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all characters are at least 18

Sexy Beach ZERO [edit]




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The following is a FAQ about in-game topics. For technical FAQ please see the other chapter.

  • Q: The fattening/thinning oil doesn't seem to do anything? I can't seem to enlarge (or shrink) her breasts (or other body part)?
    A: There are several possibilities why you can't make it work. First of all apply a generous amount of oil to the area before you start rubbing it in.
    A: If you're oiling the tits she will wave you off all the time and you have to click the area again. Keep trying! (note: Yes, you will be waved off when attempting to fondel your date when applying "Lotion" at any level below 6 hearts. When attempting to apply Fattening/Thinning lotion to your date's breasts below Level 6, use "Massage" mode instead once it becomes available so you won't be waved off. Do not hold the mouse button down while applying special lotions ["fondeling" is not "messaging"]. Size changes occur in steps, fading in/out after a few seconds, not gradually. These lotions have no effect on some body parts, like the behind.)
    A: You have to complete the 20% of that part of the mini-game first. For example: You can only enlarge/shrink the breasts, when the upper body has reached 20%. After that the breasts will start growing/shrinking.
  • Q: Why is the shop empty / why don't I get to see a piece of clothing after I select it?
    A: Each type of swimsuit is linked with a specific girl. For example, to unlock the microkini type, you need to improve your heart level with Baeru (Bael Artarus).
  • Q: Why are the oil/massage sessions so short?
    A: The oil time depends on the girl's disposition towards you, represented by the color behind the mood icon. Red gives you the most time, yellow a moderate amount of time, and blue the least amount of time. You can improve the disposition through gifts and talking before the date.
  • Q: How do you unlock hearts for a girl? I've got one at 5 hearts, but I have no idea how I did it. I'm guessing you need 8 hearts to unlock Ero?
    A: Hearts are unlocked with a combination of Dates, Talking, and Gifts. Each girl has a different requirement. If you buy the Heart Book at the night shop, your status screen (F2) will show each girl's requirements when you click on the girl's name at the top of the screen. Additionally, if you spend enough time with a girl for a level up, you first have to go through a special event, marked by a heart next to her portrait on the map screen.
  • Q: How do I replace batteries for the massager?
    A: First, buy batteries at the store at night. Then, before going on a date or deciding what to do during a date, press F2, select the right kind of battery, and click "use this item".
  • Q: How do I perform God's hand?
    A: During H-Mode, make sure you have the hand selected, and press Space then, pick a location like the clit, and watch the women, explode in a stream of orgasm! (Heart 4+) *buring massage stage onwards *by Sn00pY*
  • Q: how I can date a girl in the night ?
    A: By getting a girl to six hearts, they will become available for dates at night.
  • Q: How do I access positions like doggystyle or standing? The only two I seem able to choose are lying face-down and lying on back.
    A: More positions become available, as the level of arousement rises with the girl. This can be achieved by stimulating the girl during foreplay. You also have to be in foreplay mode in order to choose any position.
  • Q: How can a take off the clothes of my date?
    A: This can be done in three ways: (kichi74)
  1. During massage and foreplay you can shove away the slip and bra with your hand. The clothes will not be removed, but the private parts become fully exposed.
  2. After you have "cleared" a girl you can access the free mode from the title screen. There you can toggle the clothes on your girl by using the "c" key.
  3. After you have "cleared" the girl Hotaru, a new "bathing suit" called "Birthday Suit" will become availabe in the shop for 500.000. Any girl wearing this suit is completey nude all the time. You find this suit unter "V-shaped".
  • Q: Is there anal?
    A: Overwhelmingly popular question, but as of the original release disk, no. There is no anal. Anywhere. Unless you want to pretend that the standing position is anal (it is, in fact, vaginal), in which case, pretend away.