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all characters are at least 18

Play Club [edit]



FAQ & Technical Help



Character creation in Play Club is a little less intuitive than some other Illusion titles.
The following visual guide will help until an English translation mod is released.
A PDF version of this guide can be downloaded from here:

Character Creation Main Screen

Main character creation screen.

Body Modification

Body editing first screen.
Skeleton modification screen.
Breast modification screen.
Body color modification screen.

Head Modification

Head editing first screen.
Skull modification screen.
Eyebrow modification screen.
Eye modification screen.


Nose modification screen.
Mouth modification screen.
Jaw modification screen.


Mole modification screen.
Head color modification screen.

Hair Modification

Hair modification screen.

Clothing Modification

Clothing modification first screen.
Bra modification screen.

Character Save and Load

In order to save or load a character, you must be in the character editing mode.

Edit character button.

Save a character

Save character button.
Save new character button.
Save current character button.
Delete character button.

Load a character

Load character button.
Select desired file to load.
Load character button.
Delete character button.

Save and Exit

Exit editing mode.
Save and Exit button.
Discard and Exit button.

Share your character

Directions based on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

Right click on game launcher and select 'Open File Location'.
Open the 'UserData' folder.
Open the 'chara' folder.
Choose the card and share on your favorite forum.