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all characters are at least 18

Sexy Beach ZERO [edit]




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General gameplay overview.


The shop is the button that is dead center of the screen underneath the hotel in the background. The gift shop is open during daylight hours, and the item shop is open only at night.

The Gift Shop

There are three types of gifts available from the Gift Shop: swimsuits, accessories, and activities. More of each type are unlocked the more successful you become with each girl. Purchases at the gift shop are limited to quantities of 5 at a time.

With every purchase of at least 10,000 from the shop, you will receive a voucher, which is used to enter a girl's "Dance" activity. This is a special activity when you date at the Village and is shown as the last item in the Activity list on the Date screen.


Initially, no swimsuits are available for purchase. Swimsuits are unlocked by raising your heart level with each girl. Each girl unlocks a different swimsuit style:

Swimsuit Styles
Name Style
Ai Bikini
Bael Microkini
Rin One-piece
Hotaru Sling Bikini
Setuna High Cut

The more hearts you have with a girl, the more options you have in their respective categories.


These gifts let you customize your girl to look the way you want. There are five categories of accessories: head, ears, neck, ring, and glasses. You can mix and match these with any girl as you desire (the girls do not have a preference).

NOTE: The most expensive rings will unlock extra H positions. To use the rings, you must first give it to a cleared girl, then make her actually wear it, then bring her to orgasm during penetration. A button should appear on the right (in between the Foreplay and Oral buttons) to activate the special H scene.


These gifts unlock extra activities that you can use during dates. These only need to be given to a girl once. After you give the gift to the girl, the activity will appear in the Activities list on the Date screen.

The Item Shop

Items are only for sale in the evening phase. There are two categories of items: Consumables and Upgrades. Upgrades take effect automatically, while Consumables must be used on the F2 screen (Press F2 in 2D interface).

ドリソク&消耗品/Consumables (one-time use)
Position Name (Translation) Price Effect
1 精人カII.(Energy Drink) 2500 Doubles stamina bar's length during the next H scene.
2 スッペルタンクV2 (Semen Tank V2) 20000 Doubles male "semen tank" volume.
3 スッペルタンクV3 (Semen Tank V3) 50000 Triples male "semen tank" volume.
4 ゴッドハンドチャーヅ (God's Hand Charge) 4000 Recharges the "God Hand" ability.
5 ゴッドピストンチャーヅ(God's Piston Charge) 20000 Recharges the "God Piston" ability.
6 スッペルハーフ (Semen Refill 50%) 2000 Recharges half of the "semen tank"
7 スッペルマックス (Semen Refill 100%) 5000 Fully recharges the "semen tank"
8 アメージングジル (Amazing Juice) 120 Random Effect (see Note below).
9 電マ蓄電池 (Massager Battery) 4000 Recharge the massager.
10 バイブ蓄電池 (Vibrator Battery) 4000 Recharge the vibrator.

Position Name (Translation) Price Effect
1 ムチムチオイル (Fattening Lotion) 9500 Enlarges the region it is rubbed into (i.e. breasts/thighs/calves/arms/stomach).
2 スリムオイル (Thinning Lotion) 9500 Shrinks the region it is rubbed into (i.e. breasts/thighs/calves/arms/stomach).
3 スケオイル (See-Thru Lotion) 10000 Makes swimsuit translucent.
4 ゴッドハンド本 (God's Hand) 15000 Learn the "God's Hand" ability that excites the girl faster during oil/massage/foreplay.
5 ゴッドピストン本(God's Piston) 20000 Learn the "God's Piston" ability that brings girl to orgasm instantly.
6 モテ本 (Sex Guide) 10000 Displays girls relationship needs for next Heart on F2 screen.
7 電気マッサージ撻 (Massager) 12000 Toy that can be used during oil/massage/foreplay. Requires batteries.
8 バイブ (Vibrator) 15000 Toy that can be used during oil/massage/foreplay. Requires batteries.
  • Note regarding アメージングジル (Amazing Juice): This item will give a random effect, either beneficial or detrimental, to a randomly determined stat with each use. For example, one use may double the stamina bar length, the next may triple the tank capacity, the third may drop the tank capacity to half-full, the next may recharge the "GodHand" to full--or it may do nothing. It can be a cheap way to recharge, but it's recommended to save your game before trying it.


Girl's Mood

You can see the mood of the girl by looking at the face at the upper left of the screen. Giving gifts prior to a date raises the girl's mood, as well as having successful dates.

Blue straight face: Neutral - Girl is ok to date with, but will only give a little time in all activities, including oil and massage.

Yellow little smile : Interested - Give more time on activities. Mood level after blue.

Red Big smile : Very Happy - You can see full animation in all activities; kissing is also available during dates (after it's been unlocked).

Dating info

Press F2 then click on the girl's name. There are three words and a huge arrow pointing right, if the numbers on the right side are all 0 you should unlock the next heart event.6th and 7th hearts has to be trigger at night time, thats when you get the H-scene.

The 3 words should be something like this:

  • total # of dates [big right arrow] # of dates needed
  • total # of gifts -------------> # of gifts needed = next heart event
  • total # of talks -------------> # of talks needed

If you can't see the arrow you have to buy the books in the shop at night. I think they cost 10000. One of the two books shows the things required - I think it is the one with a hand on the back, but I'm not sure.(It's actually the popular book)

F2 screen

The below is a translation of the F2 status screen.

Translated F2 Screen for the Girls
Translated F2 Screen for the Player
  1. デート - Number of dates
  2. プレゼーント - Number of presents >>>> Number of times needed for next heart
  3. 会話 - Number of conversations


  1. オイル - Number of ointments
  2. マッサージ - Number of massages
  3. キス - Number of kisses


# of H-Scene a
# of H-Scene b
# of H-Scene c
# of H-Scene d
# of H-Scene e
# of H-Scene f


  • むねの大きさ Breast size
  • うでの太さ Arm size
  • こしの太さ Waist size
  • おしりの大きさ Hip/butt size
  • ふとももの太さ Thigh size
  • ふくらはぎの太さ Leg size

F2 Girl Menu info: each girl has a diagram showing a graph of their body anatomy , it also will show you the number of dates , gifts , talks, you need to get her to the next level , the level of her interest in you as hearts, what her costume is including rings equipped, ect. To acess this info simply go from the first screen and click on one of the colored tabs with the name of the girl you'd like more info for.

F2 General info tab: here you can view your own inventory , the books, lotions, oils bought , the amount of batteries for each device . You can use your energy drinks and change batteries from this screen which can be acessed during the date choose screen, or during date mode screen .


Hearts represent the girl's overall relationship with you. At one heart, she will not even let you take her on a date. As the heart level increases, so do the available interactions: dating, activities, lotion, massage, kissing, standard H (penetration only), oral H, culminating in advanced H positions and activities once the girl is cleared.

Heart Level Unlock

1st Heart - Auto Unlock by story. You can talk and give girl gifts
2nd Heart - Unlock Date. You can date and do activity with girl
3rd Heart - Unlock Oil mini game
4th Heart - Unlock Massage mini game
5th Heart - Unlock Kiss mini game
6th Heart - Unlock H session at night date only. And that girl swimsuit type at shop
7th Heart - Unlock Girl service (Blow job, Hand Job, Paizuri)
8th Heart - Unlock H session any time and that girl Clear Dialoque*

  • After unlock 8 heart talk to her again once to trigger Clear dialogue. After that the girl heart status will change to "Clear!" and she will avaliable in Extra Mode. if you complete other 4 girl and do last girl Clear dialoque you will trigger Ending dialogue and CG

Improving the relationship Hearts are earned through dates, gifts, and talking. Since the girls will not date you until you get to know them, start by giving gifts and talking. Every girl's needs are different, so consult the Heart Levels table to find out exactly what you need to do.

Heart Levels

Each girl starts with 1 heart level and has different requirements to get them to the next heart level:

Interaction Requirements for Relationship Advancement
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Ai 0 2 1 2 5 2 7 9 6 11 13 9 18 17 13 26 21 18 34 26 24
Bael 0 1 1 3 2 2 6 3 4 10 5 7 13 7 11 18 9 16 22 11 25
Rin 0 1 1 2 3 2 6 5 5 10 7 8 15 11 12 22 13 18 29 16 24
Hotaru 0 3 1 1 9 2 3 12 4 4 16 7 7 20 11 9 25 16 17 30 23
Setsuna 0 2 1 2 5 2 5 7 4 8 10 7 13 15 11 17 17 16 21 21 22

Legend: D = Dates, G = Gifts, and T = Talking

Hints and Tips

  • Once you reach level 8, talk to the girl to Clear her.
  • The numbers are cumulative, not sequential. That is, to advance from 3 to 4 hearts for Ai, you need to have 5 more dates, give 4 more gifts and talk 4 more times, not 7,9,6 times respectively.
  • You are not penalized for ending timed activities early.
  • You can see the requirement for the next heart level in-game by purchasing the heart book from the night shop; pressing F2 to access your status screen, and clicking on the girl's name at the top of the screen.
  • You can fulfill a girl's "talk" requirement in one go; keep pressing chat after she's done talking.
  • You can also fulfill a girl's gift need at one time by selecting multiple gifts to give.
  • 6th Heart (First sex) and 7th Heart (Blowjob) can only occur at night
  • Give gifts and talk before dating. It boosts their mood so you can have a longer timer in oil/massage mode.
  • When you give gifts, give one at a time. Giving two gifts in back-to-back transactions will improve her mood more than giving the same two gifts at the same time.
  • Even after you unlock the massage, you should still choose to Oil first. If you get 100% on the Oil, you will automatically transition to Massage mode and get more money to buy gifts.
  • Special Rings: Wearing these rings will unlock special ecchi activities
    • Yellow Bullet - She will pee
    • Large Green Stone - She will masturbate and squirt
    • 2 cross rings (silver and purple) - She will rub her private on man´s face
    • Pig Ring - She masturbate the man and he will suck her boobs.
    • Estone (silver?) simple ring - Some kind of 69
    • Thin Gold with Pink - 69
    • Green Square - She will rub her ass in man´s private
    • Gold and Purple - Footjob
    • Red Square - Different Handjob
    • Diamond - Handjob and asslick


  • F1: Settings
  • F2: All' Status (Your Status, Your Items, Current Status of the Girls...)
  • F9: Pause Activities & Dance' Events (Only On 'FreeMode'!)
  • F11/PrintScreen: Screenshot
  • 0: Unlock/Lock Free Camera Control' In Dates Introductions
  • 1: Enable/disable Background
  • 2: Enable/disable Glare Effect ("Off" is recommended!)
  • 3: Enable/disable Man' Visibility
  • 4: Enable/disable Man (Penis') Visibility
  • 5: Enable/disable Crosshair
  • 6: Enable/disable 3D View (Need 3D Glasses)
  • 7: Calibrate '3D Effect' to the "Left"
  • 8: Calibrate '3D Effect' to the "Center" OR "Reset the Effect"
  • 9: Calibrate '3D Effect' to the "Right"
  • Ctrl (On Chat): Skip/pass Talking'
  • Space (On Date): Skip location introduction
  • Space (On Chat): Hide ChatBox'
  • Space (During H-Mode/Massage mode *Heart 4+*) Activates Gods Hand *by Sn00pY*
  • Esc: Key Help screen (dummy.bmp in \data)
  • Others: "U" Change Location in the same Room' (Only in "Sex" & "Special" On 'FreeMode'!)

Shift Key: Hold it down When you Will Run the Game, So the game Itself will show the "FPS / Ms" (Frames per second / Latency) on the Screen.

Camera Control (Simple):

  • Camera Zoom Mouse' Control: Hold & Move "Right Button" Of Mouse for any Direction...

( "Left" = Zoom IN / "Right" = Zoom OUT / "Up" = Climb Up' Camera / "Down" = Climb Down' Camera )

  • Camera Rotation Mouse' Control: Hold & Move "Left Button" Of Mouse for any Direction
  • Camera Free Mouse' Control: Hold & Move "Scroll Button" Of Mouse for any Direction
  • Camera Body' Position: "Q,W,E,R" (Q= Face / W= Breast / E= Pussy / R= All Body)
  • Others: "T" (ON/OFF Automatic' Camera Rotation) / "5" (Default Camera)

Camera Control (Advanced):

  • Camera Position:
"Page Up" & "Page Down" (Climb Up' & Climb Down' Camera)
"" and "" ("Left & Right" to move the camera to these directions)
  • Zoom: "↑" OR "Home" (Zoom IN) & "↓" OR "END" (Zoom OUT)
  • Alternative' Zoom: "Ç" (Fast Zoom IN) & "[" (Fast Zoom OUT) NOT Recommended!
  • Camera Upside Down' Control: ">" & "]" (Rotate the Camera to "Left" & "Right") / ";" (Reset Upside Down)
  • Camera Rotation: "2", "4", "6", "8" ("Down, Left, Right, Up" to move the camera to these directions)
  • Others: "Y" Disable/Enable Following Cam' Otherwise FixedCam' (Only in "DanceEvents" On 'FreeMode'!)

Attention!: "Camera Rotation" Is NOT The same as "Point Of View", In Other Words; In fact you should move to the opposite directions to move the camera to the desired direction.=)