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all characters are at least 18

3D Girl Custom Evolution [edit]


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Areas of NPC placement

Area Location Type
Home before In front of house next door Busty housewife
Busty housewife.png
Shopping district Liquor store Busty pink-haired girl
Misc girl1.png
Maid cafe Busty maid
Maid 1.png
Women's section of public bath Nude busty short-haired girl
Bath girl1.png
Park In front of a vending machine Girl wearing a white dress and a straw hat
Park girl1.png
Campus 1F shoe lockers Flat-chested tsun uniformed girl
2F classroom Timid-type uniformed girl with braided hair
3F women's toilet Busty uniformed loli
Gymnasium Tall busty girl wearing a jersey
Gym girl1.png
Rooftop Busty uniformed girl considering a diet
Uniform girl4.png
Hospital Reception area Flat-chested red-haired confident nurse
Nurse 1.png
1F examination room Seductive doctor in glasses
Doctor 1.png
2F hospital room 5 Sickly girl in pink pajamas
Paitent 1.png
2F women's toilet Black-haired nurse in glasses
Nurse 2.png
Train Station Beside the station Loli wearing headphones and a backpack
Misc girl2.png
Inside the station Station attendant
Station girl1.png
Hot-spring hotel Entrance Landlady dressed in traditional attire
Resort girl1.png
Bath Indecent naked girl
2F guest room 5 Younger sister-type girl in kneesocks
Shrine Near shrine gates Shrine maiden
Shrine girl1.png
Western-style house 1F right, maids' room Clumsy loli maid in glasses
2F room Blonde young lady
Coast Beach Girl in green bikini
Beach girl1.png

※ NPCs located at campus and outdoor locations only appear from 10:00 to 19:00.

Areas with special actions

Area Location Action


Ticket-vending machine

Option to buy tickets, "mountain", "inn"

Shrine Offertory box Worship
Cave deepest part Innermost (: Wait a few seconds with the main girl beside you) You look at the view together
Summit Innermost (: Wait a few seconds with the main girl beside you) You look at the view together
Cape Innermost (: Wait a few seconds with the main girl beside you) You look at the view together

Item placement

※ described in the interim because there is no item page

Santa costume (1.07 additional items)

Check a total of six types of status quo, socks, jackets, skirts, shoes, hats, gloves.

Random appearance of clothing items

Area Location
Home Boy's room
Girl's room
Washroom, washing basket
In front of the house Clay pipe
Shopping district Bathhouse, women's bath dressing room
Maid cafe
Beach Beach mat
Rocky shore Ship
Park Dome-shaped playground equipment inside
Western style house Western-style room left
Cave The strikes on the inlet side
Hospital Station Telephone booth
Hospital Second floor, hospital room three
Station Bench on the right side of the platform
School Infirmary
(Location unknown specific) classroom
Pool, women's locker room
Landing on the rooftop doorway
Inn Second floor room 6 (safe)