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all characters are at least 18

Koikatu [edit]

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エッチ H Preferences

Erogenous Zone

  • None
  • Lips
  • Breasts
  • Crotch
  • Anus
  • Ass
  • Nipples

Kissing isn't refused?

Forced penetration isn't refused?

Anal isn't refused?

Vibrator isn't refused?

Sex without condom is okay?

質問 Yes/No Questions

Do you like animals?

Do you like to eat?

Do you like to cook?

Do you exercise?

Do you study?

Are you stylish?

Are you serious?

個性 Personality Traits

Small Bladder (Pees Often) - Uses toilets more often

Starved (Hungry) - Tends to eat more often at the canteen

Insensitive - Doesn't get mad easily when grouped etc., but affection is harder to increase

Easy (Simple) - Increases affection rate

Slutty - Doesn't mind when found in male restricted areas or masturbating in front of others

Promiscuous (Gloomy) - Increases affection rate when talking about lewd things and will follow MC into female restricted areas

Bookworm (Likes Reading) - Often performs related animations in low poly environments

Likes Music - Often performs related animations in low poly environments

Lively - Performs actions twice as much in low poly environments

Submissive (Passive) - Increases affection rate when asked questions by MC; Also increases H-parameters rate when MC assumes a dominant role

Friendly - Seeks Crowds and increases affection rate

Tidy (Neat) (Likes Cleanliness) - Often performs related animations in a low poly environments

Lazy - Harder to increase H-parameters when in a position where the girl is meant to perform an action (e.g., blow/handjobs)

Elusive (Suddenly Appears) - Teleport around as one pleases

Loner (Likes Being Alone) - Stays away from crowds

Sporty (Likes Exercising) - Often performs related animations in a low poly environment

Diligent - Acts as a limiter makes it harder to ask about lewd things

Likes Girls - Will do yuri scenes with other characters with this trait