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all characters are at least 18

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FAQ & Technical Help


NOTE: Hotkeys are displayed by pressing F2 and H operation is displayed by pressing F3

Opening scenes

When the game is first started the story will be presented to you and after you will put into an H-scene with each one of the girls. These opening scenes with each girl is a straight forward enter/exit scene, just to progress the story along. After that first H-scene with each girl is completed you are brought to the selection screen where you can choose the location/male character/female character for the H-scene.

Breaking/Training Mode

When in the opening H-scenes are completed you are brought to a menu that allow you to choose the location/male character/female character for the H-scene. You can also bring up the menu to customize the girl from this menu.

With each H-scenes it seem like you must complete at least one sex action (male character cum/female character cum) to have to it count toward her "training." After a number of successful (by that I mean at least 1 sex action was done) the heart will fill up a level. As the heart fills up the H-scene positions will change as will her feeling toward the male character she is having sex with. Once the heart is filled about 80% then the text on the "start the H-scene" button should change to show that you have a special cutscene. This will progress the story along for that girl. After this the girl should be more welcoming. Keep doing the process of going into an H-scene and having at least one action done with her and you will get another special H-scene. These special H-scenes can just be entered and exited, you don't need to do anything for them to progress the story. Once the 2nd special H-scene is done the heart should be completely filled and the girl is "cleared." Repeat for all the other girls and you will get a story scene and finally the the game will prompt you to save and well you get endless freemode.

Some additional notes:

-Only the main male character can have sex with the secretary girl.

-The main male character (the first male character you play with in the opening scenes) have the majority of the position. These positions will change slightly as the heart is filled.

-The special characters (the giant, the homeless guy, the shota, and the female secretary) only have 2 H-scene positions. These positions will also change as the heart meter fill but you will not be able to go back to previous position until you beat the game.

Endless Freemode

The endless freemode menu is just slightly different from the previous "training" menu. Now the hearts have been removed and you can choose how the girl will react to the male character in the H-scenes. Also you can choose any of the previous positions for the special characters.