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Kiss logo.jpg
Location: Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Founded: 1998
Active: Yes
KISS Website

About KISS

KISS (ブランド) is a brand of adult games (eroge) owned by a Japanese company, Workman Co., Ltd. The brand is known for it's products such as Custom Slave series, xx na Kanojo no Tsukurikata series and, recently, Custom Maid 3D series.

The brand was originally created by J & H Co., Ltd. in 1998, and release their debut works, Custom Slave and Custom Slave +, a year after that. However, after the release of those games, the website for the brand was shutdown and J & H Co., Ltd was dissolved at the same year.

In 2003, the brand was transferred to Workman Co., Ltd, and proceed to work on "Custom Slave II" and subsequent works.

In 2009, KISS became a sub-brand of Reactor, which is another brand owned by Workman Co., Ltd, to consolidate all of their adult game brand.

In 2013, KISS has release a VR support for Custom Maid 3D (CM3D) and a masturbation device, Ju-C Air, which makes it the first adult game to have VR support.

In 2023, the brand celebrated 25th anniversary and announced a new title, "Custom Romance City 3D3"

Official Kiss Homepage (Japanese only, must be 18+ to enter):


  • Although it has the same company name as Workman Co. Ltd. (headquartered in Shiba-cho, Isesaki-shi, Gunma, Japan) a clothes franchise specializing in wearables for blue-collar workers, but KISS brand itself is unrelated to the company.
  • KISS is the only sub-brand of Reactor that is still active.
  • KISS shared the same office with an otome game developer, Matatabi, which is also owned by the same parent company.