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all characters are at least 18

Koikatu [edit]

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Story Heroines

水瀬 亜依.png
Minase Ai
Swim Team

cv:Fujisaki Sayaka
Your normal school heroine who just happens to sit beside you who is very helpful to her surrounding, to the extent that she abandons her own self-satisfaction. She loves to help friends but actually held down her own feelings to be happy.
姫川 舞.png
Himekawa Mai

cv:Sakakibara Yui
Bright and Dreamy Idol, Himekawa Mai, shines through like a pretty blooming flower she is. Despite of that, she's actually a lonely person yearning for normal high school girl life.
結城 桜.png
Yuuki Sakura
Cheer Squad

cv:Katakura Hina
A serious, brimming with courage, Yuuki, set-down on a path to follow her dreamy best-in-the-school cheerleader sister. She's very pushy and diligent when it comes to training with her cheerleading team, which is the also the cause, she went over her limit at times. With no other goal than her somewhat "unoriginal, not-true-to-herself", will you become her nourishing love support?
柊 このみ.png
Hiiragi Konomi
Manga Club

cv:Ayase Akari
Known as the Devilish Merurun, Konomi is a cheerful kouhai with lots of personality points on her costume cosplay, however, inside the somewhat extrovert personality, will you look after her?

Academy Faculty

リナ ロベール.png
Lina Roberts
Academy Nurse

Coming from Russia, Sensei is pretty expert at health care, need some injections?
橋本 麗奈.png
Reina Hashimoto
Mathematics Teacher

A serious, down-to-the-book sensei, who appreciates hardworking diligent individual. She will give "reward" to those who deserve it.
櫻井 野乃花.png
Sakurai Nonoka
Homeroom Teacher

cv:Yomogi Kasumi
Your kind, and helpful homeroom teacher, she gladly offers any help, even when she's not used to talk with opposite gender, to the protagonist whom she doubts and disagrees at the first time she heard a male student coming to the school.

Custom Heroines

ID Default Character Personality Type (alt. translation) Description Aggression Diligence Kindness Character Voice
0 Koi personality sexy.png Sexy
An easygoing, friendly girl who will become more aggressive on ecchi things. 4 1 1 shizune
1 Koi personality lady.png Ojousama
A graceful maiden, appreciates beauty and yearns for gentleness of one's love. -1 3 2 Nonomura Saya
2 Koi personality haughty.png Snobby (Haughty) High and full of pride, when affectionate, she's aware of her snobbishness, and actually a very caring person deep inside. 1 4 -5 Yomogi Kasumi
3 Koi personality kouhai.png Kouhai
Typical cute junior that loves to hang out and be loved with. 0 -1 3 Ayase Akari
4 Koi personality mysterious.png Mysterious
A peaceful retreat, a calming person when one has become her lover, she gives affection in a bloomy flowerfield setting. -1 2 -4 Fujisaki Sayaka
5 Koi personality spacegirl.png Weirdo (Space Case) A somewhat weird girl, she wants to bring the protagonist with "everyone" back to where she came from, to be saved, could be calamity will fall upon this earth? -2 2 -1 Akai Ria
6 Koi personality yamatonadeshiko.png Yamato Nadeshiko
Japanese Ideal
The perfect japanese woman, feminine, elegant beauty, she nurtures her lover like the sakura flower she is. 3 4 4 Akai Ria
7 Koi personality boyish.png Boyish (Tomboy) An energetic, cute girl, she hangs out like a bro, at times, worried about her tomboyish personality, may want to become feminine for the sake of love. 3 0 0 Mitaka Rin
8 Koi personality pure.png Pure
Pure Heart
Innocence pierces one's soul, Moe is what describes her, her cuteness is over-limit, she wants to do everything what her lover wants because she is simply very, very in love. 0 2 4 Akai Ria
9 Koi personality simple.png Blunt (Simple)
Girl Next Door
Your usual ordinary high school girl who simply yearns for love, creating a world only for two people. 4 -5 5 Tachibana Mitsuki
10 Koi personality evileye.png Evil Eye (Delusional)
Dark Lord
Beware, mortal! Her left-eye contains immense demonic power, you must join the crimson demonic flame legacy of hell as her partner.. and her lover. -2 -2 -1 shizuku
11 Koi personality motherly.png Motherly
Mother Figure
A caring, helpful girl who loves to take care of her lover, to love and be loved together. -2 -2 -3 Yomogi Kasumi
12 Koi personality aneki.png Big Sisterly
Big Sister
Aneki-type or older-sister vibe, not used to love, funny at times, but she's still also girly, even a bit tomboyish. 2 -3 -2 Kotatsu Miyako
13 Koi personality gyaru.png Gyaru
Cute gyaru girl who's very affectionate when it comes to love. 4 -4 2 Nonomura Saya
14 Koi personality badgirl.png Bad Girl (Delinquent)
Bad girl vibe airs around her, but actually she's a lovely girl who sometimes can be bullied, in love terms. -4 -3 -3 Yomogi Kasumi
15 Koi personality wild.png Wild (Feral) Everything about her is screaming wild, wild animal, cute wild animal, she likes to kiss her lover, a lot. 5 -5 3 Fujisaki Sayaka
16 Koi personality conscious.png Wannabe
Honor Student
Super serious to study and school, warm and kind to her lover. 2 5 -1 Yuika
17 Koi personality crabby.png Crabby (Rebel, Reluctant)
A cold girl at first, but an affectionate lustful lover later. -5 -3 -5 Mitaka Rin
18 Koi personality unfortunate.png Unlucky Girl (Jinxed)
Misfortune Magnet
Often misfortune falls upon her, but a lover's job to shelter, and that made her certain.. that everything's okay, of course she's also cute. -4 -0 -2 Mitaka Rin
19 Koi personality bookish.png Bookish Girl
She lives in the stories of novels, she loves books, she meant it, but love open up her vision more, she grows to love book more with love, she even may write ecchi novels with her lover. -1 5 0 Katakura Hina
20 Koi personality bashful.png Nervous (Bashful, Timid)
Scaredy Cat
A shy, pure person, nervous when it comes to strangers, but when it comes to her lover, she becomes cute like an angel. -3 1 4 Kotatsu Miyako
21 Koi personality heroine.png Traditional Schoolgirl (Typical Heroine)
Classic Heroine
A healthy high school girl who is bright and cheerful, she's lustful when it comes with her lover. 1 1 -2 Fujisaki Sayaka
22 Koi personality trendy.png Trendy
Cool and trendy girl, always in high spirits, playful at times, she will do her best at making her lover happy. 3 -1 1 Sakakibara Yui
23 Koi personality otaku.png Otaku Girl
A timid hard-to-speak girl, her world is the 2D world, anime and games are everything to her, will a nurturing person open her up? -3 5 3 Yuika
24 Koi personality yandere.png Yandere
Psycho Stalker
A depressing girl, full of negativity at first, but when she becomes intimate, she's actually a kind, heartwarming person. 5 -4 5 Yuika
25 Koi personality lazy.png Lazy
Playful girl but wants things to be done efficiently if possible, she wants less effort on almost everything, and enjoys a lazy life with her loved one. -5 -5 5 Ayase Akari
26 Koi personality quiet.png Quiet
A not-too-much of a talker, not very standing out, likes to listen to stories, she's joyful when she's talking or listening with her loved one. -3 3 0 shizuku
27 Koi personality stubborn.png Stubborn
Tough Girl
Dishonesty is her main point, she really wants but expresses differently, a tsundere at heart, but becomes honest when necessary, especially when it comes to deep, affectionate love. -4 -1 -4 Katakura Hina
28 Koi personality oldfashioned.png Old-Fashioned Girl
Old School
Everything about her looks traditional japanese, her dialect, her wishes, her wish is to quietly settle down with her love. 2 3 2 Ayase Akari
29 Koi personality cool.png Docile (Humble, Honest)
Cold to strangers, but a kind heartwarming person down-at-heart, she devoted herself to fulfill her loved one. 1 -2 1 Tachibana Mitsuki
30 気さく Friendly
07.27 DLC 1 -2 1 Misonoo Me
31 勝ち気 Determined ("Willful")
07.27 DLC 1 -2 1 Momozono Kaoru
32 誠実 Honest ("Sincere")
07.27 DLC 1 -2 1 Udaka Naru
33 艶やか Charming ("Glossy", "Glamorous")
07.27 DLC 1 -2 1 Tezuka Ryouko
34 帰国子女 "Returnee" 12.21 DLC 3 0 2 Misora Natsuhi
35 方言娘 "Slangy", "Dialect Girl" 12.21 DLC 2 -2 4 Yahiro Mami
36 Sッ気 "Sadistic" 12.21 DLC -2 3 -1 Oodaka Amane
37 無感情 "Emotionless" 12.21 DLC -1 1 1 Haruka
38 几帳面 "Careful"  ??? -1 3 2  ???