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all characters are at least 18

Rapelay [edit]




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After completing the short storyline mode, the game leaves the player in an open-ended "sex training" section which constitutes the rest of the game, containing 5 modes, some of which are not available from the start and need to be unlocked. The objective is to break all three girls, achieved by getting all the objective boxes for each girl to light up. All of the objectives are accomplishable via the 2P mode, except for "shame" which is accomplished in chikan mode.

Training Mode


Nozoki button (c) Illusion 2006

In this mode the player can't touch the girl. You can only rotate the camera around her and do the action "Prayer" by right-clicking on the "Character" button, this will cast wind and lift her skirt. After the player has done some achievements he will be able to undress her. There's another option wich allow you to go in Chikan mode, however it'll be possible only in the short story mode and will be replaced by a "Leave" command afterwards.


Chikan Button (c) Illusion 2006

This is basically a repeat of the initial encounter on the train, where the player gets to partially undress and molest one of the girls.


2p button (c) Illusion 2006

In this option, the player can rape any of the three girls. The main character is in danger of being killed under a certain particular circumstance; other than that there are no other restrictions. There is also an option of different rape positions including oral rape; whatever the position, the player can use the mouse wheel to control the rape acts. There is also a danger of getting a girl pregnant if the player selects her in this mode during her "danger" days (indicated by her facial portrait showing eyes closed).


5p button (c) Illusion 2006

This is essentially a gang-rape mode. The player is restricted to one position, as one of four males assaulting the girl. The area restrictions for this mode are limited to locations with large spaces, small places such as the bathroom being unsuitable for the number of men involved..


3p button (c) Illusion 2006
4p button (c) Illusion 2006
Also known as 3P or 4P mode. In this mode, the main character is able to rape two or three girls at once. This mode is locked until the player has broken at least two of the girls.


This mode is not playable, and can be only viewed in the Botuplay Extra CD. The idea is that the Neko-Kappa mode allows the player to have one or two girls tied up in bondage and assaulting them in that position.