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all characters are at least 18

Sexy Beach ZERO [edit]


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Oiling session

After [2] hearts you're allowed to apply Oils to the girl. Initially she will ask you to do this, then later it becomes a date option.

Special Oils

Oils are purchased in the night shop.

Name Effect Description
Sunblock No lasting effect. Increases coverage rate in oil mode. Plain bottle, says Oil
Tanning Lotion Increases tan amount, leaving tanlines if the girl is wearing clothing. Tanlines stay until more oil is applied, regardless of new clothing. Sun icon on bottle
Tan Remover Decreases tan amount White bottle
Thinning Slims body parts (arms, legs, breasts, hips, bottom). Can be counteracted with fattening oil. Girl with arms spread
Fattening Fattens body parts (arms, legs, breasts, hips, bottom). Can be counteracted with thinning oil. Girl with arms wrapped around herself
See-Thru Makes clothes transparent at exact oiling point. No effect on bare skin. Lasts until end of date. Girl says "Oh!"

Applying Oil

Applying oil is on a timer. So before selecting a oiling session you should consider the girl's mood. There are 3 moods for the girl, that correspond to 3 different time limit.

How to oil

  1. Select the Bottle Icon
  2. Squirt a generous amount on the part(s) you want.
  3. Select the Hand icon and hover over the applied oil.

You do not have to hold any buttons to "apply" the oil, though holding the Shift key will squirt oil more quickly.

To "win" at the mini game you must oil each part by 20%, five in all;
the torso (incl head, crotch, and butt), each arm, each leg.

Golden hand

The hand book gives you golden hand ability that excites the girl quicker duirng foreplay/oil/massage, and will result in different actions when used in fore play. To activate your golden hand, hit space/middle mouse button when you have your hand selected during foreplay/oil/masarge scenes. After activating golden hand, clicking the ass will result in a spanking action and clicking the crotch will result in the girl spraying as the meter fills to climax.

Note: This ability requires refill with drinks bought at night shop. Refills cannot be used throughout dating activities, so useage is limited to how much is on the powerbar when beginning.

Massage session

After so many successful oils (or [3/4] stars) you get another option, to Massage.

Initially she asks you to do it, later it becomes a date option.

Similar to the Oil session, you can still apply oil but it's not needed.
To massage you must use the hand icon and click and drag over each body part.

Also, this is where (after so many hearts[?]) you can partially remove clothing,
to remove her top move the hand icon above and between her breasts (under her
neck) - you will grab the top and pull the material off her breasts.
Similar effect with her bottom.

Massage session also includes foreplay, so, making her feel good with toys or hands give you more points.

H scene

About H scene. How to get it.

Girl mood in H Session

There are five moods for each H session. The current mood can be seen by the small icon at the bottom of the girl's climax bar:

  • Blue Icon: Low; you can only select "lay on front" or "lay on back" positions.
  • Green Icon : Middle; you can select alternate poses for lay on front and back.
  • Red Icon: High; girl is close. From here, you can select "standing" and "sitting" poses.
  • Yellow: Virgin
  • Purple: Lewd mode

The girl's mood can move up from blue -> green -> red, but if there is too much time taken between actions, her mood will fall back down.

The mood the girl starts with depends on her status beforehand.

Remove clothes

In Free Mode press c to remove bra and v to remove panties.

In Suntan Lotions mode (also referred to as Oil mode) place hand icon to neck area where neckstrap joins the body , click to grasp and use downward motion with mouse to pull down her top. Place hand over her crotch area and grasp area to remove her bikini area .

ALSO WORKS in: Massage mode / Sex Mode: same as above (this only works after 5-6 heart status achieved)

Free mode

Pick any of three basic positions that you cycle through depending on the state of the girl yellow (resisting) and blue both use the first position (choice of 2 positions in free mode), then when she climaxes you enter green mode which has 4 position choices, after climax you enter red mode which has 6 positions. Each color includes previous positions so you can select the same position from yellow to red if you choose the 2 basic positions. Every one of these 6 also has a special position, you can enter it immediately by choosing the purple color to start with.


More positions become available as excitement goes up during H.

Massage Mode: More positions become available the more times a girl is able to climax. For example, if you start with her lying on her back and massage her to climax, 2-3 more positions become available. NOTE: Positions in red boxes must be used soon after unlocking them, or else the girl's mood will lower and they will have to be unlocked with another orgasm.

H mode: As with many Illusion games, a big goal in H scenes is orgasming at the same time. The climax bar on the left is hers, and the one on the right is yours. Move the mouse in various ways to increase the bars; her breathing will change based on her excitement level. Try to keep the bars around the same level until they both fill at the same time. If her bar is already close to filling and yours isn't far behind, her icon will become a heart. In this state, the girl will hold off on her orgasm until you reach yours.

The spurt bar (small bar next to your orgasm bar) is used to end H mode. It can be used when your character reaches climax by clicking on the bottom right ero icon or by clicking the spurt icon just above it before achieving climax. This also applies during fellatio or when you have one of the ero rings equipped on a girl.

No Anal : There is no anal in Sexy Beach Zero.

Lewd/Purple mode

The girl can reach a super mode, where she enters a special position and will very rapidly drain the player's semen reservoir. To make the girl go into lewd mode have the guy climax twice in a row by himself.

The bar indicating Red mode will turn purple, and the screen will glow slightly red. The girl will then try to rapidly make you climax, empty you out and end the H-session.

Calm lewd mode

When the girl is in lewd mode you have to make the girl climax. This can be done by using the Super piston or if she is close to climax herself when entering lewd mode. Manually, it can also be done by quickly choosing the correct thrusting motion (left-button/right-button/hold left-button & swivel) and clicking/moving the mouse repeatedly in order to raise her bar to a climax. If you do manage to get the girl to climax, lewd mode will end and you can continue the H Session. If this is not the first H-scene you will gain a significant bonus when ending H mode.

Super piston

The piston book gives you an ability with an unique animation to almost instantly make the girl climax during a H scene.

  • Activate the super piston, by the using the middle mouse button during H scene.
  • This ability can be refill with drinks bought at night shop (press F2 to use the refill).
  • It also will slowly regenerate during the H-scene, as long as you pleasure her and her bar is rising.
  • Using Super Piston at least once in H-mode (apart from the first H-scene with a girl) gives a bonus of 8000 points, which is added to your money.

H-scene score

After you unlock the girl to the 6th Heart and have sex with her first time at night, you can have sex with her by dating her the next night and so on. Only if you unlock the last 8th Heart, you can have sex with her anytime - even during the day.

You will not score any money the first time you have sex with a girl. But every following H session with her will end on the result screen. This screen sums up your score in the following areas: Oil, Massage, Foreplay and Sex.

Oil mode Result (Orange first box)

  • Oil% - %you cover her body with oil x30
  • Time left - Time you finish 100% oil in second x30
  • Finish bonus - if you finish scene with 100% you will get additional 1500 point

Massage mode Result (Blue second box)

  • Massage% - % you massage girl body x40
  • Time left - Time you finish 100% massage in second x40
  • Finish Bonus - If you finish scene with 100% massage you will get additional 3000 point

Foreplay mode Result (Green third box)

  • Cum by hand - Use only normal hand on any part to make girl come 1 time x500 point
  • Cum by El Massage device - Made girl cum by El. Massage device 1 time x1000 point
  • Cum by Vibe - Make girl cum by Vibrator 1 time x1000 point
  • Cum by Godhand - Use Godhand skill to make girl cum 1 time x1000 point
  • Squirting - When she's laying on her back, move your hand between her legs (private part) so that you can only see the fingers. Then push the wheel button (Godhand) and move your mouse forward.
  • Use all the method - if you used all above methods you will get a bonus of x300 point

Piston mode Result (Red forth box)

  • Made girl cum alone - When in sex mode made girl cum alone 1 time x500 point
  • Cum together* - Reach full bar both with girl 1 time x800 point
    • Make both climax bar 70% and a heart will appear on the bottom of the girls bar.  Then max out your climax bar and click the cum box.
  • God Piston skill - Made girl cum by GodPiston skill once you will get 8000 point
  • Calm Lewd mode - Have girl in lewd mode, but don't let her make you cum. Make her reach top bar (climax?) in that state and you will get bonus 6000 point

Cumming Result (Teal last box)

  • Male cum - Make male cum alone and after climax click the blue lower right box to empty the "milk tank" until your climax bar deplete. Each time you click is x150 point.
  • Cum together - Same as above but when you cum together with girl x150 point per click.
  • Splashing cover up% - When your blue climax bar is high enough you can click the blue square on the right to cum outside and splash. Each % you cover the girl with your cum x200 point.

Scoring tips

If you know how to 'farm' money and if you do it right you can get more than one mil by a single H session!

  • You will score more points if you have more time in oil and massage, so make sure the girl has red mood to maximize scoring.
  • Points will not go more than 9999 point in one category. (note: while the scoring does not show over 9999, the total can go over 9999. It's just not shown).
  • In foreplay it's not necessary to use the device or the skill from start to get the score. You can for instance use normal hand to make her nearly climax and then use the device of your choice to make her Climax. He climax will count as from the device.
  • The final multiplier can be seen by the green icon that beside some of the point. It is 100% Oil and Massage in Oil and Massage mode.
  • Make girl climax by Normal hand, Massager, Vibrator, God Hand, generally use all method in Foreplay.
  • Make girl climax alone, climax together and in Calm lewd mode. Also climax by yourself, inside her and on her in Piston mode
  • The total multiplier can be up to x14.


Some rings will unlock a special H scene. The special scene will be avaiable after she or he cum in intercourse. You can check the rings effect in F2 screen after equip it(F2 works in date, but H scene/oil/massage not), some special rings get other effects but not H scenes

Picture Name Description Price Position
Cheap Ring
Cheap Ring No effects 500 1
Margaret Ring
Margaret Ring No effects 2500 2
Triple Ring
Triple Ring No effects 5000 3
Jade Ring
Jade Ring No effects 7500 4
Platinum Skull
Platinum Skull No effects 8000 5
Amethyst Flower
Amethyst Flower No effects 10000 6
Red Line Onyx
Red Line Onyx No effects 10000 7
Rimjob Ring
Rimjob Ring Girl will perform handjob and rimjob (asslicking) 20000 8
Handjob Ring
Handjob Ring Girl will perform handjob 20000 9
Footjob Ring
Footjob Ring Girl will perform footjob 20000 10
Hotdog Ring
Hotdog Ring Girl will perform hotdog (rub her ass in man´s private) 20000 11
69 Ring
69 Ring Girl will perform 69 20000 12
Norinori Band
Norinori Band Girl will perform 69 lying on the side 20000 13
Mom's Flavor
Mom's Flavor Girl will perform handjob while the man sucks her lactating boobs 20000 14
Face Rider
Face Rider Girl will sit on the man's face 20000 15
Squirting Ring
Squirting Ring Girl will mastrubate and squirt; Avaiable when she cums in foreplay 20000 16
Watersports Ring
Watersports Ring Girl will pee when rubbed between her legs 20000 17
Iron Virgin
Iron Virgin Girl will recover virginity between the dates 15000 18
Happy Brain
Happy Brain The girl will always start in happy (red) mood 15000 19
Topless Ring
Topless Ring Girl will strip her top during activities 15000 20