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all characters are at least 18

See You Lover [edit]




Technical Help

This is H gameplay guide for Teatime's game 修羅恋 -See You Lover- (Shura Koi -See You Lover-).

For other gameplay info check Gameplay Guide and other pages on this wiki!


H and grope modes are quite different from the LD games. There is no definite grope mode, only H mode that is based on menus. You can enter H mode only at specific locations (or everywhere in case you have very high rating with selected girl).

Entering H mode is done by kissing a girl in conversation mode. If in a proper location H mode will start.

Conversation/Groping Mode

Syl talk.jpg

You can touch by hovering mouse over girl's body and left clicking. Only some parts are clickable.

If you hover over her head cursor will change to kiss icon. It can be used to enter H mode or raise affection.

If you hover over her skirt you can click and drag to lift it up. All of those actions can affect girl's affection towards you.

Camera opposed to other modes is free and can be moved around.

H In Public

It is possible to H with a girl in public. H in public will deactivate all other girls on the streets so you can do without being caught. In order to enter H mode in public you will need to:

  • Max affection points
  • Win heated battles, when girl wins a heated battle, she have to be standing in an awkward position (Just like when she's in your room or when you start a conversation).

If those requirements are fulfilled just kiss her to enter H mode in public.


Syl h.jpg

In h-mode, on the bottom left there is a big menu with H mode controls. There are 3 main groups of positions: play with oneself (girl), service and sex. Additional positions unlock over time (after set amount of encounters). Each girl has one unique position. (unlocked last)

Basic controls

  • To undress select "undress" option and pull girl's clothes off. You can't remove some right away
  • Upon Insertion, 2 gauges appear below - left Gauge – H Intensity & Speed, Right Gauge – Girl's pleasure
  • Use mouse wheel to change speed/intensity. Movement is automatic.
  • Different girls have different weak spots. By stimulating those girl's arousal bar fills up much faster
  • You can press 1-5 to change sub camera view
  • You can click on the big button with arrow pointing down (next to help) to hide interface.

Removing her clothes

  1. Bottom left, click on the undress option.
  2. Left click on girl's clothes, hold and move mouse around. You might notice the clothes stretches a bit, that means you have grabbed on to it.
  3. Just drag the mouse in one direction, if you do it right clothing piece you grabbed will disappear.

Unlocking positions

  • Fellatio will be added after first H with a girl (2nd option from start of H mode)
  • Handjob will be added after 2nd H with a girl (3rd option from start of H mode)
  • Boobjob will be added after 3rd H with a girl (4th option from start of H mode)
  • Unique position will be added after 3rd H with a girl.

Standing position

Have a girl stand somewhere without any obstructions around and enter H mode. A new position called the 'Stand And Deliver' will be available. - Do take note that at times the missionary, cowgirl and pinwheel position will mostly be selected instead with her lying down on the floor. So try different areas around the house to get the standing position. (Note: Other positions will be unavailable)

Extra modes

  • Masochist and free H modes. They are available after completing the game with at least one girl.
  • There is no girl initiative, rape, 3P or 5P mode.