Custom Maid 3D2: H Guide

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all characters are at least 18

Custom Maid 3D2 [edit]

Excitement, Mind and Reason

The three bars at the top of the H interface are, from left to right: Excitement(興奮値), Mind(精神), Reason(理性).

Excitement, Mind and Reason
  • Excitement is shared between the maid and the master.
  • It will go up with almost any action except climax and punishment, which deplete it. You will only be able to select climax actions once the excitement meter is above a certain threshold.
  • Many sex acts have three animations, with more intense animations being used when your excitement level is higher.
  • Mind is a resource that is refreshed to full after starting a new skill.
  • However, if it is depleted to zero, the next skill will start with only 50% Mind, reducing the amount of possible actions. Thus it is advisable to take care to stay above 0 Mind and end the skill when you get too low.
  • Reason is also depleted by actions, but is not replenished between skills.
  • Certain actions can raise it slightly, like some SM actions, stopping, etc, but the gain is low.
  • When Reason falls to 0, you can keep going, however the amount of daytime stats charm, sweetness and elegance lost by using each action is increased. As long as there is still 1 or more Reason, any last single action will not incur the extra stat loss, so it may be a good time to climax at very low reason as the last action before ending the night.

Note: Without having mind and reason fully depleted while ending the night (still not clear if excitement rate effects), It will trigger a short maid's commentary based on your performance during the night service. However, this seems doesn't have an impact on exp gain rate.

H-Skill Selection

After selecting a room for the nighttime activity, you will see Interface for choose one or more skills (up to 7) from skill category depending on what is compatible with the room.

  • Certain skills will only be available in certain rooms, such as public (Courtyard, Outdoors), sharing (Stage, Penthouse) or SM stages.
  • Each skill comes with 3 levels. As your maid gains EXP and improves the skill, the stats gained and lost per action are improved.
  • Depending on the maid's stamina stat the amount of skills you can equip for the night without dropping to 0 or less Stamina is limited.
  • If you go below 0 stamina, your maid will fall unconscious at the end and fail the next day's work, which can be useful if you want to punish her the next day.