3D Girl Custom Evolution: Uncensor

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all characters are at least 18

3D Girl Custom Evolution [edit]


FAQ & Technical Help


  • Uncensoring

Hex Editor

The software censor that the game uses can be disabled by modifying a line in the game's executable.
The first thing we need is a hex text editor. If you don't have one, you can use Notepad++ with the Hex Editor plugin from here or Bzeditior

Please make a backup of the original game executable beforehand since it's possible to make a mistake and cause the game to not run properly after rewriting it.

How to read the address

  00010DEF 74> EB

It means Alter to EB 74 from the value in the 00010DEF. Please look at the line of 0F 00010DE0 column in Stirling.  ==censor off table==

Refer to the table below, please rewrite the TDGirl.exe. (Although it is all the same for now) address to be rewritten depending on the version you are using will change.

Game Version Address and Values
1.20 00011E67 74> EB
1.10 00011B4F 74> EB
1.07-1.08 (same exe) 00011A2F 74> EB
1.04-1.06 (same exe) 00010DEF 74> EB
1.00 00010E0F 74> EB


If you are in the Program Files folder where to install the OS of Windows Vista or later, you may remodeling from being disabled by the function of the OS. When you start the binary editor, let's start by clicking the "Run as administrator" from the right-click menu.