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all characters are at least 18

3D Girl Custom Evolution [edit]


FAQ & Technical Help


If you have problems installing or running the game, this is what you should read.


  • Q: The game doesn't save my character?
    A: Run the game with Japanese locale (try HF pApploc). If that doesn't help, it may be because you have an accent or non-ASCII character in your Windows user name. Change it so that it only has A-Z, 0-9.
  • Q: There are no WASD in the game? Help?
    A: This feature was released in patch 1.04.
  • Q: What is the DLKey?
    A: The key is 'custom' without quotes.
  • Q: How do you install the patches?
    A: Copy TDGirl.exe file from the patche.zip/rar file to the main game folder. .tdg files should be copied to the arcs folder just like mods. As of time of writing, version 1.20 with patch 1.20a is the latest, so the minimum that your arcs folder should contain is tdgirl_base, tdgirl_base_v120, and tdgirl_base_v120a as well as the MotionPreset_v120 and PosePreset_v110 files that come with the patch files.

※ Note: Newer patches are cumulative, so be sure to delete the old patches.

  • Q: Every time I try to start up the game, it immediately crashes and I get a message saying something about a snowfrake error, is there a way to fix this?
    A: This error can be caused by outdated patches which conflicts with newer ones, try removing any older patches from the arcs folder and see if that fixes your issue.

※ Note: Make sure you "DON'T" remove tdgirl_base.tdg

  • Q: How do you make the game run in full screen?
    A1: The setting.ini file control the resolution size of the game and whether you can go into window mode or fullscreen. It can be found in My Document/Bullet/3D少女カスタムエボリューション. Open setting.ini (notepad will do) and then change the number next to "FullScreen=" to 1 for fullscreen mode and 0 for window mode.
  • A2: Hold down the F button on your keyboard and double click on TDGirle.exe and W for window mode.
  • Q: Found poser but it's glitched. When I exited the poser game crashed, then it couldn't load. Just stays at the loading screen forever?
    A: I encountered the same problem. I had to ultimately delete my save folder and restore it back to the beginning to get it to load again. I would recommend to anyone else using the poser, back up their save folder before doing so.
  • Q: Anyone knows what the in-game options do?
    A: First one turns speech bubbles during H-scenes off and on. Other 3 control mouse behavior (axis and wheel inversion).
  • Q: Is there an option to save the girl we customized?
    A: The button is ADD+ or something like that on the bottom left corner.
  • Q: Is it possible to share saved characters?
    A: You need to share dressxxx.dat and dressxxx.png files. The "xxx" corresponds to the slot number where she is saved in your game, so that part may have to be changed to add her to a different save spot in someone else's game. It can be found in C:\Users\owner\Documents\Bullet\(nameofthegame)\save.

Installing the game

Quick step-by-step guide

How to install the game as intended by TechArts/Bullet. Follow this and you'll be playing in no time!

  1. Extract the TDGL0101.mdf and TDGL0101.mds file to an English named folder, e.g. C:\Downloads\3DGCE
  2. Mount C:\Downloads\3DGCE\TDGL0101.mdf with Daemontools Lite (other mounting software has been known to fail with Japanese games, so please use Daemontools Lite! - it's completely free)
  3. DO NOT autorun, but explore the mounted dvd and right-click setup.exe and select Run with Japanese locale as administrator (you need HF pApploc or here for the right-click options).
  4. Click the button with (N) once.
  5. IMPORTANT: Change the destination to e.g. C:\Bullet\3DGCE. Your game will most likely not work if you forget!
  6. Click (N) again a few times and wait while the game is installed.
  7. To run the game you need to keep the TDGL0101.mdf mounted and right-click C:\Bullet\3DGCE\TDGirl.exe and select Run with Japanese locale.

Learn more about installing Japanese games

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