Custom Maid 3D2: Version History

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all characters are at least 18

Custom Maid 3D2 [edit]

  • Version History

Official Patch Update


  • Fixed bug that cause night skills of yotogi class vol.19 to not appear in ver1.59.
  • Fixed bug that the cause inappropriate position of the character and the camera display when doing "Masochistic Pig's Torturing Handjob" and "Masochistic Pig's Torturing Reverse Onahole-job" in Pool.


  • The notation of the game version was improved.
  • Fix on scripts.
  • Certain costumes has been revised.
  • Certain motion has been corrected
  • Fixed bug that cause some desk items were not listed and could not be selected.


  • Added a switch to COM3D2 Management.
  • Fixes on some script.
  • Added modification on certain costumes.


  • Added support for "Monthly Pack Vol.22" DLC.
  • Change category of skill "Drug Induced Cumshot Missionary Sex" from perversion to group.


  • Fixes bug in Karaoke Pack VR Vol.2.


  • Fixed bug that caused errors when wearing "Pure soft bra" in certain environments.
  • Fixed bug that cause lag in the operation due to the UI-related error during VR play.
  • Changes has been made in corresponds to the new costume DLC.
  • Added supported for "Karaoke Pack VR Vol.2".


  • Fixed bug that occurred in karaoke mode.


  • Added required codes that enables the Denkigai Winter 2017 desk customization items to work in game.


  • Fixed bug that cause an error when Plus Act1 is install without Plus Act2.
  • Fixes on script.


  • Added support for new rental maid.
  • Fixes on script.


  • Added support for "Karaoke Pack VR".
  • Fixes on script.


  • Fixed bug skills from pig breeder maid not appear in night service.
  • Fixed bug when using "Thick Coated Rogue" lipstick on sadist personality, it make the "Blessing Lip" appear instead.


  • Fixed bug the scenes for sadist personality in free mode to be unplayable.


  • Added support for "Make Me Lover" DLC.
  • Fixes on script for general scripts and sadist personality scripts.
  • Fixed bug item.


  • Fixed bug abyss maid class can't playable with sadist personality.
  • Fixes on general script.
  • Grammar correction.


  • Added support for new personality "Sadist" DLC.
  • Fixes on script.


  • VR Changes:
  1. Fixed bugs the UI in photo mode not display.
  2. Vive's new controller mode, during "Touch" scene pressing the track pad will allow you turn around on where you stand. You can set the rotation area for touchpad, and the sensitivity when you swing down the stick in VRconfig window.
  3. The right-click delete function for save screen have been removed.
  4. Vive's old controller mode will be set to hand model by default. You can switch to controller model by long press the menu buttom during Grab mode.
  5. Fixed bug cursor interference when both hands are pen mode or pointer mode. you can switch cursor by left and right click.
  • Fixes on script for vacation pack VR.
  • Fixed the "Production of teasing system" for main part and personality packs.
  • Fixed some the description in freemode.


  • Added support for "Vacation Pack VR" expansion.
  • VR components have been integrated into the game. (no longer need VR plugins for play in VR mode). To run the game in VR, check the "VR起動" buttom in launcher screen or run "CM3D2X64_VR.bat" file.


  • Fixes on script.
  • Fixed bug abyss maid class can't playable in ver1.48.
  • Fixed item for correct.


  • Added support for "Plus Act3.1" expansion.
  • Fixes on script.


  • Fixed error when using live maid class skill in night service.


  • Fixed bug bridal maid and succubus maid related trophies to appear despite the respective DLCs is not installed in the game.
  • Fixes on script.
  • You can now add male character from the character selection into Photo Mode. (You can add up to 5 male, Facial Expression and Motion will change to only contains male related contents)


  • Fixed bug the "Rest" schedule to appear even though you did not install Plus Act2.
  • Fixed bug the Honeymoon room to play incorrect BGM.


  • Fixed bug VIP section in Free Mode, you can't replay VIP event when you didn't meet the mention conditions. where it suppose to ignore all that. (Example, you can't play personal maid's VIP event with free maid)
  • Fixes on script.


  • Fixed bug fifth guy went missing when using Forced 6P Gangbang Sex during night service.
  • Fixed bug the screen date change to not work in certain conditions.
  • Nighttime activity UI in schedule and VIP event UI in free mode has been revamped.
  • Fixed bug that cause the number of people you have sex to increase during VIP play regardless of the game content.
  • Data from Desk customization can now be saved separately.


  • Changes the way Bridal ID GP winner's maids encounter event triggered. (added an option to randomly trigger one event during the middle of the day instead of trigger it after reaching a number of visit on one place)
  • Remove restriction on the number of souvenirs you can give in a day.
  • Fixed bug misplacement of Plus Act2 marriage skill position in Honeymoon room.


  • Fixes on script.
  • In Maid Edit, costume sets with color variation will be group together into one menu slot with color selection tab appeared.
  • In Maid Edit, added a toggle switch to allow items with color variation be group together into one menu slot.
  • Added finger-only preset in photo mode pose edit.
  • Added "copying left finger to right and vice versa" and "pose change" in photo mode pose edit.
  • Added "Hide background" and "Background color setting" in photo mode background setting.
  • Color selection in photo mode has been change to color palette.
  • If you have items or DLC from denkigai winter 2016, added 3 new skins; shiny skin, sexy swimsuit traces skin, gym clothes traces skin.


  • Added support for "Plus Act3" expansion.
  • In Maid Edit, items with color variation will be group together into one menu slot with color selection tab appeared.
  • In Maid Edit, added more color presets.
  • Changes the display list in custom desk feature.
  • Added "Rest" schedule activity node in the night part of the schedule.
  • Added a desk item "Bride ID calendar 2017" which can change every month. (Only if you have install Denkigai Winter 2016 Calendar 2017 DLC)
  • Adjusted the overall UI.


  • Fixed christmas event VIP.
  • Fixes on script.


  • Fixed bug that occurred in a costume of denkigai winter 2016.


  • Fixed error display after you play game in december 22nd.


  • Fixed the square light on the stage floor in Happy! Happy! Scandal! -Deluxe Edition- dance didn't light up at all during the dance.
  • Fixed bug lip sync, which the voice volume config influence the lip sync when it is not suppose to be. (Example, if you set the volume at low level, the lip sync will stop functioning)
  • Fixed bug rental maids can readjust their maid class & night class, when they are not suppose to do that.
  • Fixed bug when using the screenshot button without UI cause an error to pop out.


  • Fixed bug related to the vibrator during night service in game mode and Free mode.


  • Added QR code feature for presets in maid edit. To generate the QR code, save any kind of preset while holding down the Alt key. The code will be generated as a png file with the name of the corresponding maid under preset folder. (You will need a special tool to read it, which will be distributed in the blog)
  • Improvement on VIP add-on timing when install a DLC that features a VIP event. From this patch onward, VIP event will be instantly added into the game instead of having to go through 1 in-game day to activate it.
  • Game engine has been upgraded to Unity 5. To adapt game version updater for Unity 4 game engine with game version updater for Unity 5 game engine (it means if you already use U5 patch and want to revert to U4), please check on the checkbox that says "同じバージョンのファイルを再適用する" (Apply the files of the same version) in the patch client which the link to download it is below this text.


  • Fixed bug genki personality unable loop voice of skills during night service.
  • Fixes on script.
  • Fixed error pop out when select genki personality during play VIP event "Voyueristic Masturbation".
  • Fixed error occurred when playing defeated by ginga in free mode.

"Genki Personality Pack" Sound Add-on Exclusive Patch

  • Added the missing Chu-B lip bonus skill voice in genki personality pack.


  • Males character other than the protagonist will have the same color as the protagonist.
  • Fixes on script.


  • Fixed bug in Photo Mode when place and unplace the same character a number of times cause the game to stuck.


  • Add support for new yotogi class skill "Bind Maid" DLC.
  • Improvement character motion loading speed.
  • Add "Message Window" feature in photo mode.
  • When the screen aspect ratio is not 16:9, message window will be readjust into minimum.
  • Fixed bug when increasing the lust stat, the "experience" line in the auto-generate maid description/comment did not change as it suppose to be during the first maid employment.
  • Fixes on script.


  • Fixed bug yotogi class name and level maid incorrect display in ver1.37.


  • Added support for new yotogi class skill "Cherish Maid" DLC.
  • Fixes on script.


  • Added New dance "Happy! Happy! Scandal!! -Deluxe Edition-" (add only If you have installed expansion Plus Act2)
  • Added support for "Can Know Too Close" dance DLC.
  • Fixed bug denkigai 2015 winter item "Empire Muffler Towel" unable to load in game.


  • Fixed bug on Denkigai Summer 2016 T-Shirt.
  • Fixes on script.


  • Added support for "Denkigai Summer 2016" DLC.
  • Fixed bug yotogi class trophies can't be obtain from Plus Act2.


  • New Photo mode features:
  1. Added "Pose Edit" feature, you can create a customized pose and save pose. you can see information in "Help".
  2. Change the shortcut "Select Maid" from "Ctrl+Left click" to "Tab+Left click".
  • Fixed bug on Plus Act2 class acquired trophy.
  • Fixes on script.
  • Fixed Motion.
  • Fixed bug on a part of the production.


  • Added support for "Plus Act2" expansion.
  • Fixes on script.
  • New Photo mode features:
  1. Added "Blur Depth", "Sepia" and "Fog" in effects.
  2. Changed UI in effects.
  3. Added new BGM


  • Fixed error in yotogi class darkness maid.
  • Fixed bug on object used in "Hanging Missionary Sex".


  • Added support for new yotogi class skill "Darkness Maid" DLC.
  • Photo mode update new features:
  1. Object will become semi-transparent when using movement axis.
  2. Added light blue box at the center of movement axis so you can move it more conveniently.


  • Fixed bug on the panties in "Cute & Sexy Lace Set", which it doesn't shift open when engage in sex action during Night Service and Shooting Mode.


  • Fixed bugs "yotogi class vol.6 Queenmaid" occurred on the following:
    • "Cum" action skill in "Face-Sitting" skill for personality "Tsundere".
    • "詰って頂く" action skill in "Chair-Restraint Cowgirl" skill for personality "Yandere".


  • Added support for new yotogi class skill "Queen Maid" DLC.
  • Increase number "background object" can be used in photo mode.
  • Now player can change display image at monitor office desk and background object "Monitor" In game.

Step (support .png only)
1. Go to Installation folder CM3D2 and create new folder "Img"
2. Saving picture display into this folder and rename
- "display.png" (for monitor office desk)
- "display_pm.png" (for monitor background object in photo mode)


  • Fixed bug oneechan personality have specific yotogi "Anal Experience" instead of "Experience".
  • Fixed bug oneechan personality unable to repeat some VIP scenes.
  • Fixes on script.


  • Fixed crash game during the shame interview of personality "Yandere".


  • Fixed bug the game unable to read arc files in the game data when DLC or Mod, etc exceeds a certain number.
  • Increase maximun number of maids can be hired from 99 to 200.


  • Added support for new personality "Oneechan" DLC.
  • Adjust shadow fall on the character, when wearing a costume like a camisole.
  • Added new item to Desk Customization (Robo Ney Dolls, etc).
  • Added new background objects in photo mode (Robo Ney Dolls, pen, pencil, 5 books, eraser, glue).
  • Fixes on script


  • Fixed bug prevented some items from showing up.


  • Added support for new yotogi class skill "Succubus Maid" DLC.
  • Added 2 poses in edit mode.
  • Fixes on script.


  • Fixed bug maid class unable to obtained in ver1.26.


  • Added support for new yotogi class skill "Bridal Maid" DLC.


  • Time taken for the game to launch has been improved.
  • Added "Sound" interface in photo mode.
  • Fixed bug saving of coordinates and rotation maid in photo mode.
  • Added new scenario in maid interview (During hire maid to the club, you can see maid wear H dressed).


  • New Photo mode features:
  1. Added "Motion" feature (Added dance and yotogi motion. time control with motion slider and can stop motion).
  2. Added particle object in "Furniture".
  3. Added "Maid Item" feature. player can add variety item for maid.
  4. Added "Light" feature.
  5. Added "Effect" feature.
  6. Added shortcut fuction. you can see "Shortcut List" in help.


  • Fixed bug blackscreen during yotogi from skill "Thick Vibe".
  • Fixed bug blackscreen during yotogi from harem group combine with other skill.
  • photo mode update placement config can select maids with "Ctrl+Click".


  • Fixed bug display item during open shop in game from patch ver1.22.


  • Added photo mode. Can select from menu during daytime or nighttime.
  • Added Rental Maid preset data. (Some parts will need to be unlocked first. If you load preset without those parts, they will not be reflected)
  • Fixed bug locking excitement level during yotogi in free mode will carry over to regular yotogi.
  • Fixed bug error using press the command after changing excitement level during yotogi in free mode.
  • Fixed bug motion not play during scenario of Plus pack.
  • Fixed texture "Tropical pants" underwear from Pia3 Costume DLC.
  • Added 6 poses in edit menu.


  • Added support for "Plus" expansion.
  • Added volume setting for dance in config.
  • Added trophies for yotogi classes, that has been released in previous DLCs.
  • Added mole "Crying Mole W".


  • Added support for "Denkigai winter 2015" DLC.
  • Fixes on script.
  • Added desk customize feature.


  • Added support for new personality "Yandere" DLC.
  • Added hairstyle "All Back".


  • Added support for "W Pack Bonus" DLC.
  • Fixed bug animation behavior skirt in ver1.17.


  • Added support for new yotogi class skill "Sex Slave Maid" DLC.


  • Added one pose in edit mode for player who has Visual Pack.
  • Fixes on script.


  • Fixed bug error dialog when creating mod folder in ver1.15.


  • Added support for new yotogi class skill "Party Maid" DLC.
  • Fixed bug shadow character drawn when performing yutogi mode in "Basement" and "Locker room".
  • Added 4 poses in edit mode.
  • Added support conversion from [MOD]MQO/MQX


  • Optimize rendering various color texture.
  • Fixed bug multi maid conversation event from ver1.13.


  • Fixed bug rendering breast in "School Sailor clothing".


  • Added new hairstale "back hair".
  • Fixed crash game during play CBL skills "Leg Locked Anal Sex Chu-B" with innocent personality.


  • Loading character parts faster in edit mode.
  • Added Dance selection screen.
  • ADV time, possible send messages with enter.
  • Added support for "Visual Pack" append.


  • Fixed performance in dance "DokiDoki☆Fallin Love"
  • Fixed bug "voice continue" not saved in config setting.
  • In edit mode now able to setting eye size in horizontal and vertical.
  • [MOD]Mod Folder able to read *.menu,*.model,*.mate,*.anm and *.tex file.


  • Added support for new yotogi class skill "Sweet Maid" DLC.


  • Added mirrored versions for some hairstyles. (Some mirror version will be in shop after they are unlocked)
  • Optimize load time and memory usage reduced before start dances.
  • Improvement camera during dances.
  • Fixed bug wrinkles on face character doing lip-sync.
  • Adjust shoulder and thigh movement to look more natural.


  • Fixed bug MOD tools "_Shininess" become unusable.



  • Adjust volume BGM in Dance.
  • Adjust begin camera position in yotogi mode.
  • Fixed some motion data.
  • Adjust performance for "Custom maid 3D2 with Chu-B Lip".


  • Fixed bug broken foot of male character.
  • Fixed bug stage change after change costume in yotogi skill selection.
  • Added new song "Entrance to you".
  • Yotogi UI follow on edge screen.
  • Fixes on script.



  • Fixed bug male character motion in play mode.
  • Fixed bug vibrator non display in play mode.
  • Fixed bug male character appearance change after fair event.
  • Change description name VIP event.


  • Fixed model data.
  • Fixed typos.
  • Fixes on script.
  • Fixed bug UI display in screenshot without UI.
  • Fixed tophy condition "Virgin Bitch".
  • Added male character edit option in daytime and nighttime menu.
  • Added schedule name function if you mouse on over icon schedule will be display name.
  • Fixed bug reset male character opacity when start yotogi mode.


  • Added 6 VIP Events
  • Added Punishment mode. If your maid failed daytime work during conversation with maid selection will be add "Punishment".
  • Added delete present function in edit mode. you can delete present with right click.
  • Added 10 types hair color.
  • Added 8 public hair.
  • Added 7 moles.
  • Added 1 skin.
  • Unify 8 types color eyes.
  • Fixed model data.
  • Added description for system icon upper right screen.
  • Added loading icon.
  • Improvement result success or failure from maid work.
  • Player can change maid class in nighttime activity.
  • Added experience gauge of daytime work.
  • Added relationship progress message with maid.
  • Added effect when reached maid class level max.
  • Fixed light setting all the stages.
  • Fixed bed size in maid room.
  • Added wipe semen ability. Button is right undressing icon at command bar for clean maid body.
  • Added skill can play in penthouse.
  • Added sound effects in yotogi.
  • Fixed playback timing undressing during dialogue.
  • Added deflower expression in sex loss virginity.
  • Fixed motion speed during yotogi.
  • Added direction for first time yotogi in special yotogi.
  • Change command name.
  • Fixed typos.
  • Fixes on script.