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all characters are at least 18

Love Death 555 [edit]





Technical Help

This is controls guide for Teatime's game らぶデス555~ν-Realtime Lovers~ (Love Death 555 ~Realtime Lovers~).

For standard gameplay info check Gameplay Guide and other pages on this wiki!


Controls are mostly the same as in previous LD games, however there are some changes. One of the biggest changes is addition of vehicles that have different controls than normal characters.

If there are any keybinds (controls) not included please add them! You can just add a new row to the table and paste it there. If you are not good at editing tables you can just paste those here and someone will edit them into the table!

General controls

Controls when exploring, many of those are used in all of the modes. For mode specific controls check next section.

WASD - Move Up, Left, Down, Right, respectively K -


LMB - Moves you forward, or interacts with things in Grope

Mode or Cursor Mode

1 - Toggle First/Third Person View
RMB - Performs selected action, Z - Ejaculate
MMB, F - Switches to cursor mode, opens your inventory I,K - Set Bloom strength
Shift - Hold to Run Y,H - Set camera distance
Ctrl - Crawl mode, sit on a chair or enter a vehicle U,J - Set Blur strength
Space - Jump C - Chat
M, NUM 0-9 - Pose/emote menu, use NUM 0-9 to activate actions set here F3 - Toggle Fullscreen/Windowed
Wheel - Cycle through actions, up/down arrows work too T - Twitter (needs account)
PrntScr - Take a screenshot Esc - Quit game
Del -

Toggle HUD

Q - Special Move

Camera Controls in H/Cursor mode

To control camera click and hold in the air. You can do following:

Left Click + move - Change view angle
Right Click + move left/right - Zoom
Right Click + move up/down - Change camera position (height)

Vehicle controls

The S button does nothing, you have to manually toggle reverse. You can enter either as driver or passenger.

W,A,D - Accelerate, turn left/right
Shift - Toggle reverse
Ctrl - Enter/exit vehicle


LD5 Options4.jpg

In the "Control" tab inside of options menu you can change mouse sensitivity, and axis inversion.

The "FPS" option set behavior whenever you press a button: should it stay pressed till you release it or till you press it again. (?)

First/Third person

To toggle between 1st and 3rd person press "1".

Third-Person is default mode. Your character will face the direction when you press "A" or "D" and will fire in that general direction.

First-Person mode allows you to strafe by pressing "A" or "D". You control direction you face with your mouse. Weapons fire exactly in the middle of the screen (there should be a crosshair).

Special Moves

Hinata Yuu and Ichigo alone have special moves available when controlling them. Yuu can move very fast for a short time by holding down Q while moving. This doesn't last long, and its hard to control. Ichigo can send her familiar to attack any nearby mobs or characters. She can release more than one by pressing Q repeatedly. The cats fly around their intended target and shoot lasers that deal 20 damage three times in a row. Both special abilities draw from the invisible guts meter which can be refilled by cumming in H-Mode. Ichigo can charge guts by herself by using toys.