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all characters are at least 18

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  • Savegame Hacking


Save files are stored as


Backup your saves and arm yourself with a hex editor of your choice.

If you have none, something as simple as HxD or XVI32 will be enough for our needs, because we'll be doing basic editing only.

This also applies to save files - start a new game and immediately save it if you don't have any save files at all or don't want to use existing ones.

HF patch also comes with a 100% save, so you could just use that if that's what you're looking for. If you don't want to download the whole 300MB of it, have something against heavily used (by someone else) waifus or simply want to mess with your own save file because reasons, read on.

Save version

Save formats are slightly different in a vanilla PlayClub and a game with DLC installed (as confirmed by bald and naked girls appearing in a vanilla game if they come from the DLC-enabled game). In practice, this means that you'll have to use more null bytes in a DLC-enabled save. As a rule, if nothing is happening when you're trying to load the modified save in your DLC-enabled game, append more null bytes and try again.


From here on, "Double word" or a "DWORD" for short is a name of 4 consecutive bytes that store an unsigned integer, often human-readable in a hex editor as is. For example, "01 00 00 00" means 1 and "05 00 00 00" means "5". Note the null bytes on the right, this is how numbers with least significant byte first look like (aka LSF, little endian or Intel byte order).

If the number stored in 4 bytes is not an integer, it's most likely a float(ing point value). Floats 1.0 and 5.0 from the previous example in a hex editor will look like "00 00 80 3F" and "00 00 A0 40". Not too intuitive, obviously, so having your hex editor automatically interpret them for you can be very useful, at least until a proper save editor shows up. Which may or may not happen since there's not much to edit anyway, so let's get to business already.

Skip intro H-scenes

Zero out the end of the save file, only leaving DWORD after the END marker intact. Vanilla save needs at least 9 null bytes after the DWORD, save with DLC needs at least 19.

"END" 7B C9 06 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 0A "Event01_00" <- end of a legit new game save file
"END" 7B C9 06 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 <- no-intro in vanilla game (9 null bytes after the DWORD)

The remainder of the save doesn't matter, it can be cut off after at least 9 (or 19 if using DLC) null bytes. "END", "Event01_00" and other non-hexadecimal text strings don't appear in a hex view area of a hex editor, naturally. Your hex editor will display them to the right of the hex view area, they're only shown here for easier navigation.

Unlock free H

Insert DWORD >32768 immediately after the last float of the last "Map##" entry at the end of the file, then add at least 1 null byte.

If you haven't had any H-scenes after the intro yet (or simply skipped it using the hack above), enter any post-intro H-scene, do something (or nothing), leave it and save the game. This will give you at least one "Map##" entry at the end of your save file. You could manually type it in yourself in a hex editor if you wanted, of course. For example:

"END" 7B C9 06 00 01 00 00 00 05 "Map09" 00 00 80 3F <- "Map09" followed by float(1.0) here
"END" 7B C9 06 00 01 00 00 00 05 "Map09" 00 00 80 3F FF FF FF FF 00 <- adding max DWORD and a null byte

Custom hearts levels

Hearts levels are stored in 12-byte groups immediately after the timestamp at the very beginning of the save file. The first byte (actually a DWORD) of every group is the important one:
values 1 to 5 are legit levels (from empty heart to filled heart),
0 is the same as / gets reset to 1 on a next save,
6 is a maximum horniness (of a free H mode),
higher values glitch out the girl's face animation (locking it in a neutral state thus muting her).

Said 12-byte groups belong to (respectively):
Asae, Yayoi, Akane, Momiji, Rinko

So the beginning of your save file starts with two DWORDs (indicating the save version - either (0,0) of vanilla or (0,1) of DLC for now), then something like:

08 "New Game" 13 "2015/04/30 12:34:56" 01 00 00 00 00 ... <- Asae hates sex
08 "Cheater!" 13 "2015/16/17 18:19:20" 06 00 00 00 00 ... <- Asae wants sex

Note that values higher than 1 unlock controls in intro H-scenes (where you aren't supposed to have any). If you finish the intro scene in an unexpected way, the UI will become unresponsive and/or inaccessible, forcing you to exit and reload. Don't improvise too much or, better yet, skip the intro as above if you haven't completed it yet.

Also note that Kiryuu sisters can be deflowered during scripted intro H-scenes ONLY. There will be no blood even if you skip the intro using the save file made immediately after starting the new game.

Replacing Default Story Mode Characters

You can replace the default characters in the Story Mode with the ones you created.

The default characters in the Story Mode is located in the folder: \PlayClub_Data\StreamingAssets\Heroines

To replace them:

  • Rename the file name in the Heroines folder to something else (ie. Akane.png.bak)
  • Copy your character from your chara folder (\UserData\chara) to the Heroines folder (\PlayClub_Data\StreamingAssets\Heroines)
  • Rename your character file to the one you wish to replace (ie. yourcharacter.png -> Akane.png)

Now you can start a new game OR continue in Breaking/Training Mode to see your characters in the story instead of the default ones.