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all characters are at least 18

Rapelay [edit]





As with most Illusion Games, there are some alterations that can be applied to change nearly every aspect of the game. The ability to alter game files, while handy, can also render the game unplayable, this can be caused by numerous things:

  • Corrupt files
  • Incompatible files
  • Loss of files

There are also other factors that can change the outcome of a Modification (Also known as "mod").

Modifying Game Files

While the Illusion modding community is very large, and has innumerable contributors, it would not exist without the help of a handful of people, who made it possible for game files to be unpacked, repacked, hacked & changed to ones choosing.

There are a few basic tools needed to begin modding the game:

  • 7zip.exe (command line CODEC program (See Notes))
  • IluPak.exe (unpacks/packs Illusion Game files, .pp files (See Notes))
  • xx_dep.exe (unpacks .xx files from unpacked .pp files (See Notes))
  • xx_rep.exe (packs unpacked files from a .xx file, opposite of xx_dep.exe (See Notes))


7zip.exe can be obtained from a full distribution of 7-Zip (free).

IluPak.exe can be found on popular Hentai forum HongFire. The files are extracted in a structured way, i.e, if you were to unpack "RPP_00.pp", IluPak.exe would extract all of the files inside of RPP_00.pp into a directory named "RPP_00". Every file that you wish to edit MUST replace the originally extracted files location, or else it will not read the files. Once you have finished modifying the files inside of the directory, you can repack "RPP_00.pp" by dropping the folder "RPP_00" onto IluPak.exe, which will change the name of the old "RPP_00.pp" to "RPP_00.bak", and create a new "RPP_00.pp".

xx_dep.execan be found on popular Hentai forum HongFire. It works in the same way as IluPak.exe, in that you drop a .xx file (after you unpack it from a .pp file) onto the program, and it creates a folder with the .xx files contents. Once the editing is done, it is slightly different, you drop the directory onto xx_rep.exe instead of onto the xx_dep.exe. Once the .xx file is created, you then pack it into a new .pp file with IluPak.exe.

xx_rep.exe can be found on popular Hentai forum HongFire. It does the exact opposite of above, it packs an unpacked folder (made from a .xx file dropped into xx_dep.exe) into a new .xx file, to be used in an unpacked .pp folder.

Update as of March 2011: IluPak appears to be unavailable; use the Illusion company game-specific tools instead (also on the HongFire forums) to extract files from RapeLay's *.pp archive files.