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all characters are at least 18

See You Lover [edit]




Technical Help

This is FAQ (frequently asked questions) about Teatime's game 修羅恋 -See You Lover- (Shura Koi -See You Lover-).
  • If you are experiencing technical difficulties like game crashes please check out the Technical Help FAQ.
  • If your question has not been answered in this FAQ feel free to ask in the SYL Discussion Thread.


What is this game about? What are the goals?

  • After you start the game you are free to roam around the game world. To progress in the game you talk with girls and build up relationship with them. Your enemy will try to disrupt you and take girls away. You can win the game if you met requirements with one girl. After you finish the game once free mode will unlock (there are 3 sub modes: normal, free H, and M where girl just scolds you)

How do I get it?

What language is this game in? Translation?

  • Originally it is in Japanese. However there are mods that translate the game into English. Look for them in the discussion thread.


How do I save?

  • You have to go to your house and use laptop. Check maps for a way to your house.

How do I change camera?

  • There is no way to change camera mode, only 1st person is available. "Free" camera is only present when talking to a girl and during one position in H (masturbation).

How do I enter my house?

  • Go to the apartments map and look for a proper icon on the minimap. To enter walk up the door and use it. Note that there are multiple floors, if you can't enter check other floors!

How to get her to go to my house?

  • You have to raise affection first. Try asking her what she likes a few times and reply to her questions. After you do it a few times she will agree to go with you.

How to have H?

  • You have to get a girl to your/hers house and kiss her.

How to have H on street?

  • You have to get affection high enough. Usually possible just before winning the game with a girl.

Is there more than 3 clothing sets for each girl you can unlock?

  • No.

Are there H positions to unlock?

  • Yes, there are 3 positions to unlock and 1 is unique for each girl.

How to trigger ending?

  • If you meet the requirements go to the park and walk around until girl starts conversation with you.

How to unlock free mode?

  • Finish the game with at least one girl.

Girl initiative, rape, 3P or 5P mode?

  • Not in this game.


Is the FPS good in this game?

  • Yes, it's easy to get stable 60FPS.

How to install?

Game crash during loading

  • Go to options and disable post processing.