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all characters are at least 18

Tech48 [edit]



Technical Help

Gameplay - Main / Unlocks

  • Q: Do i need T-CAM / webcam to play?
    • A: No you don't.
  • Q: What am i loosing without webcam?
    • A: Not much, only camera movement with your head and some minor things - don't worry and play!
  • Q: Can i use keyboard / pad to move?
  • Q: Can i play with my gamepad?
  • Q: How to find red coin in xxx?
    • A: Keep entering and quitting that area unless it spawn, may be long.
  • Q: How to finish challenge with S in xxx?
    • A: Try less obvious ways, sometimes going back is better than forward.
  • Q: What can i do with girls in main menu (before load)?
    • A: Look at them, eventually imagine.
  • Q: How to save/load?
    • A: Go to lobby, there you can find red SAVE ring, stand on it -> MMB to load RMB to save.
  • Q: Why there are gray doors?
    • A: Those are doors to areas you didn't yet visit orneed a key to. You can unlock some of them by buying keys in shop.
  • Q: I'm missing xxx door, where is it?
    • A: If in the "circle" - when you reach new area you need to exit trough the red door back to lobby to unlock it. Double check all of those (check shrine first, door there is pretty hard to spot). If in the "T" corridor - check if you bought all keys, check if you picked up key at sea map under umbrella, check pirate ship. Check "Door List" section of Tech48 wiki under Gameplay.
  • Q: What do i need to xxx cosplay set?
    • A: Check "Costumes" section of Tech48 wiki under Gameplay.

Gameplay - H

  • Q: How to initiate H scene?
    • A: Right click and select "unzip" button from menu (the one with crazy cat in pants) after foreplay main show will begin.
  • Q: How do i do it on the table / chair / xxx
    • A: Before you unzip take a look at icon down left - this is position you will be in when unzipped. While in H scene look for heart mark and click it to change your carrying medium.
  • Q: What are those 3 options after unzipping / clicking on hearts?
    • A: Those are positions you can take using selected "surface".
  • Q: While in H scene how do i bring those options back?
    • A: Click on guys head.
  • Q: Can i kiss?
    • A: Yes click on girls head or in foreplay bring your face cloooooser to your webcam.
  • Q: How to unlock new positions?
    • A: I would like to know myself. Just do some crazy stuff and it should be fine.
  • Q: What is she talking about?
  • Q: When during H i click on button with text on it i have few options, what are they?

Technical issues / questions

First of all check TECHNICAL HELP article.

  • Q: Can I disable movie to speed up startup?
    • A: Go to game folder and rename / move / delete "movie" folder.
  • Q: Can I also disable logos to speed up startup even more?
    • A: Patch Tech48.exe using hex editor as follows:
 E8 95 F6 FF FF  ->  90 90 90 90 90

Original value is on the left (find it in the exe using hex editor), modified value is on the right (overwrite original value with it). Game exe ver.1.00 has this value at address 0x89466, exe ver.1.01 has it at address 0x89736. There is only one occurence of this byte sequence in each executable anyway, so you can also find it doing a simple search for hexadecimal values.

Patched executable will skip both logos and opening video even if you left "movie" folder untouched.

  • Q: Image from webcam is in 2 colors?
    • A: This is how it should be.
  • Q: How to mod this game?
    • A: Check Tools section in THIS post.