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all characters are at least 18

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The story mode has a series of ADV events for each of the story heroines (custom characters don't get these unless you replace the story character with a custom one). There can be one event marker (star icon) somewhere in the school during a single period. When event is accessed, it will take up the rest of the period and the day will advance to the next one.

To see where the current story event is located (if there is one), you can check the F4 menu or (the "clipboard" icon in the middle click menu). The character for the story event should appear next to your male character at the top. If there is no event currently in school, the spot will have a random teacher.

Story Events

水瀬 亜依.png
Minase Ai
Swim Team

cv:Fujisaki Sayaka
9 events
姫川 舞.png
Himekawa Mai

cv:Sakakibara Yui
12 events
結城 桜.png
Yuuki Sakura
Cheer Squad

cv:Katakura Hina
9 events
柊 このみ.png
Hiiragi Konomi
Manga Club

cv:Ayase Akari
12 events
  • The 4 heroines will disappear after their own story finished, and there are no H-sessions with them. (Only H dialogues.) The only way you can have actual sessions with them is when go back home at night, select their cards and save them. You then can use these "copies" of heroines as normal students. Sadly, as a new student, you will have to date them again, and their special characteristics (next-door girl, cute chearleaer team leader, famous idol...) all lost.

H Events

  • Successfully invite a girl home will result in H. On the first visit (at the morning after you wake up), the girl will leave a memo for the PC in the next morning before they leave. Second visit, the girl takes a shower before you. Third visit, the girl wake up (half naked) next to you. Fourth visit, the girl do H with you before going to school.
  • The "shower", "wake up" scene act as a dialogue rather than a movie.
  • As the story progress, you will eventually be able to H unique NPCs (i.e. The 3 teachers). You need to have invited ~6 girls to your koikatu club, the keep talking to the teacher. Notice the H-value would increase after certain dialogues. In each session, only one such increase would happen, so you may jump to next session to find the teacher again. After ~4 successful sessions, the teacher will "check the result of your club" and initiate H.
  • Teacher have sex just like students and also have the 8 H- stats. Fill them all up and they will be "experienced". To make a teacher become a "nympho", keep talking with them to fill their H-meter as mentioned above.


Going on a date with NPC. More info needed

However, be careful with how many people you accept going on a date with. They will be upset with the PC the next day, and will lose a few action points to successfully apologize to them.

  • If you date more than one girl, you will actually date the girl you make dating promises at last.
  • If you have the after school DLC, you can select 4 different places for dating, and have H sessions in some of them.
  • In after school DLC, dating is the fastest way to increase "lover points" (max. as 100, NOT the usual love points in the upper-left corner).
  • There will not be an option to have sex after the first date, you will just say goodbye for the day. Also, the first date will not use the new dating system even if you have the After School DLC. The choices will not appear until the second date.

Marriage event

  • Pseudo-marriage is actually a date, and is only possible with the after school DLC.
  • After you have 100 lover points with a certain girl, take her to the 4 dating sites one by one, and in the dating, select the options that continue the dating (i.e. Sing more songs in karaoke, stay longer in park, visit the ferris wheel in amusement park. Seems no such options when dating in a cafe.) May need to have sex during dating.
  • After the 4 dates, when you have a new dating with that girl, a "???" will appear as the fifth dating sites. That's the pseudo-marriage.
  • After pseudo-marriage, you can select "wedding" under the "extra" option in the title screen. You can only have wedding with the girl (to be precise, the same personality) that undergo pseudo-marriage with you.
  • The wedding event should be seen as the "ending" of the whole love story.