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all characters are at least 18

Rapelay [edit]



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  • Kimura Masaya 鬼村将哉:

The protagonist, aka the rapist. This is the role the player takes in the game. Aoi's actions got him caught afoul of the law, and he is now pissed and bent on taking revenge, personally. His father, an influential personage, was responsible for his quick release from the authorities. Also, the hotel room location in the game is said to belong to the hotel chain owned by him.

  • Kiryuu Manaka 桐生愛花 (VA: Maki Izumi):

The pre-teen with the short black hair who wears a blue dress, she is Aoi's younger sister. The player can make her wear a cat ears hair accessory to force her to make cat sounds. Cute and adorable, her appeal can be summed up in one word: lolicon.

  • Kiryuu Yuuko 桐生夕子 (VA: Kaori):

The busty, dyed-blonde mother of the two girls. Yuuko can be made to wear her glasses to force her to make virgin/nerd sound effects. She attempts to intervene for her daughters, but fails. Less aggressive than her eldest daughter, Yuuko nevertheless still tries to resist you even if only passively.

  • Kiryuu Aoi 桐生蒼 (VA: Enokizu Mao):

The seifuku-clad brunette with a ponytail and an attitude who was responsible for your (temporary) incarceration, and the main target of your revenge. You may choose to let her hair down. She is feisty and has a strong will, resisting you even as you attempt to break her.