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all characters are at least 18

Custom Order Maid 3D 2 [edit]

Custom Order Maid 3D 2
Developer: KISS
Release date: JP Feb 23, 2018
ENG Unknown
Theme: Maid, Training
HF Discussion: Hongfire
AS Discussion: Anime-Sharing
No HF Patch - KISS - Custom Order Maid 3D 2

Game Description

Custom Order Maid 3D 2 is the continuation of the Custom Maid 3D 2 story in which the protagonist owns a new club that acts as a secondary store to his main club. The point of the game is to train your own made maid through specific activities (mostly H).

An English release of this game is planned to be release on Nutaku, with a trial version available for download as of July 5th, 2018.

New Features

COM3D2 is a sequal to CM3D2, but it's basically a remake/remaster version of CM3D2, as COM3D2 adds new features that CM3D2 doesn't have, make changes to some of CM3D2 features and used a new game engine. This does not mean it is an "expansion" to CM3D2, as that implies that CM3D2 can use COM3D2 features and not the vice versa (cause what happens here is vice versa).

Of course, as a sequel, the game brings up a new environment and new personalities, but you have an option to relate yourself to CM3D2's plot.

Significant changes made in COM3D2 are as follows:

- Maid Edit: New customization features (facial customization, moles, tattoos), new category for nails and body preset and some new features to make customization easier.

- Yotogi/Adult Service: Added a new reaction system (horny state,which replace Reason), unique skills, new animation, more voices, more organized categories and changes to the fetish acquisition system. You can now lock the skill level to prevent a skill from leveling up. Leveling system for yotogi classes and Maid Examination are now gone, you only required to achieve a certain stat to unlock it.

- Dances: New mini game (Rhythm Action), added more option to adjust the environment of the dance, free moving camera option, added reaction system to undressing during a dance.

- Scheduling System: Activities can be done day and night now, no more "maid jobs on the day, yotogi at the night" style like you see in CM3D2. Can assign up to 40 maids. you can now supervise a maid two time or two maids on a day. More organized categories. Add some yotogi trainning nodes so your maid can boost up yotogi stat without going though the actual yotogi. You can also change what the maid wear when working on a facility.

- Facility Management: New system that allows you to build facilities that you desired, so, your maids can work on it. You are limited to create up to 7 facilities and some facilities are required to be build to trigger some events. You also have an option to add Extra Maids to aid your work. Note that some Extra Maids are required to trigger some events.

-Studio Mode: Improved version of Shooting Mode in CM3D2 AKA "Photo Mode". More control on facial expression, lighting, object placement (real object and PNGs), physics. Added 3 default scene preset, added default formation setter, etc.

- Plot: Main story now allows you to have 3 maids at the start with Pure, Serious and Rindere as the default personalities. The story's plot will be based on the business type you choose for your club, but currently only Idol route is available. Clearing the game now requires you to achieve 5 star grade instead of achieving a certain level of money. To achieve the 5 star grade, you will have to progress through the main story, in which you will meet 8 new unique maids. As for H-event plot, it is now categorize into Pure Love Route and NTR Route.

-Event Menu: Allows you to see events (mainly love events) at a convenient times. Note that there are some event that still trigger automatically as you progress through the day.

- Casino: new mini game featuring Blackjack and Slots. You can change the maid that will entertain you and you can also adjust the clothes she wear. You also can redeem some items there too. You'll need the Casino facility to work tho.

- Guest Mode: Allows you to interact the maid as a customer. You can also interact them as the protagonist instead.

- NTR Block: A feature which prevent NTR events from appearing. This include NTR-themed skills.

- Room Customization: Allows you to create a custom room for mainly screenshooting.

-Trophy: Unlocking trophies unlocks cards and also unlocks some features in the game. You can also unlock trophies if you obtain a TCG card in an event.

You can also port some part from CM3D2 to COM3D2 such as: - Personalities from CM3D2 - Yotogi Skills (you can only use it in compatibility mode). - Background - Clothes - Some dance, although the remaining dance required an installation of the DLC for COM3D2 (only one dance have do this as of now, the rest is still unknown).

Character Voice

Character Voice
Personality Character Voice
無垢 (Pure) Sakura Momoka
真面目 (Serious) Himari
凛デレ (Rindere) Misono Mei
無口 (Silent) Tachibana Mitsuki
小悪魔 (Koakuma) Ayase Akari
色気姉 (Attractive Onee-chan) Misora Natsuhi
NPC Maid Character Voice
メイド秘書 (Maid Secretary) Mari Sugihara
雛口 紗姫 (Hinaguchi Saki) Ichikawa Mai
油谷 英奈 (Aburaya Ena) Azuma Karin
澪次菜さな (Miojina Sana) Kazuna Sayaka
シェリティ・エムシェレ (Shelitie Emushere) Kotatsu Miyako
南町 梅子 (Namimachi Umeko) Shiina Amane
エトワール・ジェンヌ (Etoile Jenne) Hiromori Nazuna

System Requirements

System Requirements
  Minimal Recommended
OS Windows® 7/8.1/10(64bit) Windows® 7/8.1/10(64bit)
CPU Core i5(4Core) 2.5GHz Core i5(4Core) 3GHz or higher
Disk Space 20 GB 50 GB
DirectX DirectX 11 DirectX 11
GPU Geforce GTX 560 or Radeon R7 260X Geforce GTX 760
(Geforce GTX 930 or higher for VR)
Misc VR Support: Oculus Rift CV1 / HTC Vive VR Support: Oculus Rift CV1 / HTC Vive