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all characters are at least 18

See You Lover [edit]




Technical Help

This is gameplay guide for Teatime's game 修羅恋 -See You Lover- (Shura Koi -See You Lover-).

For more gameplay info check other pages on this wiki! If you are experiencing trouble running the game check the "Technical Help" section!


LMB - Walk F3 - Toggle fullscreen
LMB + Shift/Ctrl -

With Shift walk backwards, with Ctrl run forward (you can double click LMB to run)

F10/U/J F11/I/K -

Blur on-off/more/less Blom on-off/more/less

RMB - Interact/chat/menu Z - Hold/release hand
Space - Switches to cursor mode, opens your inventory C - Shoot cum
X - Crouch/stand PrntScr - Take a screenshot
Ctrl - Crawl mode, sit on a chair or enter a vehicle Home - Main menu
Wheel - Toggle action speed (H mode) Esc - Quit game

General Gameplay

This is a list of a few general concepts in the game. Most of the game you are free to do whatever you want. To finish the game you need to meet certain prequesitions with one of the girls. Each girl has unique ending. The story starts off with an argument between two girls over Kai and you taking the role of the Kai’s rival. After they both get angry at him you step in.

Game Basics

  • To interact with girls walk close to them and press right mouse button. If you interact with Kai though, he will punch you and send you back home.
  • Interacting with a girl when another is near will risk yourself being caught up with a heated battle thus you might want to stay away. (Especially so when you have chat with a girl but does not happen when the girl’s affection is in Purple or Blue)
  • Interacting with a girl or walking hand in hand will cause your rival to chase you down and punch you. Thus keep away from him.
  • Squirting on girls will lower your affection points with them but you can use it to scare them off or anger your rival.

Interaction With Girls

  • Walk up to them and right click to engage conversation. Best ways to level their affection points with you is to chat with them by selecting the 4th and 5th options on the right, then End chat by clicking on 1st option and then enter a conversation with her and do over again. Alternatively you can kiss her by hovering your mouse over to her head. Note that kisses take a long time and renders you vulnerable to other people around you.
  • Please note that at times the girls will ask you questions too. Most of the time just answer with 'yes' to proceed.
  • You will know that the girl is fond of you when her affection icon becomes pink. She will sometimes times ask you to come to her or your house. Answering 'No' will slightly lower her affection but you will stay at the spot. Click on 'yes' to accept and she will walk you to her home. Obvious this makes you vulnerable to rivals on the way, in which case you can choose to run together instead, taking over the lead.
  • The last option ('Provoke') can lower the girl's favor toward your rival, and is more effective the higher that favor is. At high favor, the girl may immediately charge off to slap him, and if she encounters him with another girl, both of their favor toward him can be reduced. At lower favor levels, the girls are less interested, and favor level is reduced by less.


  • When you are caught by another girl, a heated battle will commence and a 'Versus' screen will be displayed. You can choose to side with either of the girls (Left or Right Buttons) or choose the center to be neutral. A fight will then begin.
  • The green gauges above shows their health, which can be reduced by physical attacks. Blue represents their spirit, which can be reduced by verbal attacks. Red represents their anger, which increases with many attacks of both types, but can also be reduced with a few. In the battle you can choose 3 options below namely heating it up, cooling it down or run away.
  • Heating it up increases the chance for physical violence. If you're supporting a girl who is more capable of fighting than insulting, this can give her an edge.
  • Cooling it down reduces the chance for physical violence. If you're supporting a girl who is more capable of insults than fighting, this can give her an edge.
  • Heating up and cooling down both risk the girls ganging up on you instead.
  • The battle ends when one girl's health, spirit or anger reaches 0, losing the confrontation.
  • The girl stronger in the most frequent type of attack, physical or verbal, typically wins. If both types of attack have been exchanged, one girl may use the 'wounded gazelle gambit', reducing both of their anger by the lesser amount, and the one with anger remaining will win.
  • After battle, the victor will not lose any affection points. However the loser will. But if both will to gang up on you, you will lose affection points for both.

Affection Points

Girl will act differently depending on those points. Green icon is default one, you can freely talk view stats change clothes and so on. Pink icon means that girl likes you and you can go to her house and start H with her. A Purple icon indicates the lowest affection, and she cannot be interacted with at all. A girl with a Blue icon is angry, and though you can attempt to interact, the chat and provoke options are unavailable. In time, affection will gradually increase to green status, and you can chat with the girl again.

Girls lose the most affection from Heated Battles, if they lose, draw, or if you attempt to escape, whether successful or not. Girls may also lose affection if they win and you sided with the other girl. Girls lose lesser amounts if the rival catches you while you're escorting them, or if he provokes them to slap you.


There is only one way to save the game. You can do this by using laptop inside of your house. Save point is indicated by a "S" letter on the mini map.

Winning the game

To complete the game simply have any character with the following requirements and she will confess to you to end the game.

  • Max affection towards you
  • H more than 5 times (Unlock all H positions)
  • Win ~5 heated battles with any girls

With that, game will end with credits and unlock a 'Free H Mode' where you can choose any girls to H with. This also allows you to H outside the rooms and on the streets. (Note: Only the character chosen will be on the map without other girls and your rival around. You can H in public in 'Free H Mode'.)


Exploration mode

Standard interface when walking with a girl.
Standard interface you see most of the time.
  • On the bottom left there is your current location name and portrait of character you are currently facing with that character's mood towards you. (Purple – Ignorance, Blue – Angry, Green – Neutral, Pink – In Love)
  • Below is a picture of the ‘liquid’ which you need to recharge after each shot (press'C' to shoot). Note that doing so on girls will cause you to drop affection points but you can try shooting at your rival to distract him.
  • The interaction bar beside it tells you that you can interact with a certain character beside you. (speech cloud pops out) Press right mouse button to interact.
  • On the top right there is a mini map of area you are currently in. Any character is marked on it by a triangle. A triangle flashes when that character is approaching to interact with you; either your rival is about to attack, a girl is greeting you, or is coming to contront a girl you're with.
  • Your rival can also Provoke girls with high affection against you, so if you see a girl racing toward you, triangle flashing, she's coming to slap you and reduce affection. Leaving the map quickly will prevent the slap and the affection loss.

Conversation mode

Conversation interface
Accessed by right clicking near a girl. You can select options from right panel or touch the girl. You can also start H from this interface.
  • Be careful when talking with girls, it takes a while to stop conversation so you might be caught by other girl or your rival.
  • You can lift girl's skirt and touch her in various places. Just hover your mouse over her until mouse pointer change to a hand.
  • To enter H mode hover mouse over her head until you see the Kiss icon and left click. There are some prerequisites to start a H scene.

Chase mode

Chase interface
Accessed when you are seen with a girl by rival or other girl that likes you.
  • To escape you need to run to your or girl's house.
  • There is a rear view camera on the bottom right.
  • You can jump over obstacles to lose your enemy.
  • Being caught will bring down affection points with the girl you're escorting, and if the pursuer is your rival, will increase their affection toward him.
  • Successful escape from your rival will reduce the girl's favor toward him.

H mode

H mode interface
Accessed by successful kiss in conversation mode. There is no time limit (when inside of a building at least).
  • To undress select "undress" option and pull girl's clothes off. You can't remove some right away.
  • Use mouse wheel to change speed/intensity.
  • Different girls have different weak spots. By stimulating those girl's arousal bar fills up much faster.
  • Different girls have one different position. It's either footjob or paizuri.

For more in-depth info check SYL H Guide

Character Stats

Status screen
To enter this screen select "Character menu" option from right click menu. View this often to check your girl’s affection and such here. Click on the girl tabs on the right to display their stats. Here you can:
  • See girl’s current location
  • See girl's affection towards you and your rival (two gauges)
  • Check Number of H encounters
  • Check Run Away and Fight stats.
  • Change Clothes (Change the girl's clothes here. Each girl has 3 sets.)

Extra modes

Unlocked during normal game. You can access them from the main menu.

Free H Mode

Allows you to choose any girls to H anywhere of the map.

  • Unlocks when you complete the game with any character.

Masochist Mode

In the Masochist Mode you can select the girls to scold the heck out of you. You can select a 1 - 5 intensity of M in this extra mode where you would be hit with all sorts of vulgarities by the girls who yell in the heated battle.

  • Unlocks when enough trophies are earned (Confirmation needed)

Fight Mode

In Fight Mode, two girls can be pitted against each other in any outdoor location during any time of day, or any selection may be randomized. The end of the fight returns to the selection menu.

  • Unlocks when enough trophies are earned (Confirmation needed)


There are various trophies to collect in the game. These are achievements, ranging from very simple - like crawl, jump and do nothing - to more complex. You can access trophy list from the options screen. Here are some example achievements:

  • Complete the game
  • H with a girl in public,
  • Run away from a chase,
  • Talk to girls to increase your affection points,
  • Save a game.

There are much more trophies to earn.

For more in-depth info check SYL Trophy List


There are 10 different locations in total, but only 4 of them are outside so there is not much to explore. It is still wise the learn the locations of the girls homes in the Residential area in case of emergency, especially since several routes have a dead end. 

Game Options

Options screen
To access options screen any time press Insert. Here you can change graphic setting and sound volume. You can also access trophy screen.
  • For best performance disable Post Processing (also disable when you have problems running the game).
  • Always play at highest resolution you can (big quality increase with minimal performance decrease).
  • If you can, set anti aliasing at 4x (best quality without big performance hit).