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all characters are at least 18

Love Death 555 [edit]





Technical Help

This is standard gameplay guide for Teatime's game らぶデス555~ν-Realtime Lovers~ (Love Death 555 ~Realtime Lovers~).

For more gameplay info check other pages on this wiki!


For in-depth info check the Controls page.

Controls are mostly the same as in previous LD games, however there are some changes. There is different set of controls for vehicles. Here are some basic controls:

WASD - Move Up, Left, Down, Right, respectively Shift - Hold to Run
LMB - Moves you forward, or interacts with things in Grope

Mode or Cursor Mode

1 - Toggle First/Third Person View
RMB - Perform selected action, Wheel - Cycle through actions
MMB, F - Switches to cursor mode, opens your inventory C - Chat
Space - Jump PrntScr - Take a screenshot
Ctrl - Crawl mode, sit on a chair or enter a vehicle Esc - Quit game

Moving between areas

List of available maps

During Exploration mode (Free Mode or when you break off from Story Mode), you may transport yourself from place to place by walking up to gates/alleys and similar ends of the map. There are many areas to explore. There are areas from LD4 as well as new ones. Also there is beach map from SexTea add-on and it's modification (race map)

You can teleport to the vehicle by pressing Home on your keyboard. Also you can teleport all girls in the area to the vehicle by pressing End.


You can save the game during conversation with any of the girls and in the Inventory screen.

  • In story mode you can save any time by clicking the "Save" icon in the lower right part of the screen.
  • In free mode you can save only by entering Inventory screen and selecting the "Save" option in the top right corner of the screen.

General Gameplay

This is a list of a few general concepts in the game.

Game modes

For in-depth info check the Grope & H mode page.

Generally there are these modes in the game:

  • Story Mode, where you click to advance the story
  • Exploration Mode, where you can move around using WASD, obtained by right-clicking during story mode. Talk to a steering wheel of a vehicle to display a map and teleport between locations
  • Cursor Mode, which is obtained by middle-clicking. In this mode you can pick up items, Change Clothes (Inventory) or edit girl's stats.
  • Touching Mode, which is obtained from the action wheel after clicking the "Fondle" button.
  • H-Mode, which is obtained from the action wheel after clicking the "Unzip" button. The girl may run away if her Ero towards you is less than 70/100 (?)


For in-depth info check the Multiplayer page.

Multiplayer mode is new addition to LD series and for now is very buggy and hardly playable. You can enter multiplayer mode from main menu by selecting 1st option (Online) and then third option (Free mode).

Usually there is about one or two servers up at one time, sometimes there are servers with English names - they are most likely run by Hongfire members.


Inventory and body menus

Items you collect and buy appear in your inventory. To use those items open your inventory screen, left click on an item to pick it up and left click again to drop it.

  • To open inventory screen press the scroll wheel on your mouse. You can use items you purchased there.
  • To open girl's inventory select "Talk" action and press RMB while looking at the girl. The action wheel should appear, select "Status" option.

There are three kinds of items:

  • Consumables: Things you eat (or make the girls eat it). They disappear after use.
  • Clothes: Things you or girl's can equip to change appearance.
  • Weapons: Items you can use to damage different characters. You equip them like clothes.

To delete items drag and drop them on the "Delete" field on the left of your main inventory. Items you delete cannot be recovered. You can just drop item you don't need but girls may pick it up later.

You can use the physics objects around you when in cursor mode. Right click on a object to interact with it. Keep in mind that this doesn't work very well.

Vibrators/Anal Plugs, etc. etc. work as advertised. Which means using them as a female makes you move slower, as well as stopping you momentarily if you max out the ecstasy bar.

Girl's stats

Any of the girls have mood stats. You can view them in status screen of the girl. There are four bars:

  • Health bar - How much health is left. (Star icon)
  • Cum bar - how much more she/he will cum
  • Love bar - Fills up in touching mode, if high girl won't run away when you unzip
  • Affection bar - Fills up by giving items.

All of the girls also have body stats you can change. To do this go to the girl's stats screen and select the "Body" button. Things you can edit depend on:

  • Girl's model quality settings. Low setting will disable all of those options except height,
  • Current gender (you can change it in the fountain near the girls or the boys dorm).


Shop menu (vending machine)

Money is used to buy items from shops in the shopping mall or from vending machines.

Gaining Items\Money

  • Buy items from shops or from vending machines.
  • Shoot guys in the loading screen. (points -> money)
  • Mobs will drop small amounts of cash and ammo.
  • Sewer in the LD4 market map has some neutral zombies.
  • H-ing will give cash, raping will not. (needs testing)
  • The Beach is filled with items that you can pick up. (Rocket Launcher, Anal Beads and Plug, Vibrator, Various Clothes, Cat Grenades, Bondage Harness, Rubber Suit, Scythe and Katana)


Melee weapons may hit on the first or second strike, but may damage an enemy no more than once. You can hit multiple enemies depending on reach. The second strike on all melee weapons has longer reach.

Headshots deal 5 times normal damage. You must hit the upper part of the head to count otherwise it's a "neck" shot (only applies to ranged weapons).

Playing in 1st Person mode allows you to strafe and fire properly. In Third-Person, your character will face the direction you press instead of strafing, and will fire in that direction only.

Stun-locking is an issue. Girls have a disadvantage since their stun animation and their melee attack is longer to execute/recover. Mobs can make it impossible for you to run away or counterattack.

The Q key summons this cat turret from nowhere which deals insane amounts of damage to one target. Not known what the costs are.

Character's health (HP)

You lose HP when you get hit by weapons. This applies to all characters in the game. If the HP hit 0 character will fall down the ground and have to wait for a few seconds to recover. You can use that time to start H with girl without raising her ero.

Weapon list

Melee weapons:

  • Unarmed: 10 dmg. Girls have a slightly slower attack speed.
  • Red Scythe: 60 dmg.
  • 775 Death Scythe: 60 dmg. Has ridiculous reach. Can attack enemies above or below.
  • 10360 Death Scythe: Same properties as the 775 Death Scythe (But at a low price of 5k!)
  • Katana: 60 dmg.
  • 1 dollar bat: Explodes. Deals roughly 600 dmg. Mobs will not turn hostile after waking up (Unless already so).
  • 10 dollar bat: 10 dmg.
  • Chakram: 50 dmg. Will ricochet and hit multiple opponents. Long-ass reload. No cursor (considered melee). Ichigo starts with this.

Ranged weapons:

  • Revolver (Colt .38 Detective Special): 20 dmg (headshots incap most mobs). 6 round cylinder. High per shot delay.
  • Assault Rifle (Based on Colt M16 Series. Closest to M16A2 or M16A4): 5 dmg. Lowest delay per shot. 30 round magazine.
  • Rocket Launcher (Based on Stinger): Deals roughly 2500 on a direct hit. Has splash damage. 5 round tube.
  • Teatime Cat Grenades: Deals roughly 100 on a target right above it. Splash Damage.
  • 10555 Blaster (Based on 14mm Pistol): Deals around 1085 damage on a direct hit. It also has splash damage.


LD5 talk.jpg

Chatting is essential in the game to raise the Happiness bar (musical note) of the Heroines. It is also used to communicate in multiplayer.

How to type

There are two ways to type something in the chat box:

  • The simplest way of typing something into the chat box is to copy it from application like notepad, go into the game and press the "Paste" button next to the text field. You can copy the phrases below. You can press F to freeze the camera and get your cursor back on screen if you can't press the Paste button.
  • Alternatively you can just type stuff in, this require the input mode (IME) to be in Japanese. To do this you need to show your language bar in Windows (using Regional Settings in the Control Panel). When enabled there should be a toolbar with EN somewhere on your desktop, mine is in the bottom toolbar near the clock. With the game windowed and active click the EN and it should show a menu with "JP - Japanese (Japan)". Click this and the in-game chat box should receive your keystrokes.
Typing normally in the box will give Japanese ideograms (eg: 大 し て る). Pressing the spacebar after typing will convert the kana to kanji, which will get better responses for all phrases, and for some is required. Typing with the shift key pressed down will give English (ie Roman) letters (A B C etc).

Where to type

There are two ways to chat:

  • The C key: Works only in multiplayer to communicate. No response from girls.
  • RMB wheel > "Talk" button: Chatting this way works as above. That is you can type in the box and it will type in Japanese or English with the shift key. English gets no response.

Useful phrases

You can copy those and paste in the game to raise (or lower) girl's happiness. Copy Japanese versions (under the "Phrase" column) because English phrases will not work.

Raise happiness Lower happiness
Phrase Translation Phrase Translation
好き I like you 馬鹿 You're a fool
大好き I like you a lot 阿呆 You're dumb
愛してる I love you

There are many more possible phrases you can make by mixing things, like complementing body parts (your + part + phrase) e.g. "anatanooppaihakawaiidesu" (あなたのおっぱいはかわいいです)

可愛い You're cute
綺麗 You're beautiful
すごい You're amazing
かわいい You're cute
きれい You're pretty

Complimenting girls' bodies has mixed results on their affection, maybe it's how you say it. e.g. I told one girl her ass was cute, affection raised a good bit, told her her tits were beautiful, affection dropped by half, told her I loved her pussy and that wiped away the last of it. (default conversation mode - green icon).

Girls like compliments on their bodies from other girls better than from Yuu, and that raises affection between them rather well.


#  Girl

You can call the girls with your phone. Doing so will make them run to you and follow you around (Same as when you call on them). This allows you to call on girls from far away or when you can't find one. Sadly pathfinding is rather horrid and they will often get stuck somewhere. You can call on girls who are on different maps as well, and they will come to your location. To call a girl open your inventory and click the Phone icon and dial the number for the girl you want. Numbers are 1 digit long, you can find them on the left.

0  Mizuno
1  Ichigo
2  Sakura
3  Hinata
4  Touka
5  Kaoru


To access options screen go to main menu and select second last option. Below are translated options screens:

Performance Tips

There are various ways to improve performance:

"Game" Tab:
  • Disable Physics. Clothes physics will be worse.
  • Disable Cutscenes. Remove sliding character bars.
  • Disable Load NPCs. Remove mobs from maps. Noticeable increase in FPS at expense of being unable to control or kill them for loot.
  • Disable unneeded characters. Big impact on loading time and FPS, don't use when playing Multiplayer.
  • Lower Model and Animation quality for characters. Shorter loading time and higher FPS at expense of looks.
Notice: Low model quality disables body editing!
"Graphic" Tab:
Depending on your GPU changing those settings may have minimal impact on FPS.
  • Play in lower resolution. Small impact on FPS, not worth it.
  • Disable Antialiasing. Helps if you have slow GPU.
  • Disable all or some of the Screen Effects. Boost in FPS depending on your GPU.
  • Disable V-Sync. No reason to keep it on.
  • Disable Shadow and Soft particle. Small boost in FPS depending on your GPU.
General tips:
  • Short haircuts will increase your FPS.
  • Skirts will lower your FPS! You can use shorts or just take them off to raise FPS.