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all characters are at least 18

Love Death 555 [edit]





Technical Help

This is H gameplay guide for Teatime's game らぶデス555~ν-Realtime Lovers~ (Love Death 555 ~Realtime Lovers~).

For other gameplay info check Gameplay Guide and other pages on this wiki!


H and grope modes are mostly the same as in previous LD games, however there are some changes. Now to initiate grope or H mode you right click on girl and select those options from the wheel menu.

You can press 1 to remove guy.

Groping Mode

LD5 H1.jpg

Girl's love bar must be max so that you can use unzip selection on her without her running away. Touching fills up her love bar. With half of the bar you can remove clothes.

Entering groping mode

  1. Walk up to her and click right mouse button (remember to set action to talk!).
  2. Circle will appear, select "Grope" action (icon with hands)

Touching her boobs/butt/pussy will fill the bar around the circle, when it fills up, the love bar will go up a bit.

On the top right, click on hand icon to change touching type. There are 5 touching types, last one (blue icon) is to remove clothes. The clothes removing mode can also be used to stroke the girl.

Sex toys

By inserting them into secret slots she will steadily gain arousement and eventually cum.

They work while in grope mode too, so you can use them to greatly speed up the whole process!

If you are controlling female character and insert any toy into secret slot you will move slower and from time to time you will have to stop for a few seconds (girls cums)


Depending on mood girl will act differently. To raise mood:

  1. Right click on the girl, choose chat.
  2. Type either 好き、大好き、愛してる、可愛い、綺麗。 Typing 馬鹿 and 阿呆 will make them dislike you.

To type those in either select Japanese keyboard (hard) or copy those and use the paste button next to the text field.

Note: Selecting positive responses (ex: I love you) At a low level Mood will decrease the mood level.

Removing her clothes

  1. Top right, click on hand icon until it changes to blue icon.
  2. Left click on girl's clothes, hold and move mouse around. You might notice the clothes stretches a bit, that means you have grabbed on to it.
  3. Its easy to just drag the mouse in one direction, if you do it right "taking clothes off" animation will start.
Alternatively, you can access the girl's inventory screen by pressing middle mouse button on her head and take off clothes.

When the love bar is full you can unzip and she will not run away. To enter H you need to turn groping mode off (Back button bottom left) and unzip.

Tip: You may use the watermelon or the snack bar to have a constant boost of arousal whilst groping. The girl will attempt to go to the nearest washroom. When she does, this arousal boost stops. Use this to your advantage to double the rate of arousal. She will not break off from you if you have initiated Groping Mode.


LD5 H2.jpg

To enter H mode open girl's circle menu and select bottom option (unzip) In h-mode, on the bottom right are options/selections. Available positions depend on the place you started H.

Basic controls

  • The white button next to the mushroom is to insert/take out.
  • The pink button top right of the screen is used to change position. Also there is text near that icon you can click to enter additional positions.
  • Green button left to mushroom changes between different animations available for the selected position.
  • Purple button below it toggles between cumming inside or out.
  • To kiss click on Kiss mode button (small pink button.


  • Left click and hold on guy's crotch area or on the mushroom, and move your mouse around to pump. When guy inserts, the girl will moan and make noises for a while, during this period you can not start pumping.
  • To have guy automatically move without you having to move mouse around left click and hold on crotch area or on the mushroom, and move mouse around. While doing that click the right mouse button. Guy will move on his own now. To stop it, do the same thing. Auto mode indicator will light up when enabled.

Girl Initiative

Unfortunately, it looks like this feature got removed. Needs confirmation.

Rape mode

While in rape mode the rape indicator will light up (the smaller red circle). There are many ways to enter that mode:

  • Knock girl down and unzip (use weapons, explosives, car or whatever you like)
  • Unzip while the girl is sleeping (She is considered knocked down in this state).

3P mode (Threesome)

You can get 3P action if you unzip with more than 1 H-ready girl (full love bar) next to you. You have to make H at least once with both of the girls before you can do 3P.

5P mode (Four on one)

Available any time you start H with single girl, just select one of the 5p positions.