Bad Mood: Happens when dates are ended abruptly. Can't be H'ed and decreases tension gauge.
  12. Embarrassed: Occurs when wearing embarrassing (most likely lewd) clothing. Too embarrassed so cannot walk. Changing outfit solves it.
  13. Holding Back: Caused by Diuretic. Holding back the urge to urinate, after some time will cause incontinence of urine. (Peeing in her pants) *Ends date and cause Bad Mood*


  • All negative effects (Sickness, Sleep, Desensitized) are cured by the Midsummer Carp (Manatsu no Koi). This appears frequently in the cavern river fishing spots, very rarely anywhere else.
  • In any negative state, the girl will not accept sex items as gifts (so it's not possible to override Sickness with Horny, for example.)
  • Massage lotion effects will override any other state, including negative states.
  • The clinic sells Digestive Drugs that cure Sickness, one of the more common random effects. Limit 2 per day, so you may wish to stock up when you can.


Winning at minigames awards the player points that cam be spent at Sexy Land Water Park, for novelty items, clothing and weapons, and more valuable prizes that can be converted to the island's currency. The games feature Makoto, Sexy Land's idol, who can also be won with enough points. Winning points and games is also required to satisfy Akane's conditions.

Sexy Shooter

This game is a water shooting gallery located on the second floor of Sexy Land. Win or Loss is never declared, but shooting down Makoto is noted high on the score card, and earns 200P. She's the only moving target, so you must chase and keep firing until her top falls off, then continue hitting her until she falls to the floor. If she's running, she will fall to her knees, if she's standing still or turning she will fall on her butt, giving a better view of her chest.

2 Bonus Points are earned for each dolphin mascots shot. Many of these mill together in knots, making it easy to strafe them, but others will drift up and down in patterns. Strafing dolphins on an even plane is much quicker than trying to target them in the air, so learning their patterns and coming back to them when they're at the floor will help maximize points.

This game can be played while on a date, but the date will not participate.

Beach Flag

This game is a short foot race located on Sunset Beach, at the southwest corner of the island. To win, simply click rapidly to make your character sprint to the flag to capture it. The prize is 100 points.

If played while on a date, the date will run the race, and her ability will vary from the player character's. If the girl wins, she may enter a High-Tension State.

[needs confirmation: Is ability based on personality? Akane and Tsundere moved quickly, but Nagisa and Kana were much slower. State may also affect performance, as Tsundere ran more slowly while Sick.]

Combat Earnings

Each hostile NPC killed will yield points like the minigames.

Orca Puncher 10P
Mobster/Hoodlum 100P
Slum Boss 500P

Exchange P for G

Maybe this should be organized into an expanded Sexy Land section or article.

All of Sexy Land's items sell out, and the highest value items sell out after only 1 purchase. The maximum P per day that you can convert to G is 875P, for a maximum of 4280G per day.

Item Limit P Value G Value
Gold Bar 1 300P 1500G
Rare Sexy Crab 1 200P 1000G
Gem 1 100P 650G
Subtotal 600P 3150G
Ore Fragment 1 50P 30G
Power Potion 10 20P
x10 = 200P
x10 = 1000G
Sexy Snack 5 5P
x10 = 25P
x10 = 100G
Subtotal 255P 1130G
Total 875P 4280G

Not all of these have an efficient exchange rate, so whether it's more valuable to spend all your P or wait until the next day for a better deal depends on the rate at which you're earning P.

On the budget end: if you're only earning the P in order to make quick G from it. You can make 500P quickly (and safely) from 2 games of Sexy Shooter each morning. This is assuming a minimum of 250P per game; if you focus on shooting Matoko down (200P), then shooting 25 dolphins before the clock times out is trivially easy. The more practiced you get at this the more P you'll make, but not by a significant amount.

500P buys a Gold Bar and a Rare Sexy Crab, which you can sell right back for a cool 2500G. These have an exchange efficiency of 1:5 (5G gained per 1P spent.) If you want to maximize the value of your P and minimize the time you spend earning it, then you may wish to conserve remaining P for the next day.

The Gem and Power Potions are decent trades, at 1:6.5 and 1:6 exchange ratios. Sexy Snacks net 1:4 in exchange, a cheap payout for a cheap cost. Ores have the absolute worst rate, netting only 0.6G per P spent.

On the surplus end: if you're clearing hordes of thugs as a matter of course, gaining P faster than you can spend it all and already own one of every toy sold. You may as well cash in all your P in for G; rinse and repeat.


Time is divided into distinct and important periods:

  • 06:00-12:00 -- Morning
  • 12:00-17:00 -- Afternoon
  • 17:00-20:00 -- Evening
  • 20:00-24:00 -- Night
  • 00:00-06:00 -- After Midnight

If you nap (whether voluntarily or not) during any period, you will wake at the beginning of next period. [Note: you regain the same amount of stamina regardless of how long the nap is.]

At the beginning of each period:

  • All main and custom characters will be reloaded and their positions will update.
  • Character effects will be updated. Most will be cleared, including affecting the player (with the exception of Poison)
  • Any events will be placed if the prerequisites are met. Up to 2 per period can be placed.
  • Any hostile NPCs will respawn. The exception is 06:00, when most will disappear instead.

Additionally, at 06:00 each day:

  • You gain profits from yesterday's business
  • All searchable containers will be reset
  • All vendors will be restocked
  • Hostile NPC's will disappear, even those in your near vicinity (most of the time.)

It's especially important to be aware of the time in many circumstances. If you're racing to reach an encounter, if you're in an area you know to spawn thugs, if you have a buff item to take and wish to maximize its duration, or if you're low on stamina and restoration items and don't wish to lose whole hours sleeping.