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all characters are at least 18

Love Death 555 [edit]





Technical Help

This page contain list of common problems and their solutions.

If you didn't find solution to your problem here feel free to ask in the LoveDeath555 Discussion thread.

If you get a error message scroll down to the Common Errors section first.

If you know a problem (and it's solution) that isn't listed please add it to this FAQ!


First step! Instead of Japanese font i see gibberish. (Like the first error below)

  • Make sure you have Japanese fonts installed. To do that go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages tab. Make sure both options are checked. Insert Windows CD if asked.
  • Run installer/game/application with Japanese locale. How to do this is mentioned below.
  • If you don't have Windows CD (lost or didn't get it at all) follow instructions here. Basically just download ISO, mount it and select files on it when windows ask for files from original CD.

Game doesn't start at all

  • If you don't use account with administrative privileges right click on the game launcher and select "Run as...". In new window select Administrator.
  • Run DirectX web update and install following Visual C++ packages for 32bit: #1 #2 or for 64bit:#1 #2 systems. If you have 64bit system install 32bit packages too. After you install those packages remember to run Windows Update! WARNING: Do NOT skip this step, even if you have those installed!
  • Go to Control Panel>Display>Settings>Advanced>Troubleshoot and pull the slider right to the "Full" setting.
  • Go to Start>Run and type in "dxdiag". Select Yes and let it check the drivers. When it's done go to the "Sound" tab and pull the slider right to the "Full" setting.
  • Update your GPU and sound card drivers.
  • Windows Vista / 7 users only : Lower both the sound and recording quality to 44000Hz or less. (usually isn't needed on XP)
  • Windows Vista / 7 users only: The problem is probably no default sound recording device.
    To check if that's the case go to control panel > sound devices > recording. Set any of those as default. If you can't see any devices right click on the list and enable both options or just plug in a mic. If that fail go to THIS page and follow instructions.
  • If using Asus Xonar D2X sound card: latest drivers (1792) don't work, and neither do the modded UNi Xonar drivers - use 1777 driver instead.

Game run extremely slow (below 10 fps)

This Game craves cores, single and dual core cpu's are simply not enough to have all girls loaded.

  • If your PC is just not powerful enough go to options and disable girls you don't need right now. Whilst this game is mostly CPU bound if your gpu is not up to the task, go to the Graphic tab and disable everything too see if it fixes the problem.
  • Update GPU drivers.
  • If using NVIDIA GPU try to force some settings in the nv control panel.
  • If using AMD GPU you might get bad fps on vista.

Game loads maps/girls extremely slow

This is a game bug caused by the developers incorrectly or poorly implementing multicore support, you can improve the loading speed up to 8x by setting the cpu affinity to a single core until the girls and map are loaded.

Game crash when changing settings

  • Make sure you run the game with Japanese applocale.
  • Run the game in Windows XP compatibility mode.
  • If you can't get it to work you can edit config files manually. Go to "\LD5\data\Config" and open needed *Config.txt file. It should be rather easy to edit them because of English labels.

Game crash when entering some of the maps

  • Make sure you run the game with Japanese applocale.
  • Reinstall the game with Japanese applocale and get HF Patch.

When playing the game whole or a part of the screen is broken (artifacts)

  • Go to options and disable Pixel Shader effects (fifth option on the left side of the options screen)
  • If you want to keep the PS effects on continue with "I get a DirectX error"

I get a DirectX (or similar) error

  • Install DirectX from "DirectX" folder on the game DVD.
  • Run DirectX web update and install following Visual C++ packages for 32bit: #1 #2 or for 64bit:#1 #2 systems. If you have 64bit system install 32bit packages too. After you install those packages remember to run Windows Update! WARNING: Do NOT skip this step, even if you have those installed!
  • Update your GPU and soundcard drivers.

Installing the game

Love Death 555 (LD5) is a Japanese game that won't install or run correctly on non-Japanese versions of Windows. Here's how to install it:

  1. Install Microsoft AppLocale or pApplocale (preferred).
  2. Make sure you have Japanese fonts installed. To enable them go to control panel > regional settings > languages and check both boxes. You will probably need a installation disc for your os. Note: this is not needed on Vista / 7 as they come with the needed language packs already.
  3. Depending on source you downloaded the game from, extract archives (provide password if needed) until you get an .iso file. You might need to update your archive extractor to do this properly. If the archive/iso/folder have a Japanese name try to change it to English if you have any trouble.
  4. Mount the .iso file with emulation software like Daemon Tools or MagicIso. If you cant get this to work or get errors try 3rd point from the "Alternatives" list.
  5. Go to the game DVD, right click the "autorun.exe" file and select "Locale Japanese" (or similar). If you do not have that option go to start menu and look for AppLocale and launch it from there (from language list select "日本語"). If you get an error, try going to the "LD555" folder on the .iso, and using AppLocale in Administrator mode on that instead. Skip the next step if you do that.
  6. Click first available option to install the game, second is usually DirectX and last is readme.
  7. Click the top button to change install location, left to go back, middle to continue and right button to cancel installation.
    Change the install location: On the second page of the setup (see pic). IMPORTANT: Never use non-English characters (like らぶデス555, use A-Z and 0-9 instead) because you will have problems running/patching the game.
  8. Keep clicking Next (right button) and wait for it to install.
  9. You can play the game by running it from the desktop using "Locale Japanese" option or you can go to LoveDeath555 Discussion thread and grab some mods. If you are not sure what to get just download the HF Patch - it contains everything needed to play.


If you can't get above to work, here are some alternatives:

  1. Try running the .msi file instead of exe (just double click). You still need Japanese fonts.
  2. If you don't want to use AppLocale and want to change your regional settings, see this guide for Schoolmate (most of it applies to any Japanese game), here.
  3. Extract the .iso file to root of your disc, so you have installation files in directory like this: "D:\LD5install\" After doing this follow guide above starting from 5th point. To extract you will need application like 7-zip.

Common Errors

Don't forget to backup original .iso before messing with it!

Noapplocerror.jpg Bad system Regional and Language settings
  • Make sure you have Asian fonts installed (CP\RegAndLangOptions\Languages)
  • Go to Control Panel\Regional and Language Options and select Japanese in both boxes, restart

Bad or missing installation files

  • Make sure you extracted the game with latest 7zip, use applocale. Rename .iso to ld555.iso Place iso (or installation files) in the root of the drive
  • Extract the game again. If that fails you have to re-download the game

Generic game crash at start

  • Follow instructions in the FAQ above

Pixel Shader version error

  • Check if your graphic card support at least Pixel Shader 1.1
  • Update DirectX and GPU drivers, if that doesn't fix it most likely the game will not work on current hardware