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all characters are at least 18

Koikatu [edit]

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To access the goals, go to the Koikatsu Club Room (部室) and interact with the report icon above the computer.

  • The rank of your koikatu club can be risen from C to S by inviting more girls to club, talking with them and have sex with them.
  • Higher ranks will reward you by unlock more H positions.

Story progress (物語進行度)

Complete the whole story with a heroine (witness the fin sign) will increase 25% of this meter.

  • A H position in unlocked after finishing a story. Obviously there are 4 in total.

School search level (校内探索度)

this is increased when interacting on the double heart icon while a girl is following you.

  • Each success increase 12.5% of the meter, and unlock 1 H-position.
  • You can unlock 8 H-positions by this method.

Sex progress 性行為総合

Having sex with girls will unlock more positions. Each new position will increase 4.5% of this meter.

  • Usually having sex with a girl from her first time to be an "experienced" girl will be enough.